10 Organizations that Offer Free Furniture Donation Pickup


When you move to a new home and browse through your belongings, take the time to determine what furniture you really need and what no longer fits your lifestyle. Do you really need a 9 foot sofa when you move into a micro unit or studio? Probably not. But you might be wondering how to get rid of your used furniture without much hassle. Lucky for you, there are many organizations that offer free furniture donation pickup.

Many nonprofits will take your furniture and donate the items to those in need or use the money generated from sales to help others, so that you can feel comfortable helping people while getting rid of unwanted furniture. Check out these 10 organizations that offer free furniture collection.

The Salvation Army

For more than 150 years, the Salvation Army has been helping people in need. When you donate to this organization, they deliver items directly to shelters, rehab homes, or their thrift stores where buyers can pick them up at low cost. Proceeds from thrift store sales help fund the Salvation Army’s adult rehabilitation centers.

It’s a snap to schedule a free furniture pickup for your items. Just go online and set a time for them to come to your home or business to pick up used furniture. They will stop even if you are not at home. Just leave the furniture on the sidewalk and label it “SA” so they know it’s for pickup.

Habitat for Humanity

Building affordable housing is Habitat for Humanity’s mission. This non-profit organization has helped build and restore homes for families in need in all 50 US states as well as in 70 countries around the world. They also have nearly a thousand Habitat ReStores where homeowners or tenants can pick up used items at a discounted price, helping people build or improve their homes affordably.

Proceeds from sales are donated to Habitat for Humanity so they can continue to build homes that everyone can afford. Call Habitat for Humanity or use their online planner to set a pickup time.

Good will

Goodwill uses the proceeds from the sale of donated items to help people get job training and job placements. You will find thousands of Goodwill thrift stores across the country. Generally, Goodwill prefers you to take your items to a donation center, but depending on the chapter and location, they may come to your home to collect large furniture. Contact your local Goodwill chapter to see if they offer free furniture pickup.

The Arc

The Arc is a non-profit organization that has been helping adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1950. The organization helps people live independent lives, provides education for children with special needs and supports them. families who live with a disabled person. Funding to support more than 700 national and local chapters comes primarily from the sale of donated items at Arc thrift stores. Schedule a pickup time for any of your donated furniture by calling your local Arc Chapter and they will offer you a free furniture pickup service.

The network of furniture banks

The Furniture Bank Network helps people who are struggling to furnish their homes by donating furniture that individuals and businesses donate to the organization. Furniture hunters work with staff members who then search their inventory for what they need. Call volunteers from your local furniture bank network to arrange a pickup time.

AMVETS National Service Foundation

Support your local veterans by donating furniture to the AMVETS National Service Foundation. The mission of the organization is to give veterans and their families counseling, provide scholarships and support volunteers who work in VA hospitals. Proceeds from sales in their thrift stores help pay for these veteran services and programs. It’s easy to schedule a free pickup by phone or email.

American Kidney Fund

The American Kidney Fund helps people living after transplantation and provides millions of people with kidney failure early detection, prevention, and financial support. They accept used household items and furniture for sale in their thrift stores. Simply complete the online information form and a representative will contact you to schedule your free furniture pickup time.


GreenDrop picks up donated furniture and items and uses the sales proceeds generated at their thrift stores to donate to several non-profit organizations. For example, the American Red Cross, the Military Order of the Purple Heart, the National Federation of the Blind, and the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Philadelphia all receive financial support from GreenDrop. The organization offers free pickup of donated items in select states on the East Coast. Once you’ve found a location near you, call GreenDrop to schedule your pickup.

Housing works

You can support Housing Works’ advocacy work by donating furniture to their thrift stores. The money generated from sales provides vital services to homeless people, marginalized low-income men, women and children, and people living with HIV / AIDS. The services they offer include housing, access to health care and vocational training. Housing Works has multiple locations in New York City, and if you live in the area, they will come to your home to collect donated furniture.

Pick up please

When you donate furniture to Pickup Please, you are helping support the Vietnam Veterans of America program and services. The Vietnam Veterans of America sell donated items that Pickup Please brings to them.

The funds they earn help them improve health care for disabled or homeless veterans and provide counseling for those with mental health issues and post-traumatic stress disorder caused by time spent during the Vietnam War. Pickup Please is in certain states, so once you’ve located a chapter near you, you can use their online planner to set a time for a free door-to-door pickup.

Donating your used furniture not only helps you declutter, but also allows you to help people in your community. So when you’re ready to get rid of some furniture, call one of these organizations for free furniture pickup.

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