13 Best Brussels Sprouts Varieties to Grow in Your Garden

Brussels sprouts are one of those vegetables you either love or hate; It seems like there is no one in between. I’m on the love end of the spectrum, and I’ve tried growing several different Brussels sprouts varieties to see which one I like the most.

Over the years, I’ve tried growing red and green Brussels sprouts as well as tall and short growing varieties. Each variety offers something different, such as a unique flavour or a compact growth size that grows best under different conditions.

I have put together a list of the best varieties of Brussels sprouts that you will want to grow in your garden this year.

13 Best Brussels Sprouts Varieties

13 Best Brussels Sprouts Varieties to Grow in Your Garden

If you want to grow Brussels sprouts this year, make sure you try some of these delicious varieties in your garden. Whether you want fast or slow-maturing plants, you will find something on this list that works for your garden.

1. Catskill

One of the most common Brussels sprouts varieties is ‘Catskill’, a heritage plant developed by Arthur White in 1941. It may be newer than other cultivars in terms of being an heirloom, but ‘Catskill’ has shown that it deserves all the hype. It produces extra-large sprouts, usually measuring two inches, on a compact plant that reaches 24 inches tall.

You never have to worry that ‘Catskill’ Brussels will take over – a phenomenon known as lodging. These stems are thick and strong; They look like baseball bats. If that’s not enough to convince you to try Catskill, the rich flavour will.

These sprouts are great for freezing, and while you may not have the biggest harvest, these sprouts will look delicious on your dinner plate. Expect your plants to take 90-110 days to mature.

2. Churchill

‘Churchill’ is one of the most popular hybrid Brussels sprouts varieties that grow quickly and mature quickly. Gardeners often struggle with growing this vegetable, as the plant stops growing as the weather warms. Spring and fall are two ideal times to grow Brussels sprouts, but this doesn’t always correspond to the number of days you have available for growth.

That’s where ‘Churchill’ shines.

This plant gives a high yield in just 90 days. Expect to bring in about one pound of sprouts for each plant.

3. dangle

‘Dagan’ is a variety of Brussels sprouts that grow upright and look beautiful when harvested. These plants produce bright green, firm shoots that hold up well after harvesting. This hybrid plant takes up to 100 days to reach maturity, but don’t worry if you don’t prune them quickly. The shoots keep well on the plant.

Gardeners like to grow ‘Dagan’ Brussels sprouts because the buds are attached to the plant with a small nub. It’s easy to remove them from the plant, and you won’t have to risk damaging the plants or the sprouts. This also means you don’t need to trim too much when cooking the sprouts.

4. Diablo

Here’s another hybrid plant, which grows up to two feet tall and produces smooth, medium-sized heads. These sprouts are delicious, and the plants produce large crops. These buds have a sweet but sweet flavour even better if you let them pass through the frost before harvesting.

One downside of growing ‘Diablo’ Brussels sprouts is that they are slow to grow and take about 110 days to reach maturity. It’s best to grow them in the fall because chances are you won’t have enough time to harvest them in the spring before warm weather arrives.

13 Best Brussels Sprouts Varieties to Grow in Your Garden

5. Green Gem

The name ‘Green Gems’ perfectly describes these tiny sprouts, which are 1/2 in diameter. This plant produces small, emerald green sprouts with a beautiful yellow interior when cut open.

You may wonder why you would want to grow a plant that produces such tiny shoots. The reason is taste.

For those who aren’t the biggest fan of eating Brussels sprouts, these are delicious. They have a buttery, earthy taste; All you have to do is spread a little oil, salt and pepper on top. Very tasty!

Another reason to add ‘Green Gems’ to your garden plans is that it only takes 85 days for the plant to reach maturity. It has one of the shortest ripening times of all Brussels sprout varieties. The plant grows up to three feet tall, but they often have to be staked to keep them upright.

6. Enthusiasm

‘Gustus’ is the new kid on the block when it comes to Brussels sprout varieties, but gardeners are concerned about this plant despite being a new hybrid. It produces medium-sized shoots on two-foot-tall stalks, and the buds are dense, sweet, and dark green in colour.

Make sure you mark your calendar as ‘Gustus’ takes about 100 days to reach maturity. They store well in the refrigerator compared to other varieties, and you’ll find their flavour enjoyable.

7. Hestia

‘Hestia’ is one of two Brussels sprout varieties to earn the All-America Selections Award (it won in 2015), so you know it’s a wonderful plant. This variety produces bright green sprouts with a buttery yellow interior.

One difference between ‘Hestia’ and other varieties is that these sprouts do not need to experience frost to taste sweet. Generally, it is recommended that you leave your sprouts on your plant until frost has passed, which makes them taste sweet.

While a frosting will certainly make them beyond perfect, it isn’t necessary. You will have to wait 95 days for these plants to mature.

8. Jade Cross

If you’re looking for smaller sized sprouts, ‘Jade Cross’ is a great choice because the sprouts range anywhere from a half-inch to an inch wide. They’re more like a button, but the smaller size helps them retain their flavour better and store better in the freezer. Their size makes them ideal for freezing.

‘Jade Cross’ was the first Brussels sprout variety to receive an All-America Selection Award in 1959 and has remained a favourite ever since.

It is a hybrid plant known to be disease resistant with a compact growth habit. Unlike other varieties, it matures quickly, taking only 85 days to reach harvest time.

9. Improvement in Long Island

Most Brussels sprouts handle cold weather just fine, but if you live in a colder climate, consider growing ‘Long Island Improved. This variety thrives in frosty and cool climates; It helps in improving the taste of sprouts.

Chances are, if you buy Brussels sprouts at the store, you’re eating Long Island Improved Sprouts. The plants produce medium-sized sprouts with a nutty, earthy, buttery flavour that matures in 100 days.

13 Best Brussels Sprouts Varieties to Grow in Your Garden

10. Nautic

Hands down, one of the most prolific varieties of Brussels sprouts is ‘Nautique’. A single plant produces over a pound of vegetables, so if you plant several of these, you’ll have enough Brussels sprouts to last a full year.

‘Nautik’ takes up to 120 days to reach maturity, and when you harvest the plants, you’ll enjoy sweet, tender sprouts that store well for months to come. It is a disease-resistant variety with well-sprouted stalks, reducing the risk of fungal diseases.

11. Octia

Most Brussels sprout varieties take a long time to reach harvest time, but ‘Octea’ is an early mature plant that takes only 78-80 days. The plants produce small, one-inch shoots, and the yields are large considering the size of this plant.

Keep in mind that you should keep this plant up. Topping increases the size of the crop, and this is when you cut off the top end of the plant to encourage the plant to put more energy into developing larger sprouts.

12. Redarling

There aren’t many red Brussels sprout varieties available in the market, but one of the most popular choices is called ‘Rederling’. These sprouts hold their colour well when cooked, and they look great on your dinner plate.

‘Raderling’ is a hybrid that takes a longer time to mature than other varieties because of its deep, rich colour. It takes up to 145 days for purple sprouts to mature, and it is best to grow these plants in cool growing areas.

13. Delicious Nuggets

Who doesn’t love the name of this Brussels sprouts variety? This is a hybrid that produces small, one-inch, button-shaped sprouts that are full of flavour. They are like little veggie nuggets that grow on compact, two-foot-tall plants known for being ideal container garden plants.

‘Delicious nuggets’ are known for more than just being a delicious, bite-sized vegetable. This is the fastest maturing plant out of all the Brussels sprout varieties on this list. The plants mature in 78 days, and this means gardeners can grow these plants even in warm climates.

Have you ever tried Brussels sprouts before?

They are a type of cabbage that is closely related to many other vegetables in this family, like cauliflower. They’re small, almost identical to cabbage, but there are differences. Brussels sprouts are not vegetables like onions and broccoli, and they can’t be grown on trees. Still, when you cook them, they’re great, and we’ll take a few different ways to cook them below.

To cook Brussels sprouts and bacon, you have to start by cooking the bacon with oil and herbs. Place the sliced bacon on one side of your skillet. Then add the chopped garlic and onion. Finally, cover the bacon in fat. Heat a quarter cup of olive oil in the same pan. Mix the chopped zucchini, salt, and then add the chopped garlic and onion to the mixture.


The next thing to do is to add in the ingredients for your Brussels sprouts. Using your own thyme, basil, oregano, and cilantro, slowly mix them until they become tender. At this point, you can remove the stems from your cilantro and thyme and chop them up. Then, add your olive oil, salt, pepper, and any other seasonings that you desire.

Now you can begin to cook the Brussels sprouts and bacon. Use a fork or two to mix the ingredients. Cover the mixture with your spoons. The sprouts will become dark and soft when the mixture is cooked. Add the chopped garlic and onion mixture to the mix, and cover your mouth with your toothpick. Salt and pepper to taste.

Brussels Sprouts and bacon recipe

To complete this delicious and healthy Brussels Sprouts and bacon recipe, serve it with a healthy side dish. Place a piece of whole-grain bread on the plate. Then, add your veggies and your bacon. You can serve it with a bit of butter and your favourite sauce. Serve it hot or at room temperature.

After making this Brussels Sprouts with bacon recipe, place the pieces on a baking sheet and bake in the oven. Just remember to put the bacon on the bottom of the baking sheet instead of the top. Using a thermometer, check that the bacon is at the correct temperature before you transfer it to the preheated oven.

The good thing about this Brussels Sprouts and bacon cooking time is that it does not take too long. It may vary depending on the size of your pieces. Usually, it takes me about 30 minutes. Remove the pieces from the oven and let them cool. Once they are cool, you may serve them hot.

Bacon cooking recipe

In conclusion, you will find out that this Brussels Sprouts and bacon cooking recipe require only basic kitchen ingredients. You will only need a regular oven and two tablespoons of olive oil. You don’t even need to use salt or seasonings. So, I guess that we can conclude that there is no need to buy expensive seasoning materials because all that you really need for this recipe is an old-fashioned loaf of bread, some vegetables, and maybe some olive oil.

Once you have prepared all the ingredients, place them in the preheated oven and wait for them to cook. Once they are done, you can finish by sprinkling some fine sea salt over it for taste. You can then serve them either warm or cold. It doesn’t matter because cold Brussels sprouts and bacon make a great sandwich as well. Just take your time while cooking them so that your family will love them.

Unique Taste

To make the Brussels Sprouts and bacon recipe even more delicious, you can also toss in some apple slices to give it a delicious taste. For additional tips on cooking this recipe the right way, you may also browse through the Internet for valuable information on this topic. At the very least, make sure you have enough tarragon and basil to toss in there. You can substitute fresh chopped parsley and scallions if you don’t have enough. You can add other ingredients to give it a unique taste.

So now you know how to make this Brussels Sprouts and bacon dish the perfect meal everyone will surely love. You can start cooking it the next day or even in the afternoon. When serving it, make sure your guests serve themselves as well. Just don’t forget to sprinkle fresh cracked pepper over the roasted Brussels sprouts. That way, you will be able to enhance the Brussels Sprouts and bacon recipe flavour even more. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most popular entrees people often order when coming to a party, so it’s no wonder it is always a hit.

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