10 Best Aesthetic Plants – Beautiful Indoor Houseplants

Whether you have a green thumb or not, you are probably aware of the many benefits of living plants. They can help purify the air, reduce stress and even increase your productivity. And let’s not overlook their ability to create visual interest in your home. That said, finding the right plant can be quite difficult, as there are countless easy-to-care varieties that can bring your space to life. From violin-leaved fig trees that don’t require a ton of water to striking palm trees that will take you back to your last beach getaway, here are 10 of the best aesthetic plants you can find online right now.

Best Aesthetic Plants
Best Aesthetic Plants

1. Ferns

Are you looking for a lush plant to enhance your space? Look no further than ferns. Popular types like Boston fern need only bright, indirect light and regular watering to survive indoors. On the other hand, the Maidenhair fern is not a choice of choice for the interior because of its need for tons of humidity.

2. Palm majesty

Bring a dose of tropical life into your home with the Majesty Palm plant, an air purification option that requires between four and six hours of bright indirect light each day.

3 Birds of paradise

If you prefer a more design approach is more, you will appreciate the distinct arrangement of this plant which can enliven the funniest spaces. Just make sure to water them regularly and keep them in a bright place.

4 Monstera Deliciosa

An island adventure may not be on your calendar, but La Monstera Deliciosa is the best thing to do. Its leaves – with unusual hole formations and ridges – gave it the nickname of Swiss Cheese plant. Ideal for starting a conversation in any room of your house, this climbing plant goes well with bright, indirect light.

5 Fig leaf violin

Don’t worry if you never remember to water your plants. The fiddle leaf fig can thrive without water for up to two weeks.

6 Olivier

Plant parents love trendy olive trees for their sophisticated style, but keeping them alive is not easy. They do best when placed near a south-facing window with lots of sun, and they thrive on easily draining soil.

7 Cactus plant

Most cacti only need to be watered once a week, which is great if you tend to forget. And while you can find many floor options, there are a multitude of table plants that are ideal for small spaces.

8 Rubber plant

Style your space in an instant with a low-maintenance rubber plant, which has large, glossy leaves. Give it bright, indirect light and keep its soil moist (but don’t water it too much).

9 Lemon

If patience is one of your strengths, a lemon tree is for you. They never fail to energize a room but require a little work – spray them regularly with water (let the soil dry completely between waterings) and provide them with lots of sun.

10 Calathea plant

The two-colored reptile-like leaves of the Calathea plant will add interest to any table. In addition, this popular low-light plant is also known for its pets.

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