15 Best Accent Wall Ideas

accent wall ideas

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Sometimes painting your space in one color or outfitting an entire room with wallpaper just doesn’t do the job. If you’re currently struggling with this design dilemma, an accent wall may suit your aesthetic. It’s a brilliant trick that top designers swear by to bring more character into a space without it being too overwhelming.

Curious about how to choose the best spot for your accent wall? Just identify where your eyes fall when you first walk into a room. It’s a great option for home offices, bedrooms, living rooms, and just about any space lacking visual interest. Click here for 15 creative accent wall ideas to inspire your own home improvement.

1 out of 15

Cork wall

If you like the look of collages and need enough space to display your to-do list in your home office, decorate a wall with square cork panels. It’s the perfect blend of style and function.

2 out of 15

Bright flowers

If there’s one room that can benefit from a dose of drama, it’s the bathroom. A bold floral wallpaper is a must-have option for a quick refresh.

3 out of 15

Two tone

Why settle for one color of paint when you can choose two, right? This two-tone green wall, with different color thicknesses, adds personality to this bedroom.

4 out of 15

Rustic paneling

Enhance the rustic style of a bedroom with a paneled wall in different shades of gray.

5 out of 15

Fluorescent yellow

Thanks to a neon yellow accent wall, this cozy living room is far from boring.

6 out of 15

Mirrors everywhere

Looking for a simple way to add character to white walls? Display a collection of mirrors for a collectable feel.

seven out of 15

Emerald pop

Give a basic bathroom a bohemian-inspired upgrade with an emerald green accent wall. Add an oversized piece of art, like this card, for even more impact.

8 out of 15

Bright botany

Your bedroom should reflect your style. If you love nothing more than making a statement, an eye-catching floral wallpaper is for you.

9 out of 15

Neutral stripes

Every living room can benefit from a conversation starter, such as a striped accent wall showcasing stylish neutral tones.

ten out of 15

Bright green

Whether you choose a rich accent wall color like hunter green or navy blue, you are sure to make your space more warm and inviting.

11 out of 15

Sunny yellow

When it comes to accent walls, there is room for creativity. Show off a well-styled console table by installing a large panel of floral wallpaper directly behind it.

12 out of 15

Painted brick

Paint your home’s exposed brick wall glossy white to make it an instant focal point.

13 out of 15

Gallery wall

Show off your style with a gallery wall filled with matching frames, featuring your best memories, artwork, and photos.

14 out of 15

Nice brush strokes

Don’t be afraid to go bold with striking wallpaper. Try a peel-and-stick design if you’re not ready to fully engage.

15 out of 15

Painted panels

Tired of the wood panels in your bedroom? Give them a whole new look with a fresh coat of paint in a deep shade.

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