12 Best Sewing Kits for Kids 2020

sewing kits for kids


So you are looking for something to keep the kids busy, engaged and learning … why not teach them to sew? When it comes to the best activities for kids, sewing crafts allows kids of all ages to develop excellent coordination and motor skills while encouraging their creativity and imagination – not to mention, it’s a hands-on skill. that they can use throughout their life! Fortunately, if you are wondering how to best introduce your own child to the art of sewing, there are plenty of sewing kits for kids to get them started.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best craft kits for kids that teach sewing, including those that involve making their own stuffed animals, toys, or other cool crafts like pillows, bags. handheld and even phone cases. Whether your little one is a young beginner or a more experienced future seamstress, these children’s sewing kits – which also make great educational toys – have everything they’ll need to learn basic sewing skills, including easy to follow instructions. and essential sewing supplies like pins, needles, and thread. Remember: Although some of these kits contain plastic or blunt needles instead of real ones, you should still make sure that children are supervised while sewing to ensure safety.

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Best Sewing Learning Kit

Learn to Sew Kit


$ 19.99

Learning to sew couldn’t be easier than with this beginner’s sewing kit, which includes an instruction booklet for teaching children the basics of the craft (including different types of stitches!). They will learn how to make a total of seven different cool projects, including a headband, case, phone case and more. 6 to 15 years

Best sewing kit for beginners

My first sewing kit

With nearly 3,000 reviews on Amazon, this handy kit includes all the sewing essentials you need (like pins, needles, buttons, and embroidery thread) and is ideal for introducing little ones to the basics of sewing – especially as illustrated, step by step -Step instructions make learning easier. 7 to 12 years old

Sewing kit for kids and animal crafts

Four seasons manufacturing

$ 19.99

Kids will love creating adorable zoo animals with this creative jungle-themed sewing kit, which includes plastic and metal sewing needles, as well as sewing thread, pre-cut felt animals, stuffing and easy to follow instructions. 7 years and over

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Best sewing kit for young children

First sewing kit for children

Looking for something a little easier (and safer) for the little ones? This one simply asks the little ones to sew pre-punched pieces of foam together using plastic cords and bodkins (instead of real needles and thread), and even comes with some fun adhesive gems. to decorate. 5 to 10 years

Best sewing kit for preschoolers

Children’s sewing kit made of burlap


$ 15.50

This one from Etsy is another great kit for young children, as it allows children to sew over burlap material held firmly in place by an embroidery hoop. Using safe plastic needles and colorful thread, they will easily learn the concept of sewing to create simple but creative art. 4 years and over

Little Monsters Beginner Children’s Sewing Kit


$ 24.97

For artful monster-themed fun that will keep kids entertained for hours on end, this unique kit includes all the sewing essentials your child needs to create adorable plush little monsters (including a wallet / phone case). 7 to 12 years old

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Best pillow sewing kit

Sew your own furry llama pillow kit

For older kids with more experience, this kit teaches advanced sewing techniques (like working with patterns) to make their own adorable llama plush pillow. The best part is that your kid can completely customize their llama by choosing from a variety of facial expressions and accessories! 10 to 13 years old

Best Stuffed Animal Sewing Kit

Sew Me Up Hedgehog and Hoglet Sewing Kit


$ 12.49

Let your child bring their own stuffed animals to life with this simple yet fun kit from Etsy, which includes pre-made bodies for mother and baby hedgehog. All they will have to do is sew the creatures together using a plastic needle, thread, and stuffing! 6 years and over

Unicorn sewing kit for children

Sew mini treats

Who wouldn’t want to sew their own mini cupcake? With this unique craft kit, kids can sew over 18 different food stuffed animals that they can sew, stuff, then personalize with adorable faces and trims. Just be sure to accompany the activity with some real delicious snacks! 10 to 15 years

Unicorn Craft Sewing Kit for Kids

Wild flowers

$ 17.99

Designed by You Fashion Studio

Creativity for children

$ 34.99

For children looking for a more unique and creative sewing activity, this one allows them to fulfill their dream of becoming a fashion designer. Using real sewing tools, they will learn how to drape, pin and sew clothes, but also how to draw designs and apply fun embellishments! 9 years and over

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