14 Best Potato Varieties to Grow in Your Garden

Potatoes may be a simple vegetable, but it is the one vegetable that unites everyone. We all love this staple food, which is served in thousands of different ways. If you’re a potato lover – aren’t you? You should try growing different varieties of potatoes in your garden.

You might not know that potatoes are different. They all have different maturity rates and different colors, as well as textures and flavors. Regardless, the process of growing potatoes is the same for all varieties.

Let’s take a look at some of the best varieties of potatoes to grow in your garden.

14 Best Potato Varieties

Potatoes are a staple crop used in thousands of dishes across many cultures. Here are some of the best varieties of potatoes to be grown in your garden.

1. Adirondack Blue

Adirondack Blue potatoes have purple skins and blue flesh with a texture similar to that of an apple. These potatoes come in a variety of shades of blue, ranging from lavender to almost black. Then, when you cook them, they change color again; On mashing, these potatoes become light blue in color and on roasting they become dark in color.

Adirondack Blue Potatoes are great for baking, broiling, mashed or turning into salads. These potatoes are known to have a rich, nutty flavor, and because of their rich color, they contain more antioxidants than other potatoes. They take 80-90 days to reach maturity.

2. Carola

If you like yellow potatoes, carola is a great choice; This is a classic buttery flavored potato that is medium to large in size. The shape of these potatoes is irregular, round.

Carola potatoes have a lower starch content than other potatoes, so they are great for salads, casseroles, baking, roasting and frying. They are not ideal for soups, but you can use them for most other dishes.

Carola potatoes take 80-100 days to mature. They require plenty of moisture, and are known to be quite disease resistant.

3. Daisy Gold

Daisy Gold is a Burpee Potato exclusive, and if you’re looking for the full variety of potatoes, this one’s for you. It consists of flaky, moist meat that undergoes boiling, cooking, and mashing.

As the name suggests, Daisy Gold is a yellow potato known for growing on a vigorous plant. Since it is a hybrid, Burpee has developed Daisy Gold to be more virus-resistant than the others.; It also resists nematodes.

Daisy Gold is a mid-season potato that matures in 80 days.

4. Kennebec

Kennebec is another all-purpose potato with a smooth, thin skin and a creamy texture that holds its shape well when cooked. It is best used in salads, soups, stews and other cooked dishes, but it can be fried or mashed without any problems.

Kennebec is known for being one of the largest producers of potatoes; You will be filled with potatoes. This is a great thing because these spuds store well when kept at the right temperature.

Expect Kennebec potatoes to be ready to harvest in 80 days. The variety is resistant to late blight, black leg and potato varieties A and Y. So, if these are problematic in your area, this variety is a great choice.

5. Magic Molly

If you want a show that stops potatoes, watch Magic Molly. Not only is the color rich, but so is the taste.

Magic Molly is one of the only varieties of potatoes that are deep purple on the inside and outside, and take on a beautiful color when the potatoes are boiled. When plated, these potatoes look magical; No wonder it has this name!

The flavor is warm and savory with a slightly earthy tone, so it pairs well with the smoky flavor. If your family loves to cook on the grill, Magic Molly will become your new favorite potato.

The only downside to growing Magic Molly potatoes is that you have to wait a long time to enjoy the harvest. These potatoes take about 100 days to reach full maturity due to their rich color.

6. Excuse

If you want a potato that has a unique look, try growing a masquerade potato, which is a unique bicolor potato. These potatoes have marbled skin that is a mixture of bright purple and white, hence the name these potatoes live on.

The excuse potato is a low-starch variety that goes well baked, mashed, roasted or in salads. Despite the purple color, it only takes 65 days for these potatoes to reach full maturity.

7. Princess Larate

Here is a variety of potato that is popular in France; It is known for being one of the most popular potatoes for French and European cuisine. Princess Lairette potatoes are known for having a sweet, mild nutty flavor that is similar to that of a mixture of chestnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds.

Looks delicious, doesn’t it?

One downside of growing Princess Larrate potatoes is that they are slow to mature. Expect these potatoes to take up to 110 days to reach full maturity, but they are well worth the wait. This one is delicious and worth growing in your garden if it has a long growing season.

8. Purple Glory

Purple potatoes are becoming all the rage lately, and Purple Majesty is one of the best purple potato varieties to grow in your garden.

These potatoes have wine-dark purple skins with purple flesh. They’re ideal for frying, but they also work well for roasting, mashing, and simmering. Purple Majesty doesn’t keep its purple color as well as Magic Molly, but you could still tell the potatoes were purple.

These potatoes take about 85 days to mature.

9. Purple Peruvian

Purple Peruvian is a brightly colored fingerling potato with beautiful purple skin and flesh. Some are a solid purple throughout the veggie, while others have a marble-like appearance with white and purple hues.

The Purple Peruvian is an all-purpose potato that is served by roasting, boiling, drying, baking and mashing. They have an earthy flavor with a slight nutty tinge. These potatoes grow best in cool climates, taking less than 85 days to reach harvest.

10. Red Gold

Red Gold is one of the potato varieties that stands out because it has a unique flavor that other potatoes do not offer. These potatoes have a nutty flavor that tastes nothing like the spuds you get at the grocery store. They have yellow flesh and raspberry-red eyes, making them one of the prettiest varieties of potatoes.

Red gold originates from northern Europe, and is an all-purpose potato that tastes great, roasted, boiled, baked or fried. Spuds mature in 90 days, but they only serve for short-term storage. Don’t expect these spuds to last all winter.

11. Red Pontiac

If you want an all-purpose red potato, consider growing a red Pontiac, an early-season potato with a thin skin. Gardeners prefer to grow red Pontiac potatoes because the thin skin means you can harvest at new stage or at full maturity.

Red Pontiac has a waxy textured meat that makes it ideal for cooking, broiling, mashing, and roasting. It is best known for being an excellent potato for salads, but it is not great for frying.

If you live somewhere with a drought, the Red Pontiac is an excellent choice because it is drought-tolerant, and potatoes are ready to harvest after 80 days.

12. Rio Grande Russel Ru

Most people are familiar with russet potatoes, and Rio Grande russets are an excellent choice. They are a highly nutritious potato that has a delicious, fluffy texture with flaky skins. Best of all, these potatoes are known to be high yielding, so by the time you harvest, you should expect to have plenty of potatoes available.

Compared to other potatoes, Rio Grande russets have a lower starch content. This leads to the idea of ​​making salads, slicing and drying or dehydrating them. They make great homemade potato chips.

At full maturity, these potatoes are four to five inches long with white flesh and brown skins that are ready to harvest in 65 days.

13. Swedish Peanut Fingerling

Fingerling potatoes make a great addition to your garden, and Swedish Peanut Fingerling is a waxy, yellow-flesh potato with a rich flavor that you’ll love. These potatoes are best when fried or roasted, but they also work well when used in salads.

Swedish Peanut Fingerling potatoes are late-season potatoes that grow up to 1.5 inches tall. These potatoes take up to 90 days to reach maturity.

14. Yukon Gold

Of all the potato varieties on this list, likely the only one you immediately recognize is Yukon Gold, and that’s because they’re often sold in grocery stores. Yukon Gold potatoes originated in Canada, so they are good for cold climates with a short growing season.

These potatoes have a little more wax than other varieties, so they work well for boiling. However, they do make delicious mashed and roasted potatoes. The creamy meat texture tastes great when roasted in the oven.

These potatoes take only 65 days to mature. If you are concerned about diseases, Yukon Gold is noted for being disease resistant, particularly against scab, a common potato disease.

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