10 Simple home décor ideas to makeover your home in an hour

10 Simple home décor ideas to makeover your home in an hour

Simple home décor ideas: People always try to focus on simple home décor ideas because they want to make over their house quickly. In most of the cases, people might think of permanent home decorating solutions.

Simple home décor ideas
Simple home décor ideas

Whenever they want to decorate their house for function or parties. They often try simple home decorating ideas it is just because they want to complete decoration in a couple of hours.

So, let us get into the best and simple home décor ideas.

10 Simple and easy home décor ideas:


  • Candle Lampshade:


One of the easy and simple home décor ideas is candle lampshade. You can place the candle lamp shades on the dinner table. This brings you stunning look for your home, and along with that, you can also impress your guests with these lampshades. You can quickly create this candle lampshade by taking a glass, LED tea light and paper shade.

Firstly, take a pop up LED tea light in a wine glass and then cover the glass with a paper shade that is it. This gives you stunning appearance to your dinner table. You can quickly arrange these candle lamp shades in just an hour, so this is a great and simple home décor idea.


  • Refresh your furniture:


Are you bored of the old appearance of existing curtains and pillow covers in your house? Want to change the appearance of your home and make it unique. Then just paint your furniture with some leftover wall paint. This is one of the incredible idea, which works better for old furniture. By this, you can get a great look for your old furniture.


  • Hang an interior curtain:


Are you keen to make your house ravishing for your guests? Then take advantage of the interior curtain. Interior curtain will certainly help you to make your home look beautiful. Just place the interior curtain around your party area and make it look ravishing. With this quick tip, you can cover the entire unwanted and clumsy place in your room or house. Therefore, you can enjoy your party in any circumstances.


  • Dress up party place or hallway with vintage carpets:


When you are up for the party, just dress up your home with vintage carpets. This will give you unique look for your party place. By adding vintage rugs, you can quickly transform your hallway into a specially decorated space. Therefore, this is one of the best ways to make your space ready for the party. This is one best simple home décor ideas.


  • Dress up bare walls with print our Art:


Having plain and bare walls will always give you a regular and routine look to your room. If you want to decorate your room for the party, then it should be energetic and different so to bring that appearance to your house.

Just add your favorite digitally enlarged art or photo to your room and hang in some musical instruments on the wall. This will directly transform your look to a perfect party place. You can use these easy and simple home décor ideas for all kind of parties in your home.


  • Hand Dyed Napkins to bring some style:


Having plan dishes around your dining table will give the same old and boring appearance. So, to change that you can quickly add some style to your dining table. You can do that with the help of hand-dyed napkins. These napkins can improve your table appearance, and you can double your placements as well with these hand-dyed napkins.


  • Pendant lights:


Pendant lights can be arranged in your home to get a new appearance. You can quickly use a set of nesting bowls to create these pendant lights. These set of nesting bowls can simply accessorize your dinner table. You can also get a bright light when you eat on the dining table. Creating these pendant lights can be done in an hour or so. You can take a bowl, bulb, wiring to create these pendant lights.

To create these lights cut a hole in the bowl with tin snips, insert the end of the cord, and attach the bulb to the cable in the opposite direction. Now, connect a power source to the cord and hang it in your place. This is another best and simple home décor idea you can try at home.


  • Surprise your guest with drink tags:


You can quickly use drink tags to surprise your guest for your next dinner party. Take spear place cards onto the wooden skewers and place it right next to the lemon slices or some flavored slices. Then part those glasses on the dinner table and arrange them in a proper way where your guest sit. Add snip card stock into the two inches squares by writing your friends names or something else.  After you surprise them, ask them to remove those before they drink.


  • Decorate a flower vase:


You can make use of your old boring flower vase to get a new look for your vessel and to your home. To do this all you have to do is take your flower vase and add some pennies around the flower vase to get a new look for the flower vase. Here you can either use pennies or coins and paintings as well. This is one of the quickest ways to make your home ready for the party. If you do not want to try this, then you can make use of wallpaper as well.


  • Include a suitcase table:


Whenever you have the guest to your room, you can take advantage of this simple home décor idea. You can arrange a suitcase table for them right at the bottom of the bed, which helps them to keep their suitcase. This will bring a new look to your room if you arrange a vintage table to your room.


These are the ten simple home décor ideas, which can be done in an hour. Now it is your turn to catch these simple home decor ideas to incorporate in your home. You can comment us below in comment section about your techniques to decorate home.