13 Food Containers You’ll Be Excited to Take to Work

Is your container drawer feeling a little lackluster? Do you secretly try to hide your lunch at work so your coworkers won’t see your old, dreary-looking lunch containers that you inherited from your parents when you moved out? Packing your own lunch isn’t just cost-effective, it’s environmentally friendly too. But sometimes boring or uninspiring food containers can put a bit of a damper on the process. Luckily, there are lots of beautiful and functional options to choose from these days. From adorable bento boxes to sleek and colorful thermoses, we’ve rounded up 13 of the prettiest food containers that you’ll actually be excited to take with you to work.

W&P Porter Seal Tight Glass Bowl


This chic silicone and glass bowl by W&P comes in five different colors and two different sizes. It’s leakproof and microwave-safe and is sure to add some serious style to your packed lunches.

monbento MB Original Bento Lunch Box

Courtesy of monbento

Bento boxes are all the rage right now and it’s not hard to see why. These Japanese-style lunch boxes are both functional and stylish. With so many solid color options available it can be hard to choose, but we are loving this sweet floral patterned bento box from Monbento.

A white thermos with flower patterns and a black lid sits on a marble countertop.


Upgrade that plain old thermos you’ve had sitting in your cupboard for years with this adorable Kate Spade floral insulated container. We love the matte black lid and cheery pattern and it’s perfect for hot drinks or soups.

Two light green stackable bento boxes sit on a marble countertop in front of a white wall.


You can fit your breakfast, lunch, and all your workday snacks in this stackable bento box by Linoroso. Not only does it provide plenty of space for your food, but the two containers clip together for easy and convenient transportation. The sleek design and soft colors make this bento box a win-win.

A clear glass container with flowers and butterflies sits against a blue background.


Sure, plain glass containers are nice, but this butterfly meadow glass container by Lenox is too cute to pass up. Not only is it stylish, but it’s microwave- and dishwasher-safe, making it practical too.

A sleek lavender-colored thermos sits to the right of the frame against a white background.


If sleek and minimalist is your thing then this is the thermos for you. We particularly love the dreamy lavender color and stylish shape. It will keep your food hot or cold and the handle makes it easy to take with you to and from work.

A set of four, bright colored and patterned ceramic bowls with plastic lids.


Add a splash of color to your lunch box with these fun ceramic bowls. For less than $35 this set of four bowls and lids is a total steal. Truthfully these stylish containers look more like regular bowls than takeaway containers—you won’t even feel like you’re eating a packed lunch.

A bright teal blue thermos against a white background.


Now here’s a thermos you won’t be ashamed to pull out of your bag. Available in six different colors, it’s both sleek and functional, keeping food hot for up to five hours and cold for up to ten.

Five colorful glass and silicone containers stacked on top of eachother against a white background.


Sold in a pack of five (one for every day of the work week), these glass storage containers are ideal for meal prepping. The silicone sleeve and airtight snap-on lids make these containers durable and able to withstand being jostled around in your work bag all day. The soft, dreamy colors are just a bonus at this point!

A lavender-colored and clear plastic lunch box by Bodum against a white background.


This plastic lunch box by Bodum comes with plenty of storage and matching utensils that fit right in the container. We love the chic color and rounded edges which will protect both your food and your bag.

A pink colored stackable lunch container with two compartments full of food.


You won’t even need a bag to carry this stackable lunch container. It comes with two different compartments and a handle on the lid, which makes it easy to carry to and from work. Plus, there are five different pretty colors for you to choose from to match your style.

A pink three compartment bento box with two pieces of cutlery.


With three separate compartments for storing food that snap together and a set of utensils included, this bento box is as functional as it is stylish. We love its minimalist design and small size that is perfect for work bags of all sizes.

Reusable cactus patterned plastic sandwich bags.

The Container Store

Single-use plastic sandwich bags are out and reusable sandwich bags are here to stay. So why not spice things up and take your sandwich to work in style with these fun cactus-themed storage bags? They’ll add a bit of fun to your lunch, and they’re great for kids too.

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