10 Eye-Catching Accent Color Ideas

blue and yellow living room

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When designing an interior around a main hue, it is possible to incorporate accent colors (the jewels in your design scheme) for even more visual appeal. “There’s a classic decorating rule, which says 60% of the room should be a dominant color, 30% a secondary color or texture, and 10% an accent,” says Mary Maydan, founder and director of Maydan Architects. For example, you can paint the walls and doors of a nursery in lavender and reserve white for the ceiling.

And when choosing your accent colors, don’t go too dark or too bold, cautions Maydan. “Accent colors should take into account the furniture in the room and all other design selections,” she explains. “The idea of ​​an accent is to create contrast.” Whether you like calming shades of gray and taupe, rich blues, or energetic hues, accent colors can add interest to a space. Click here for 10 accent color ideas that are full of style.

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Brilliant white

While espresso-colored walls dominate the dining room in fashion designer Neil Barrett’s Milan apartment, crisp white moldings and door trim add contrast.


White, black and blue

A trendy combination of white, black and blue brings this lime green kitchen nook together.


Blue and green

For this white dining room, Barbie Palomino relied on blue and green accent colors to make a statement.


Teal and blue

This personality-packed den, touting blue as the dominant color, features touches of teal accessories for an interesting mix.


Yellow and white accents

Sun-kissed bursts of yellow and white steal the show at this welcoming guest room, featuring striped wallcovering.


Bold fuchsia

Interior designer Linda Pinto relied on bold fuchsia seating to add balance to her sleek yellow living room.

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