12 Amazing Halloween Finds From Home Depot

Ready to decorate for Halloween? Spooky season will be here before you know it, so it’s worth scooping up things black and orange now before they sell out. We’ve rounded up 12 of our favorite Halloween themed items from Home Depot; the retailer is chock full of all kinds of decorative pieces that kids and adults alike will love. Read on to see our top picks!

poodle skeleton decoration

Home Depot

Poodles are just so sweet, right?! Well, we have to admit that this one’s a more than just a little bit spooky. But if you’re in need of a guard dog for your front yard, this creature is just the right pick. It’s scary barks will haunt the whole neighborhood.

inflatable pumpkin skeleton

Home Depot

If you’re ready to go big with orange and black, this inflatable pumpkin/skeleton combo is calling your name. This is a perfect option for families who want to fully embrace the holiday and its hauntedness but aren’t interested in anything too creepy!

string lights

Home Depot

String lights aren’t just for the winter holidays—why not go all out in October with some purple and orange strands? These are great for wrapping around the banisters outside your home, stringing on the patio, and so much more.

skeleton theme crystal ball

Home Depot

Jazz up your Halloween tablescape with an accessory that will keep ’em guessing. This skull-themed crystal ball is the perfect accent piece to display when you have friends over for your annual Halloween bash. It even emits a mysterious haze, bringing that haunted house feel to your own home.

faux pumpkins

Home Depot

Maybe you prefer more of a cutesy Halloween vibe than a scary one. It’s always fun to spell out words with your pumpkins, but if you’re not much of a DIYer, don’t fret. This trio of pumpkins is perfect for the word lover who is looking to add some festive vibes to the living room. Place these atop the mantel or or use them outdoors, the choice is up to you.

glow eye decals

Home Depot

Decorating your space in a pinch? These eye-shaped wall decals are the perfect finishing touch pre-trick or treat. They glow in the dark and are easy removable, making them a renter-friendly favorite.

harry potter inflatable

Home Depot

Have a Harry Potter fan in your household? This inflatable Halloween-themed Harry is a no-brainer! After all, what’s Halloween without a wizard?

pumpkin head decor

Home Depot

If you’re looking to really make your trick-or-treaters jump, pick up this animated pumpkin duo to place in your front yard. At three feet tall each, they’ll certainly make an impression.

halloween bones

Home Depot

Scatter these bones throughout your yard and just wait to hear trick-or-treaters’ screams as they make their way to your front door. You could also place the bones indoors in surprising places if you’re hosting a Halloween party—tuck some in the bathroom or kitchen where they’re sure to shock your guests.

oversized skeleton

Home Depot

This 12-foot skeleton is a Home Depot bestseller and is truly larger than life. Place it in your front yard and your setup is sure to be the talk of the town. The cherry on top? The piece has spooky animated eyes that really up the creepy factor.

cauldron decor

Home Depot

No Halloween display is complete without a cauldron or two. This one makes bubbling sounds and will certainly grab visitors’ attention.

stack of fake pumpkins

Home Depot

Ok, enough of that overly spooky stuff for now…back over to those cheery pumpkins! As fun as it is to carve your own, real pumpkins don’t last very long outside. If you’re looking to enjoy your setup for several weeks on end, why not pick up this light-up Jack O’ Lantern stack that will add some pizzazz to your doorway? At eight feet tall, it’s pretty darn impressive.

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