Even if you’ve never heard of a VSCO girl before, you’ve probably seen the vibe: it’s a little cool, a little bohemian, with a lot of laid back attitude. When it comes to dressing up, that means oversized sweatshirts over shorts, scrunchies and friendship bracelets with a Hydroflask in hand. And that vibe is also found in the design of trendy pieces – and to a great extent, ready to shoot, since the term “VSCO” comes from a photo editing app. This means the rooms should be used as the backgrounds for video chats, Instagram photos, and – when it’s safe to remake – hangouts in person.

These VSCO bedroom ideas will give you a feel for the VSCO aesthetic and are perfect for teens looking to redecorate a bedroom. The great thing about it is that it’s by design pretty easy to do – most VSCO keys have the DIY look and feel, so it doesn’t require a total room overhaul to begin with. Start with a photo collage wall, add interesting lighting elements, dress the bed with fluffy blankets and pillows. Then, if it sticks, you can go for a VSCO piece from top to bottom in a monochrome color palette and statement furniture.

Photo Collage

In any VSCO room, one wall has to be devoted to photo collages. You can either do a gallery wall with monochromatic frames, or use fairy lights with clips — also a big VSCO trend — to do more of a hanging photo line.

Firefly String Lights

In fact, why not just do a wall that’s all firefly lights? This strand is extra long — 98 feet! — so you can fully cover a large area of a room with light.


Hanging décor is a must: tapestries, indoor hammocks and especially anything macramé, as you can see in this room’s amazing hanging side table.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

Lots of VSCO room designers just pick one color and stick with it. Often, this is different shades of pink, but there are also quite a few black-and-white VSCO rooms.

Neon Accents

Even if you choose a mostly monochromatic color scheme, you can always add a little pop of color with a neon accent light. Hearts, clouds, moons, short sayings — you can find just about anything.


Fairy lights aren’t the only things dressing up VSCO walls — plants are big, too, especially hanging vines. It provides a perfect backdrop for customized wall art.

Wall Vines

Or, hang some vines from the ceiling (along with a few LED strip lights, too). Basically, hanging vines can fill in wherever you have a blank space that looks too empty.

Eye-Catching Headboards

Behind the bed is so important — it’s what shows up during video chats. A statement headboard makes a big difference.

Globe lights

If the fairy lights are too small and twinkly, upgrade to strings of bigger globe lights. Or better yet — use both!

Collage Wall

Once you choose a color scheme, start collaging! One of the best things about the VSCO aesthetic is the DIY nature of it, so you can show off your personality and switch it up as often as you like. (The moon mirror is also a perfect collage focal point.)

Statement Furniture

Get furniture that looks as if you can sink into it for hours. (A hanging rattan chair filled with pillows? Yes please!)

Comfy Pillows

About those pillows and blankets: The fuzzier and fluffier, the better. There’s no such thing as too much faux fur.

Rugs, Too

The fluffiness doesn’t have to be limited too the bed — a faux fur carpet can make a whole room look cozy.

Hanging Shelves

Like the collage wall, short hanging shelves are easy to switch up with your moods. Give flower pots, framed photos and cool knickknacks their own home.


Besides hanging vines, no VSCO room is complete without plants. Potted plants (especially succulents), hanging plants (perhaps in macramé holders) — even framed photos of plants! (The latter never need to be watered.)

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