12 Striking Modern Bedroom Ideas

modern bedroom ideas

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Of all the interior design styles, a modern aesthetic could be one of the most difficult to achieve. While many people think that a modern space looks austere and cold, it’s possible that it is full of personality. The perfect way to test the design trend is to create a modern bedroom. With an emphasis on such things as clean lines, classic color palettes, wooden details, and neatly organized accessories, a modern bedroom can be an inviting space to unwind. Check out these 12 different modern bedroom ideas that will convince you to try the look.

1 out of 12

Earthy chic

From plastered walls to a pine bench, this earthy yet modern bedroom is as chic as it gets.

2 out of 12

Sophisticated gray

Variations of deep gray, supported by crisp white bedding and a wooden nightstand, add dimension to this look.

3 out of 12

Declaration bed

In this modern bedroom, crisp white walls complement a black wood four-poster bed for added contrast.

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Comfortable corner

The combination of a window seat and a four poster bed reinforces the cozy factor of this blue and white bedroom.

5 out of 12

Yellow dose

Sunny yellow linens add cheer to this neutral bedroom, complete with a tufted wingback headboard.

6 out of 12

Floral style

A floral accent wall adds a unique touch to this bedroom in calming gray tones and minimalist furnishings.

seven out of 12

Shades of gray

This airy bedroom is a lesson in experimentation with different shades of a shade, and gray is a must-have choice. The weaving of the texture, whether with a plush rug or a folded throw along the edge of the bed, keeps the space from feeling sterile.

8 out of 12

Wooden ceiling

Believe it or not, an all-white palette can be visually appealing. Embracing architectural details, like a wooden ceiling and greenery. are a few ways to make it look elegant.

9 out of 12

Orange accents

Brighten up a modern room with pops of color. Here, bold orange bedding and coordinating accessories pair this design.

ten out of 12


In this modern farmhouse by Susana Simonpietri, bunk beds with stairs and metal rails maximize space.

11 out of 12

Scratched wall

A striped accent wall, accented with an eye-catching digital art collection, gives a modern touch to this children’s room.

12 out of 12

Modern farm

Take inspiration from interior designer Kate Lester and go for a modern farmhouse vibe, thanks to a palette of whites paired with wood accents.

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