17 Furniture Items to Embrace the Curvy Decor Trend

In a world of hard lines and sleek, defined decor, curves and waves have started trickling into homes, here to soften things up. There’s nothing wrong with edgy, but the sharp angles present in quite a few design styles have literally (and figuratively) edged out softer shapes.

As we know, there’s always flux and flow in the world of home design. There’s been a resurgence of the puffy, round, wavy, and squiggly. Edgy and sharp often feel so serious. The antidote is the playful ups and downs and swoops of the curvy decor trend, and it has staying power. Welcome the look into your own home with the following 17 pieces.

Gray rounded couch


The cloud sofa had a good run in the spotlight, but now curvy couches have entered the scene. The soft, swooping curves of this model are exactly what you’d imagine when you think of the perfect place to lounge. It’s also covered in bouclĂ©, which ticks another trend box.

Green curved patio chairs


Have your interior bases covered? Look outside for inspiration. These fun curvy chairs are a great way to incorporate the rounded lines of the trend on a patio or deck. The mod shape and cheerful color sprinkle a little zest onto any outdoor setup.

curvy mirror


Mirrors are a basic necessity in any home, but it doesn’t mean they have to be boring. The undulating sides of this mirror give dimension and character to a plain wall. It’s a look that rectangular and oval options just can’t compete with.

Curved pink bench

Raymour & Flanigan

The smooth swoop of this bench is extremely pleasing to the eye and is only bettered by slick velvet material. Place it at the foot of your bed or in an entryway for the perfect curvy accent piece that fits in with other soft lines and contrasts nicely against sharper shapes.

Curvy coffee table

Urban Outfitters

Coffee tables are a living room staple but they can also steal the spotlight. This option is perfectly practical but the waves crafted into the base make it a knockout accent piece. The white is great for modern and minimal spaces, but there’s also a wood version for an earthier take.

Pink outdoor lounger


Outdoor furniture is essential for enjoying time outside, but it’s not renowned for being the most comfortable. Skip the hard plastic loungers and wooden sun beds in favor of this plush chaise that nails the curvy trend. You won’t want to go back inside after settling in.

Curved desk


Implementing the curvy trend can also be subtle. This desk still retains a sleek and minimal look, but the curved top adds a pinch of personality. Squared away when it comes to workspaces? This also doubles as a console table.

Wavy side table

Apollo Box

Everyone needs that one piece of funky furniture that lights up a room, whether that’s through a neon pop of color or a unique silhouette, like this table. Its waves ace the curve trend, but it’s completely functional, too. In the center is an arch with a glass shelf—a perfect spot for storing attractive books and novels.

Curved wall sconce

Urban Outfitters

Never underestimate the power of good lighting. It’s not just about the light it casts, but the actual shape of the fixture. This sconce is a top contender when it comes to creative appearances and would feel right at home hung over a bedside table or in a reading nook.

Curved shelves

West Elm

You can fully embrace new trends or work them into a home in small doses. For a tiny nod to curvy furniture, install this wavy shelf that’s perfect for holding books and picture frames. Try stacking or staggering two or three for a not-so-ordinary storage wall.

Curvy headboard

Raymour & Flanigan

Bed frames and headboards are unexpectedly clever places to incorporate more curves. Squiggly footboards or shell-like headboards are all fitting if you’re drawn to this trend. This particular style has a slight Art Deco feel, too.

White curvy bedside table

Urban Outfitters

Keep the curved theme going in your bedroom with a delightfully round bedside table. Although it’s a fun shape, it still possesses decent storage space and won’t feel out of place even if you start favoring more defined lines and rigid angles.

Article Abisko Lounge Chair

Comfy, squishy accent chairs do the curvy trend best, as this Article lounge chair shows. With rounded arms and marshmallowy cushions, this is a good fit for anyone aiming to soften the appearance of a room while still maintaining a modern look.

Curvy side table

Urban Outfitters

This unique side table is a prime example of the wavy trend and is slightly sleeker than the more rotund shapes that are commonly seen. Its staggered table tops and looping base are almost reminiscent of mushrooms, which make it all the more interesting to look at.

Rounded ottoman

West Elm

Many ottomans fit under the curvy category, since most conform to some type of curvy or rounded shape. This one is slightly more interesting thanks to its asymmetrical silhouette that waterfalls off on one side. Though this light pink one is gorgeous, there are numerous other fabrics and colors to choose from.

An art deco style wood bookshelf


This curved bookcase is perfect for people with a lot of knick knacks on their bookshelves. While there’s plenty of space for books as well, the shape of this bookshelf lends itself to some pro shelf styling, and you can get creative with all the different sizes and shapes.

Curved dresser in white

Urban Outfitters

Like the matching bedside table, the curved shape of this dresser is perfect for anyone trying to embrace this trend. Though it looks unique, it’s not too wavy, making it a piece that’ll look classic for years to come but still stand out from your standard dresser.

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