14 Easiest Flowers to Grow

Easiest Flowers to Grow: With a basic understanding of flower types and planting techniques, you can have a lively garden that will be the envy of your neighbors throughout the summer. From sunflower worries, here are the best and easiest summer flowers to grow. You don’t need a green thumb with one of these popular summer garden choices.

Easiest Flowers to Grow
Easiest Flowers to Grow


Many consider this flower a must for gardens because it is easy to grow when it receives enough sun. They are versatile enough to thrive in moist or dry soil, even without fertilizer.

Sweet alysss

These delicate flowers, often used for the border of the landscape, prefer full sun. Their honey scent and pretty hues (they come in white, pink and purple) make it a popular choice for gardens.


If there is an area in your garden that does not have enough water or receives too much sun, this flower is for you. Their height differs depending on the variety you choose, and you will find them in pink, yellow or red.


Many gardeners love these cheerful flowers, which have a minty scent, for the border. Opt for well-drained soil with a reasonable amount of fertilizer and tons of sunshine to allow these flowers to flourish.


These bright flowers are available in over 70 different varieties and tend to attract bees. Whatever the soil conditions, they usually grow beautifully as long as they are in direct sunlight. Heliotropism, that is, when flowers grow in response to sunlight, are more apparent in heritage varieties.


This flower, which normally grows up to four feet tall, is a great choice for brightening up your garden. But keep in mind that Japanese beetles are attracted to white zinnias, so select a different variety if they are popular in your area.


Enjoy the beauty of pansies – a popular choice for working in flower beds – by leaning on well-drained soil and shaded areas.

8 Begonias

From the eye-catching rose to the bright orange, you will find begonias in a number of beautiful colors. Once placed in the shade, they can flower in pots or in a landscaped environment.


This easy-to-grow flower simply needs adequate water to last all summer. However, they are known to attract several types of pests and diseases, including powdery mildew.

10 Morning glories

With a little shade and full sun, you can enjoy these trumpet-shaped flowers. They can tolerate harsh conditions but prefer moist, well-drained soil. Use them as a dense ground cover or to add interest to a trellis or fence.

11 Peas

Often found in bicolors, pastels and blue, sweet peas are versatile enough to do well in containers or in the ground. Just choose your varieties wisely, because some types are better for hot temperatures than others.

12 Moss pink

Leave this low-maintenance flower, which can grow up to 8 inches tall, also serve as a large ground cover. It responds better to well-drained soils and dry environments.

13 Peonies

These breathtaking scented flowers can work in hot and cool climates. To allow peonies to flourish, avoid windy places and give them full sun and well-drained soil.

14 Shasta Daisies

Known to be resistant to deer, these low maintenance perennials have pretty flowers and stems up to four feet tall. They can also attract beneficial insects to your garden.

Easiest Flowers to Grow

It is difficult to choose the easiest flowers to grow if you are someone who does not know what they are. So to help you, I have included a few easy to grow flower tips and information on this topic.

One of the easiest flowers to grow is a daisy. You can plant it in the backyard, window boxes, and a variety of other locations. It grows just about anywhere except high traffic areas.

The easiest flowers to grow are daffodils. They make lovely shrubs that bloom almost year-round. They are very attractive and not hard to grow, especially if you use the right containers. If you place them in pebble beach sand with a little water and you water them every day, you can easily keep them alive year-round.

Popular flowers to grow

Evergreens are also very popular flowers to grow. The only thing that will keep them from being an easy flower to grow in cold weather. However, once the weather warms up they can be an easy flower to grow. For the beginner gardener, this is a great place to start because once you learn to grow these plants you will be able to grow most other flowers in your garden.

Most of the evergreen flowers, such as butternut, sycamore, etc. need high humidity levels in order to bloom. Humidity levels can be found in most containers or raised beds.

You will want to take some simple tips when you are choosing the type of container for your garden. However, the best container for any type of flowers will be the one that you love.

Another tip for container gardening is to ensure that the soil is not overly wet when planting your plant. This is a common mistake for the novice and can cause the plant to die before it gets the chance to bloom. But once the plant has flowers, it is worth it to get it that way.

So, next time you are trying to decide the easiest flowers to grow, take a look at the plants that you have already grown. Chances are that if you have plants that you love, you can get the same results when growing them in containers.