12 Vegetables, Flowers and Herbs to Plant in Fall

Even though the planting season is almost over this year, there is still time for several warmer parts of the United States to sow seeds or transplanted plants. Even though November is not the peak time for planting, there are still plenty of vegetables and flowers that can be grown that can survive and yield a good harvest. So if you thought you were running out of time, see this as an opportunity to add a few more plants to your garden in November!

Fortunately, vegetables like kale and other green vegetables are great to plant when temperatures drop; some even taste better as their leaves ripen in cooler weather. There are also flowers that can be grown from seeds and bulbs tolerable to frost during the winter season, such as snapdragons.

Before you plant, just be sure to check out this USDA hardiness zone map which determines which plants are most likely to thrive based on your region. And don’t forget to check out our list of vegetables, plants, and herbs you can plant in November that will serve as a guide for your fall gardening.


what to grow in november snapdragon

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These flowers like cooler temperatures and are grown in milder climates. Its seeds can be sown in winter to late fall and sown directly a few weeks before the last frost. Once these flowers are established and their seeds have hardened, they can withstand freezing temperatures, which is perfect for the colder months.



what to grow in November daffodils

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Daffodils are a bright yellow spring flower that you can plant as a bulb if the ground is not yet frozen. If you live in warmer climates, put them in the ground before it’s too late and watch them bloom in the spring!



what to grow in november leeks

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Fall is a great time to plant leeks if you live in warmer areas. You can start planting your seeds indoors and then transfer them outdoors a few weeks before your last spring frost. For your leeks to thrive, make sure they get enough sun and are watered frequently.



what to grow in november young spinach leaves in a box

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An all-time favorite green to add to healthy smoothies, add to salads and more. If you live somewhere with mild winters, you can plant spinach in the fall after the soil is cool enough. After planting, be sure to water regularly and keep the soil moist with mulch.


Mustard leaves

what to grow in November mustard greens

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Mustard greens are ideal for planting in the fall as they can withstand a light frost. If you provide regular water, these veggies grow quickly, which means you add them to your meals faster! Mustard greens have a strong bite and can be eaten raw or cooked.



what to grow in November garlic bulbs

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The best time to plant garlic is in the fall, just before the ground freezes. Garlic grows its roots during the colder months, then it is ready to harvest in the summer. If you’re planting in the cooler months, it’s probably best to go for a Hard Neck variety, which is better suited to cooler weather. Garlic is an extremely versatile allium to use in the kitchen, so don’t be afraid to throw it into many of your dishes. Try our Garlic Butter Salmon recipe when your harvest arrives.



what to grow in november fresh kale in the garden

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In many parts of the United States, kale is best grown in the fall, when it is cooler, because the leaves taste better when they ripen at these temperatures. When it comes time to plant kale, be sure to sow the seeds three months before the first frost. They’re ready to harvest when the leaves are the size of your hand. If you don’t know how to use all your leafy greens, add them to your meals with these easy kale recipes.



what to grow in November beets

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If you live in warmer areas, you can plant beets in November or late fall for a winter harvest, as they tolerate freezing temperatures. Ideal growing conditions would include fertile soil and at least six hours of sunshine per day.



what to plant in november purple allium flowers

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Alliums, also known as ornamental onions, are flowers with a spherical bulb at the end of their stems. Although they look delicate, they are actually very tolerant of drought and cold temperatures. Make sure you plant your alliums in slightly acidic soil and that they get a full day of sun.


Ornamental cabbage

what to plant in november ornamental cabbage

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Although these look like kale, the plants are inedible and are meant for garden decoration. Once planted in the fall, they will most likely sprout their leaves the first year and produce flowers the following year, as they are considered biennial plants.



what to grow in november green thyme herb

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Thyme is a perennial plant that thrives in a sunny Mediterranean climate. These plants are very adaptable and can be planted almost any time of the year in hardiness zones five through nine. If you are planting thyme in an outdoor garden, make sure there will be plenty of sun; you can also plant indoors and keep in a sunny windowsill. They should also be watered occasionally, making sure the soil is dry before your next watering.



what to grow in november purple hyacinths

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You will be happy to have planted hyacinths in the fall so that you can enjoy their delicious scents in the spring. They are easy to grow from their bulbous state; either in the ground or in a bulbous vase with water. Just be careful if you have animals as they are toxic to them.


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