15 Best Radish Varieties to Grow in Your Garden

Radishes are one of the most underrated vegetables because not enough gardeners know how to cook and use them. But once you find the radishes you love, you’ll realize just how amazing they can be. Soon, you will want to grow all the varieties of radish in your garden.

I started growing radishes a few years back and I am hooked. Radish, whether raw or roasted, tastes delicious and grows quickly in the garden. Some varieties of radish ripen in three weeks.

Let’s take a look at some of the best varieties of radishes to grow in your garden.

15 Best Radish Varieties

If you have never grown radishes in your garden, now is the time. Radishes are one of the easiest vegetables to grow, and with so many different varieties of radishes available, you can try a few to see which one you like best.

1. Bartender Mammoth

At first sight, ‘Bartender Mammoth’ looks like a pink or red carrot, but they are actually radishes that grow up to nine inches long. Compared to carrots, these radish radishes are crispier and less dense, perfect for dipping into hummus, yogurt dips or many other sauces.

‘Bartender Mammoth’ is perfect if you live in a warm climate or want to grow radishes in the summer because it tolerates hot weather unlike other radish varieties. This radish is ready for harvesting 35-40 days after sowing.

2. Cherry Belle

If you want a veggie that looks like a classic radish, ‘Cherry Belle’ is for you. This radish radish produces round, bright red roots that measure an inch across.

‘Cherry Belle’ is one of the fastest radishes for the beginner gardener because it only takes 22 days to reach harvesting size. That means in three weeks, and you will have your first crop. Kids love growing these radishes because they get gratification so quickly.

3. Chinese Rose

‘Chinese Rose’ is a popular pink daikon radish variety that produces long rather than thick roots. These radishes are six to eight inches in length and two inches in diameter.

It takes 55 days for ‘Chinese Rose’ radish to reach mature size for ripening. They’re perfect for salads, and if you cut them thin enough, they work great on toast or other dishes.

4. Crimson Giant

‘Crimson Giant’ radishes do not grow large; They are typically two inches wide and one or two inches long. But they tend to be larger than other globe radishes, which are smaller. They grow in a short time, reaching mature size in just 30 days. Most gardeners have enough time to grow two or three crops of this variety of radish.

‘Crimson Giant’ radishes taste great when roasted or added to salads. They also make delicious radish pickle.

5. Early Scarlet Globe

Undoubtedly, the quintessential radish is ‘Early Scarlet Globe’. If you want a round, red radish that is crisp and light, this is the one you want to grow in your garden.

Not only are ‘Early Scarlet Globe’ radishes some of the best-looking varieties of radishes, but they are also some of the earliest ripe. They mature in 20-28 days after sowing.

6. French Breakfast

‘French Breakfast’ is one of the most popular varieties of radish. Originated in the late 1800s, they are two inches long and about an inch wide when mature. They are elongated with red roots and white tips.

Gardeners love this radish because it has a mild flavor that’s easy to enjoy, especially if you’re not used to eating radishes often. French people eat them on toast with butter and salt as a quick and tasty snack.

It is important to note that, often, people refer to any cylindrical red radish with white tips as a ‘French breakfast’ radish, but this is not true. This is a distinctive radish variety that comes from France.

It takes 28 days for these radishes to reach harvesting size. While they may not be the earliest maturing radishes, they are one of the best tasting.

7. German Giant

If you let most radishes grow too large, they become tough and tough with a bitter taste, but not a ‘German Giant’.

It is one of the best hybrid radish varieties as it is sweet and crunchy even in large size. Within 30 days, they are one to two inches wide, but they often reach the size of a baseball without changing texture or taste.

8. Golden Helios

‘Golden Helios’ is a variety of radish that stands out because of its yellow color. It is named after the Greek sun-god Helios because this incense is yellow in colour. They mature in just 25 days, and are just as beautiful with greenish purple stripes. This green radish looks great and tastes great in salads.

If you live in an area with unpredictable weather, ‘Golden Helios’ are a great choice because they tolerate hot weather. It’s also a good option ideal if you accidentally plant your radish seeds later in the season.

It is best to harvest these radishes when they are one to two inches in diameter because that is when they are at their peak. But if you let them grow up, it’s not a big deal. They will not become bitter.

9. Hailstone

‘Hailstone’ radishes look like baby turnips, and they taste great when roasted. They are light and juicy when raw, with a firm, crunchy flesh. Gardeners can harvest ‘Hailstone’ radishes in just 25 days.

These radishes won’t handle hot weather, so it’s best to grow them in spring and fall. They will not thrive in the heat of summer because the roots become hollow and bitter. At that point only your livestock will enjoy ‘Hailstone’ radishes.

10. Matanhong

‘Matanghong’ is one of the few autumn red meat radish varieties. They have a white outside and a green shoulder, but when you slice this radish, you’ll find vibrant, deep pink flesh.

Matanghong is a hybrid radish that was created to produce high-quality, large roots. They measure three inches in diameter when mature, but some weigh as much as a pound at harvest. The bigger they are, the longer it takes for this radish to mature. Expect to wait 65 days after sowing for Matanghong radishes to mature into a larger size.

One of the best things about this radish is that it germinates well in cool temperatures. You can plant them in the fall to extend your gardening season as they will tolerate some light frost.

11. Red King

‘Red King’ is a daikon type of radish that is particularly beautiful, with a candy apple red skin. The roots are five to eight inches long and two inches wide. Expect them to measure a pound at harvest time. Despite their large size, ‘Red King’ radishes are juicy and flavorful.

Like other large varieties of radish, ‘Red King’ takes 55-60 days to reach maturity. They work for spring and fall plantings, and they are known to bolt slowly. This means that if you leave these radishes in the garden after they are ripe, they retain their flavor and texture better.

12. Round Black Spanish

If you’re looking for winter radishes, try growing ‘Round Black Spanish. It is best planted in late summer and harvested in late fall.

You can’t grow ‘Round Black Spanish’ in summer because it ripens quickly as temperatures rise. But as long as you mix this radish variety with the right seasonings, it’s reliable and beautiful.

As the name indicates, ‘Round Black Spanish’ produces radishes from mahogany with black skin and cream-colored flesh. These radishes have a strong, tangy flavor that tastes great when sliced ​​into salads or fritters.

Expect to wait 50-70 days after sowing for these radishes to reach crop size. They keep well in the ground, so you can harvest as needed in the fall, and they store well in the refrigerator.

13. Royal Purple

‘Royal Purple’ is a distinctive variety of Burpee radish that produces brightly colored, sweet radishes in various shades of purple. They reach mature size 33–35 days after planting, which is only slightly longer than some early varieties.

Adding ‘Royal Purple’ radishes to your garden gives you some color in your salads or dishes. Some gardeners prefer to grow only heirloom plants, but this hybrid has the advantage of being resistant to many common radish diseases.

14. Rudolph

When you think of Rudolph, what do you think of? I’m betting you said his red nose!

Hence the special name for ‘Rudolph’ radishes – they are bright red in color. It is a hybrid variety which produces uniform roots in 25 days after sowing. ‘Rudolph’ is a classic red radish that is crack resistant and perfect for spring and fall gardens.

15. White Snowflake

Last but not least, ‘White Icicle’ is a fast-growing radish variety that does best when planted in spring. These radishes have crisp flesh with a mild hint of black pepper. They are up to five inches long and mature in 23-30 days.

Many other white radishes need planting in the fall, but ‘White Icicle’ is different. It also has a mild flavor that is juicy and is perfect for a variety of uses.

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