10 Best Tie Dye Kits 2020 for Kids, Beginners and Adults

best tie dye kits

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From our favorite loungewear sets to this year’s most popular manicure style (have you ever tried tie-dye nails?), There’s something the kids of the 1960s and teens at TikTok can agree: tie-dye is somehow the best. It may have something to do with the lax dress code of 2020 and all the time we have on our hands, but whatever – if you’ve ever been tie-dyed before, you know how fun the creative process is and how satisfying it is to show off. your creation.

Whether you are looking for a teenage gift or looking for a new DIY project to undertake, these kits make tie dyeing fun and so easy. Breathe new life into the old t-shirt, hat, or pair of sweatpants in your closet with a little colorful dye. See for yourself the difference tie-dyeing can make on your wardrobe with these kits – but don’t forget to check out our guide on how to tie-dye first!

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Best dye kit for teens

Set of 3 pastel tie dye kits

Pig doodle

$ 10.99

Not only does this kit come with three trendy scrunchies and a bandana, it also comes with pastel dyes in pink, blue, and orange. We think the teenage fashionista in your life will approve.


Best Tie Dye Kit for a Large Group

20 color tie dye kit


$ 32.99

If you’ve been talking about wanting to try tie dyeing with your siblings, roommates, or best friends since March, this 20-bottle kit comes with enough supplies for everyone to have fun.


Best neon dye kit

Tulip Neon Tie-Dye Kit

Add some color to your wardrobe with this neon tie dye kit. You can dye up to 30 projects with it!


One-step fabric dye kit

It’s no secret that tie dye can get messy. Keep your hands clean with this set of vaporizers.


Best tie dye kit with natural dye

Turmeric dye kit


$ 42.00

Want to go natural? The bright and sunny lemon yellow coloring in this kit is made from all natural ingredients, mainly turmeric.


Jacquard Acid Dye


$ 28.52

When working with wool, mohair, silk, or nylon, traditional dyes may not hold up. You’re going to want to use an acid dye to get the best result with these materials.


Ice cream dye kit


$ 40.00

Instead of the traditional swirl pattern you get by twisting your t-shirt and tying it with rubber bands, this method uses ice to achieve a colorful kaleidoscope pattern (much like the pattern on this box!). The first times will appreciate the simplicity of this kit.


Best powder dye kit

Tulip X-Large Block Party Tie Dye Kit

Liquid bottles can break in the mail or leak over time. These dyes are easily transportable (and storable) powders, just add water when you’re ready to use.


Best Tie Dye Mask Kit

Tie Dye Mask Kit

Perfect Stix

$ 22.99

The best way to get children to wear their masks? Let them personalize it! Simply wash these cotton masks after you dye them and they can be worn regularly.


Best Reverse Tie Dye Kit

One Step Reverse Dye Kit

Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit

$ 9.98

Instead of adding dye to a garment, the reverse tie-dye technique works by removing dye from dark fabric, resulting in this fun and different type of dye.

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