13 Boho Bedroom Ideas – Decorating a Bohemian Bedroom on a Budget

boho bedroom ideas

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The bohemian decor follows the “more is more” philosophy. Beyond rattan and fringe accents, this eclectic aesthetic calls for a mix of contrasting textures, vibrant wallpapers, and world-inspired patterns. While this carefree aesthetic works well in living rooms and other gathering places in your home, boho bedrooms tend to be more difficult to put together. Your bedroom is where you rest and rejuvenate, so it’s important that your space nourishes your soul with feel-good paint colors, inspiring patterns and cozy fabrics that invite plenty of Sunday hugs. Browse these bohemian-style bedrooms for inspiration for your space, whether you’re looking for ways to spice up your master bedroom or infuse a more personal style into your small bedroom.

There aren’t many rules to follow, which is why you’ll find rooms with a range of colors, from warm, earthy neutrals to eye-catching jewel tones. The same goes for the different fabrics and textures in these spaces, from natural wood furniture to linen bedspreads. Just be sure to do your research before incorporating certain symbols and artwork into your home, as some have deeper cultural significance.

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Tapestry headboard

Hang a patterned rug or tapestry on a sturdy bamboo pole for a customizable backdrop. Next, identify a color to use as an accent in the rest of your space.

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Acorn accents

It’s all in the details: Hang ivory pom poms on drawer knobs to give a modern nightstand a more bohemian look.

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Flowers meet stripes

Boho is a design that breaks the rules, meaning you are welcome to fill your space with as many contrasting patterns and colors as you want. Take inspiration from this bedroom, which offsets floor-to-ceiling flowers with a bold striped rug.

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Natural neutrals

To add dimension to an all-white bedroom, bring in different textures with a faux fur rug and macrame wall hanging.

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Darker shades

Sometimes the bohemian-inspired rooms are light and bright. This bedroom, however, mixes light and dark: a white bunk bed appears against the coral and navy wallpaper.

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Shades of white

Fringed and textured linens find their place in this understated bedroom. Incorporate darker colors by accessorizing with wicker baskets and wood decor.

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Comfortable seating area

The combination of walnut armchairs and a fabric-covered coffee table creates a cozy, bohemian-inspired meeting place.

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Mixed materials

Natural materials like burlap and rattan are staples in bohemian bedrooms, but this design finds a way to incorporate modern pieces, like an acrylic nightstand.

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Rattan statements

A vintage bar cart becomes a bedside table as soon as it is adorned with an alarm clock, reading materials and fresh flowers.

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Velvet touches

Pink velvet finds its place in this feminine bedroom, which perfectly balances bohemian style with contemporary glamor.

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Intelligent console table

Get a casual look by replacing a traditional nightstand with a low console table.

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