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Tool: Sliding Miter Saw Buy Now

Producer: Bosch

MSRP: $ 649

That’s right: glider, not cursor. This innovative Bosch miter saw has the same enormous capacity as a 12 “sled, without the rails. The blade assembly slides on a series of articulated arms rather than a series of rails. The result is a saw that can be threaded firmly against a wall. , ideal for a small workshop.

The sliding miter saw has a horizontal cutting capacity of 14 “and a vertical cutting capacity of 6-1 / 2” against the fence. Vertical cutting capacity is 6-1 / 2 “when the blade is at a 45 ° angle. All saw controls are located at the front, including the bevel lock lever. Unlike many sliders, you don’t have to stretch the blade. hand behind to tilt the blade. The saw tilts 47 ° left and right and the bevel scale is large and easy to read. The turntable swings 52 ° to the left and 60 ° to the right. Using a mounted lever frontally, it is possible to ignore the stops to define an angle.

Pull out the ends of the saw and you will have a work surface up to 40 ″ wide. The saw has two dust ports that accept 1-1 / 4 ″ hoses and weighs 65 lbs.

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