plumbing tips for beginners

10 Useful Plumbing Tips for Beginners

Plumbing Tips for Beginners: Most of the people always think that plumbing works are harder to perform. So, they often call plumbers for small repairs and spend their money. However, it’s good to call a plumber when it’s a complicated job. 

But, calling plumber for simple tasks is unnecessary. If you are striving to find out useful plumbing tips for beginners? Then in this post, I’m going to let you about them.

If you’re ready to learn plumbing tips to fix some of your issues means you can do that with ease. By learning these plumbing tips, you can save some handy amount, that can be used for other expenses.

Let’s get to know about the 10 useful plumbing tips for beginners.

10 Useful Plumbing Tips for Beginners:

In this post, we have covered 10 useful plumbing tips for beginners. You can use these tips to find out how to do plumbing and do all the minor plumbing works.  You can do Diy plumbing yourself seamlessly easy. 

However, you can only solve minor plumbing issues, but you shouldn’t keep the hand in major works because only professionals can do that work without any damage. 

plumbing tips for beginners
plumbing tips for beginners

Replace Parts inside your toilet with any fear:

If you are afraid of replacing parts inside your toilet or faucet? Then don’t be frightened as you can change without any trouble. It’s not like water pipes or shower to cause substantial damage or make things messy when you make a mistake.

You can try changing or replacing the faucets cartridge, or you can change the toilet’s flapper. In general, worn flappers are a common cause of leaks between bowl and toilet tank. So, you can change it by following the easy to follow instruction package.

Modern faucets can be easily repaired or replaced with a new cartridge interior. It only requires removing a couple of screws and fix them. So, try removing and replacing it with a new cartridge. 

Always remove Clogs without Chemicals:

People just use chemical drain cleaners to clean their clogs? But, do you know that chemical drain cleaners will affect your pipes in the long run.

It’s always a best practice to clear your clog slowly without chemical drain cleaners. It would be best if you manually unclogged the drain with a drain snake or by using natural products. 

All you have to do is insert the drain snake into the drain and pull it back. This will solve your issue of clog. As the clog will stick to the snake, and it will come out when you pull it. 

However, if you don’t want to waste too much time on it and want to make your work more comfortable? Then it would help if you tried using a dry vacuum to remove the clog.

Seal your pipes with thread tape:

We all know that sealing your pipes can prevent them from leaking out water or other liquid. To prevent it from leaking out, you have to secure your pipes with thread tape to ensure your pipes can handle all the flow.

For this, you can start using pipe dope or even a thread tape to seal your pipes. However, thread tape is a better option when compared to pipe dopes. 

The pipe dope is a simple compound glue that is mostly used to make pipe threads leakproof. 

But, using these glue can be a tricky and time-consuming process. So, it’s better to switch for the thread tape as it is easy and requires less time. While using thread tape to seal your pipes, you have to make sure that thread tape is thicker so that it can hold the pipes as tight and as long as possible.

Test and fix Showerhead Issues:

Showerheads always cause trouble when there is a leak. So, you have to be cautious before the leak has happened. 

Always check the showerhead issues and use thread tape if you find any leak or something to fix the dripping showerhead issue.

If there is a leak or dripping means the threads aren’t connecting tightly, in that case, you have to unscrew the showerhead and apply the new tape by wrapping it in a clockwise direction. After this process, re-attach it to stop the dips.

If you feel that showerheads are clogged, you can soak it in a full bowl of warm water. You should add a spoon of vinegar and leave it for an hour. Then the block will be loosened; now, you should use a small brush to clear the blockages. It’s that simple, try this best useful plumbing tips.

Treat tough water pipes fittings with heat:

If you cant, get rid of the though water pipe fittings or can’t get that trap under your sink? Then it would help if you tried out this plumbing tip because other ways won’t work.

No matter how hard you try out with a pipe wrench? Or other possible ways, you cant remove the harsh water. 

 For this, you have to apply heat to loosen up old pipe dope simply, Here the small propane torch will help you out, but you will have to use heat for at least a few minutes before getting results. 

You have to use heat-resistant material to protect or nearby walls just as a precaution.  Although it may sound weird but heat on metal water pipes can get rid of this problem. So, you better use this plumbing tip.

Tweak your water heater performance:

It’s always best to tweak your water heater for good performance. Here, tweaking should be done when it’s on the wrong side.

Checking the water heater’s thermostat regularly is a good sign. You should be able to go down to 115 degrees, and still, then you have should be having enough hot water.

It would be best if you insulated your water heater tank. This water tank will stay hot longer, but you have to be careful as you shouldn’t cover the thermostat. Some of the utilities provide free insulation blankets to install use them for protection.

If you live in areas where you get sediment quickly through the lines? Then you can collect rapidly in systems by using a tank once every three months. Firstly, you have to turn off the water heater and open the drain into a bucket.

This process will remove a lot of sediment that is settled under the tank that can make your water heater run effectively in the long term.

Find out the location of Shut-off Valves:

It’s always best to find out the location of Shut-off valves, especially when you move into a new house. 

Take your self some time and start checking the plumbing shut-off valves. This helps you to fix that issue when there is an issue with that. 

If there is an issue or leakage, you can quickly shut off water valves and stop wasting the leakage until you resolve it.

Along with that, you have to check out sewer line access points if in case you need to do the same with sewer line cleanout.

In general, apartments don’t have their own shut-off valves, but regular houses do have one do check them.

Never Over tight Pipe fittings:

This is one of the most common plumbing mistakes caused by newbies or Diy plumbers. They over tighten the pipe fittings because this creates a huge burden on the pipe and can damage at some point.

So, it’s best to fit the pipe fittings normally then over-tightening pipe fittings. Keep this rule in mind, and do the plumbing work correctly.

In simple terms, the fitting should be tight enough so that they can be loosened by hands other than using a wrench and applying your muscle to it.

Quickly identify Spectic tank when it is Acting Up:

Homeowners do need regular maintenance of the septic tank system as it’s vital. You should know about what to look for in terms of wrong signs as septic tank backup can as it can worsen the situation for plumbing.

These days, there is a chance for unwanted backup overflow into your house if at all, the tank builds sediment for too long.

So, you should make this task a priority, and check on the septic tank system often to be cool.

These are some of the points you have to look:

  • Look for lawn color – this may look greener than usual. 
  • Wet patches are cropping up throughout your garden space or the place where the septic tank is around.
  • Strong odor coming from a septic tank.

Find out the Difference Between Pipes

When you want to learn about plumbing tips, you should find out the difference between the Pipes.

PVC and CPVC pipes are usually two different types that are used in plumbing systems.  You have to find out the exact difference between them to avoid the risk of misplacement. 

Check twice before you get the pipes and consult shop owner if need to find out the difference between them while buying.

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