15 of the Best Pea Varieties for Your Home Garden

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A quick glance at any seed list shows you that you can grow tons of pea varieties in your garden. This makes it hard to pick up!

I always grow many varieties of peas in my garden. I like to see the difference, and I use peas for a lot of things. My children like to open garden peas and eat them fresh as I see them in the garden. We use snap peas and snow peas in recipes, and we open tons of garden peas to freeze for casserole throughout the year.

If you are wondering what you should grow, let’s look at some of the best pea varieties to grow in your home garden.

3 types of peas you can increase

Peas are divided into three different types. All three are delicious yet different, and you have to know the differences to help pick up the peas you want to grow.

English peas

English peas are sometimes called orchards or shelling peas, and they do not have edible pods. You need to wait until the peas thicken before peeling them and eating them. These are some of the fastest growing pea varieties, but you will have to do the work of harvesting hundreds of pea pods.

snow peas

Snow peas have flat edible pods; You can identify these stir fry vegetables. The seeds inside the pod are not allowed to be immersed before harvesting. These require more days to maturity than other types of peas.


Chinese snap peas are a cross between English peas and snow peas. The pods are crunchy and edible, so you don’t have to open them, but the seeds crumble. You get the best of both worlds with this type of pea.

15 Best Pea Varieties

There are a ton of pea varieties out there and it’s always fun to play with people you’ve never tried. Not sure where to start? Here are some great options.

1. Alaska

If you want an early garden pea variety that is perfect for the short seasons, consider growing ‘Alaska’ peas. These plants give great yields on long vines. You need to be sure to provide support to catch up.

Alaska peas are one The english The heirloom variety, dated to the 1880s. Peas may not be as sweet as some varieties of other garden peas, but the plant is more productive than many snow peas or Chinese snap peas.

2. Avola

‘Avola’ is a cold-hardy that matures quickly. The english Pea variety that grows on compact plants that grow to only two feet. These containers are perfect for gardening or small-space gardens.

Despite their size, the ‘Avola’ pea plant has large yields of tender pods that contain eight sweet peas. These are great for early spring or late fall sowing.

3. Can

Canoe ‘peas mature in 70 days, and they produce pods that are full of peas. Occasionally, a single pod holds 12 sweet peas in a long, curved pod. The size of the pod is how this pea variety got its name.

It is a highly productive The english Variety growing on almost leafless stems. Peas are deliciously sweet, and since they are not large, they do not require much support.

4. Effervescent

If you want a best legacy The english Take a look at the pea cultivar, ‘Kepucciner’, a pea made by the Capuchin monks in the 1500s. The plants produce purple-blue pods with olive-green peas. They are great for soups, and the plants have beautiful white-pink flowers that make this plant ornamental, as well.

5. Desri Dwarf

F Desiree dwarf ‘is a unique pea plant because it produces beautiful, purple-blue pods on small shrubby plants. You do not need to provide support or platform for these plants, so they are perfect for containers or small gardens.

This plant produces small pods that you can pick up when they are as small as snow peas, but these are The english (Garden peas. When left to get bored, peas are perfect for soups or stews.

6. Green beauty

‘Green beauty’ is one Snow Pea variety that produces crops within 60 days. It is one of the fastest producing snow pea varieties on the list, and the pods are huge. The pods are green, tender and up to eight inches long when ripe. These peas are seriously delicious and are some of the sweetest peas.

‘Green beauty’ plants are vigorous and productive. Plants generally grow up to eight feet, so you must provide sufficient support for the bales.

7. Hearst Green Shaft

‘Hearst Green Squad’ is an excellent Sugar content Pea variety which gives heavy yields with long pods. Each pod contains about 10–12 peas, and the plants have a longer-than-average season. Plants typically produce pods from June to July, and they are resistant to some of the worse plant diseases, such as downy mildew and fusarium tilt.

8. Calvadon Wonder

‘Kelvedon Wonder’ is an early product The english Pea variety that produces a heavy crop. These are some of the best peas for succession planting in spring and summer as they are resistant to many different pea diseases and handle heat well.

Is Kelvedon Wonder ‘is a compact plant that is only two feet tall. It is a great variety for containers and small gardens, and this dwarf variety does not require any form of support or support. Expect plants to produce a large crop with short pods containing eight peas each.

9. Lincoln

One of the most popular pea varieties is the ‘Lincoln’ garden pea. this one The english Heirloom began in the early 1900s. Gardeners know that ‘Lincoln’ plants give great yields of delicious peas.

‘Lincoln’ peas handle warmer climates than other varieties, so they are great for those growing in summer or living in a southern climate. The pods are tight and easy to shell, and they grow on compact bales. It is one of the best pea varieties to grow in containers.

10. Little Marvel

Another Little Marvel ‘is another small-sized, vigorous shrub plant that matures in only 60 days. The plant gives a heavy yield with delicious tasting peas. They grow well in home gardens, and have been a beloved successor plant since the early 1900s.

Since ‘Little Marvel’ is a bush The english Pea plant, no stacking is needed. They grow best in containers and small gardens; You can tuck these plants in the corners, and they grow to be about three feet tall.

11. Magnolia Blossom Tendril

‘Magnolia Blossom’ is a hyper tendril snap pea plant that produces enlarged tendrils instead of tons of leaves. This leads to a broad, open habit of growth that allows better airflow and reduces plant diseases that can infect your pea plants.

In snap peas Delicious they taste amazing in salads and stir-fries, but they also taste big raw with a dip. ‘Magnolia Blossom’ plants are large, up to eight feet high, so you need to support the plants.

They are also producers, which gives you great yields of sweet snap peas. Vines have two-colored flowers, so they are perfect as ornamental plants.

12. Melting Mammoth

‘Mammoth melting’ Snow Peas produce large, sweet, fragrant pods on a plant that takes about 70 days to mature. These plants are up to four feet high, so they require small amounts of stones. ‘Mammoth melting’ peas require cold weather to give great yields, and the beans are great in stir-fries and salads.

Make sure you make them very large before taking peas.

It is a heritage plant which is one of the most popular pea varieties for the gardener.

13. Terrain

It is one of the most popular pea varieties here. , Terrain ‘produces large, curved pods that contain up to eight sweet peas. Plants produce peas for several months, and they are known to be resistant to various diseases, such as downy mildew and fusarium wilt.

this The english The variety is great for succession planting.

14. Tom Thumb

Without a doubt ‘Tom Thumb’ is the best The english Variety of peas for container gardening. The plants only reach nine inches in height, so they do not require any support or stacking. It is easy to plant this pea plant in small places in the garden.

‘Tom Thumb’ peas are an English shelling pea type, but the pod is sweet and tender when young. They handle well in the cold, perfect for early-cold-frame development early in the spring or late in the fall. ‘Tom Thumb’ is one of the most frost-tolerant pea varieties you can grow! It is a heritage plant that originated in England in the 1850s!

15. Wando

If ‘Tom Thumb’ is perfect for gardeners in cold climates, then ‘Wando’ is ideal for those in the south who need heat resistant The english pea pods. Not only are they great for warm climates, they are also a great option if you want to grow peas in the summer.

Vando pea is a legacy started in the 1940s. They are shelling peas that produce medium-sized peas that taste great whether fresh or frozen. The plants are up to six feet tall, so they require stacking and a support system.

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