12 Best Laundry Hampers and Baskets 2021

best laundry baskets


Laundry baskets might not be as exciting as other home shopping (think: new mattresses and cozy duvet covers), but they serve an equally important purpose. They bring everything – clothes, linens and towels – in one place, so you don’t have to litter your bedroom or bathroom floor with messy piles. Some clothes racks even make for a more organized laundry day, dividing up your colors, lights, and darks before you hit the washing machine. But if you want to find a storage solution that is as functional as it is stylish, take a look at this list of baskets and laundry baskets in different shapes, sizes and materials.

When shopping, think about how much floor space you can spare (an empty corner, a thin space between furniture in the bedroom, or a significant part of your closet), as well as how much laundry your household gathers between. washes. Next, find a basket with features that tackle a specific problem: wheels that reduce soreness after hauling heavy loads, lids that hide unsightly stacks, handles that make it easy to transport laundry to and from the laundry. laundry room, collapsible capacities that save space, or shelves that double as ironing boards. While none of these choices do all the work for you, they will at least make laundry less of a chore (while also allowing for a finally overhaul of your child’s bedroom floor).

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For a foldable solution

Retractable mesh laundry basket

Convenient laundry

$ 7.49

Perfect for travel, dorm rooms or other small spaces, this basket can fold flat when empty. The mesh material doesn’t just look good – it allows air to circulate properly, reducing unwanted odors from musty towels and sweaty clothes.

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More elegant than plastic

Cotton rope laundry basket


$ 32.99

If you have no choice but to leave your laundry basket in the open, go for the one that does not detract from the overall look of your room. This two-tone rope basket measures 18 “x 16”, making it the perfect size to hold a week’s worth of laundry.


A solid option on wheels

Rolling laundry basket

The Basics of Wayfair

$ 33.99

Roll your clothes and linens from room to room in this industrial-style basket. The canvas insert is also removable, so you can throw it in the wash when it stains or smells.


Buy them wholesale

Ultra Laundry Baskets with Handles


$ 67.60

Take this set of six laundry baskets so you can scatter them around the house (one in your master bedroom, one in your kid’s bedroom, you get the idea). There are no bells or whistles here, but Amazon reviewers are delighted with the strength and durability of the plastic.


The highest rated sorter on Amazon

Double laundry basket with cover

Simple household items

$ 29.97

Take inspiration from other Amazon shoppers: This lidded pick, which is currently the best-selling laundry basket on the site, has two sections, allowing you to divide your lights and shadows. Use the attached bags to easily move your clothes to the washing machine and back.


Get a modern look

Bamboo laundry basket

Dotted line

$ 77.96

Not only will this open slatted basket fit into the contemporary style of your room, it can hold two loads of laundry anytime. When it’s full to the brim, simply close the lid to keep your dirty clothes out of sight.


Large enough for two loads

Foldable Laundry Tote

Make your walk to the laundry room or laundromat more bearable with this shoulder bag. Between trips, you can fold it up to about 2 ” tall and store it under your bed or behind closet doors.


Tilt for easy access

Crenshaw Linen Cabinet

Three messages

$ 236.99

Combine fashion and functionality with this wooden linen cabinet, available in espresso and white. Behind each door is an interior basket lined with a removable bag measuring 11 “x 13”.


Ideal for small spaces

Slim laundry basket with handles


$ 18.59

Stick this narrow basket in tight spaces, like between bedroom furniture or along the edge of your closet. While it has a relatively small footprint, it’s larger than most laundry baskets on this list, making it big enough to hold a week’s worth of clothes for one or two people.


Removable liner included

Bamboo wicker corner basket

Fill an empty corner with this bamboo basket, lined with washable cotton for easy care. It does not have handles for carrying, so it is better to use the cotton liner as a bag on laundry day.


A two-in-one solution

Rolling laundry basket

Amazon Basics

$ 52.85

Solve two problems with a single Amazon purchase: Keep the canvas basket on your floor and stick it on the cart when it’s full (or substantial enough for washing and drying). When you are not using the cart to transport laundry, use it to go around groceries or heavy household items.


Sort whites, darks and colors

Triple laundry sorter with ironing board

Case and barrel

$ 59.95

It’s more than just a laundry basket: This three-part design also offers a convenient place to sort, fold and iron clean clothes and linens. You can even roll it to and from your laundry room (and vice versa) as it has wheels.

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