Best Places to Buy Rugs 2021

Best Place to Buy Rugs: Any professional interior designer would confirm that a well-made carpet can completely transform a room in an instant. Whatever style, size or shape you choose, rugs have a special way of founding a space and making it more comfortable.

While quality rugs are a great way to experiment with color, pattern, and texture, finding the right one can be a challenge. Keep in mind that some rugs and runner rugs can be pricey, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a trendy design that suits your home and budget. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best places to buy rugs online. With any of these you can buy rugs online retailers, you can easily find trendy rugs that won’t break the bank. And the best part is, there is an option for every design lover. Choose from trendy styles including abstract or geometric prints, or go for practicality with one of these machine washable quality rugs.

where to buy rugs

Get ready to modernize your home with a new rug that fits your budget and highlights your design aesthetic. You are sure to find the right option in different sizes, materials, styles and prices.

Find the right stores for your style and budget

Many retailers offer generous returns free shipping or samples to help you shop with confidence. You can easily order rugs from vintage and unique or affordable and machine-made. Many retailers provide rugs for sale in stores but display and stocking large area rugs take up much of this space. Find some nice places to purchase rugs online. The Spruce / Chloe Jeong rug is one of most popular in the world to order online and for the most comfortable to use in large portions of home or small spaces.

West Elm

West Elm is the first to offer Fair Trade household products at its stores. Many of this rug is made from natural materials. Retail has committed to sustainability and provides a helpful guide for rug size purchases on their site. You can purchase West Elm carpets online or brick and mortar and the website features design tips for how to arrange them in your home. It is known for its contemporary designs, so it is no surprise you can find some fashionable and innovative rug styles here in US. The company also carries Fair Trade rugs made from natural materials and made using sustainable materials.

Z Gallerie

The Z Gallery is a retail destination inspired by art and statement products. They pride themselves on luxury and maximalism, which is why it’s not surprising that their rugs possess a strong personality. Get the Indochinina Rug or Milano Rug both are available in an infinite selection of colors from amethyst to indigo that feels amazing on your feet. This also has quite a number of luxurious offerings from ceramic mats with gold detailing to silver sparkles and some have texture that create striking visual results. Rug prices vary from $41 to $229 but many are still available and all contain colorful and textured material.


Arhaus offers high-end designs from rustic to bohemian and has a few styles that are chic among others. They often work artisanally in factories around the world. The company says its commitment to sustainable products is achieved by the use of reused natural resource items or by making old antiques come back to life. You probably won’t end up with the same rug as your neighbor. And it won’t take hours of searching to find it either. But it’s exactly why a good rug is an ideal choice for the. The best selling rug in Arhaus includes a Turkish Oushak rug and copper metallic hide.

Best Place to Buy Rugs
Best Place to Buy Rugs

Revival Rugs

New rug collection can easily searched and ordered by style, country of origin, location The Revival rugs site scours the market in Casablanca Morocco and Turkey for rug that typically average around 20 to hundred years. Even if you want to buy an authentic vintage rug that matches your space you can get them online if you love them for as long as the price is reasonable. It is $20 for the restocking fee for returned rugs but the window of return for deciding the perfect rugs is 7 days to choose. All-natural handcrafted rug products are sourced from partner weaving in India and Turkey. Please check Revival Rugs for more ingormation.


Ruggable provides round rugs, runners and rectangular area rugs in sizes ranging from 3 x 5 feet to 9 x 12 feet. The top rug cover can easily be taken off from the rug base underneath and tucked in washers for an easy cleaning. The non-pad beneath is very soft and is made without latex. The rug is not chemically treated eliminating potential offgassing fears. Choose from chenille, velvet shags and outdoor rug materials from the large selection offered by the company to be machine washeable and water resistant. It’s worth noting that the carpet covering is made of water dye.

Dash & Albert

The company Dash & Albert rugs by Annie Selke offers a selection of colors and designs. The company also published a guide listing the difference in a rug between various woven patterns on the market. Often the rugs fall among two camps: The Beach House or the Land Farm. There is also a monochromatic blue diamond-printed rug and a crosshatch dove grey handmade wool rugs option that better suits the latter of those. Dash And Albert also describe the functions and benefits of each rug and the best place for each rug to be used : outdoor rugs or indoor rugs.

Crate & Barrel

Crate and Barrels is a fine place for purchasing rugs that fit right into your decor. The premium home retailer offers a broad variety of room rugs, runners, indoor-outdoor rugs and more that are ready to ship or collect at your local market. If you’re a student deciding on a new rug purchase and done’t understand how a rug’s style of fabric should look in your area buy it as compared to an old rug, and then back it. Each choice includes a half-dozen shapes and 9 different kinds of materials and weaves, making this customized rug program a unique way to create a rug.

The citizenry

Citizenry sends profits to charities to raise funds and sets ethical business standards. Modern designs often evoke a Southwest style from Indian motifs and earthy palettes to all natural plant fibres. This is a fantastic way to make your room both cozy and chic with high-end materials from handmade woven carpet. The rug is produced by worldwide artisans providing the artisans with a stable and consistent income typically 2-3 times minimum wage. Visit [link], click here and help support a local charitable organization. Return to where you came from.

Cold Picnic

Hand-tufted wool rectangular rugs sell for about $170 on a 8 x 10 ft rug. Cold Picnic also makes improvements to its products and procedures that encourage sustainability by manufacturing Rugs from recycled yarn that normally wouldn’t be recycled. The brand’s floor rugs are made from the top quality Wool rugs of Auckland known under its trade Name Tex. An excellent, long fiber giving rugs a soft feel underfoot and retaining the impressive stability. The company makes the best use of available materials and resources to create the best possible designs.

Best Place to Buy Rugs HDOT
Best Place to Buy Rugs HDOT

Home Depot

Home Depot sells an impressive array of durable but cost-efficient rugs crafted out of synthetic products. Product collection varies from utilitarian to stylish with a wide variety of rugs suitable for outdoor/indoor rooms but sturdy enough to withstand the elements. You may also find a limited number of premium materials that are made of premium materials such as wool. Home Depot earns a place on this list for its collection of affordable outdoor and indoor floor rugs which are made using low-maintenance materials which are low-cost and durable.


CB2 covers all your rug requirements. From a handmade black with white stripes rug to a leopard design these patterns reflect contemporary themes. If your rug looks better from the web or on the ground in person then you have 30 days to return it. Simply contact CB2 within 7 days after delivery or pickup for arrangement. Those looking for something more abstract or exclusive can contact CB2 directly. If you want an item that looks better online the rug can be returned to your local dealer inside 7 days of delivery or picked up, this costs $1,000.

Rugs USA

Rugs USA will satisfy almost any need to add warmth to your floorings. The website is complete with tools to aid you in making the proper choice. Because the company keeps close relationships with its designers it can offer rug at wholesale low-cost prices. You can search by category, design, size and weight to find exactly what you want. The business also has a list of different weave types showing you the different types of hand-spun carpet and they have prices that are very low on their website. If you want further information visit [link].


Hand-made rugs are produced in India and Bangladesh, in facilities that impose good working conditions for employees. Many types are made from natural materials like wool or jute and can handle everyday traffic and normal use and tear. I’ve seen it before and it might get smaller with color and dimensions. However there is a reasonable price point: you can find a nice size rug from the Lowpile for just $10. You’ll find hand-tufted rugs, specialty Oriental rugs and affordable and machine-designed options along with natural flooring coverings.


Overstock allows you to filter in patterns with price, size and features. You can also select rugs by discounts or sale and promotions. The best feature is that Overstock’s rug normally falls on the more affordable edge of the price category. You can filter by product features, such as washable or pet-friendly rug to get the cheapest rug you can buy from Overstock. The company also offers discounts, customer ratings, and quality ratings for the best and most expensive rug. To go rug-buying go visit the official site of Carpet Store.

Best Place to Buy Rugs HDOT
Best Place to Buy Rugs HDOT


Wayfair is stocked with everything from dressers to mattresses to wall art and foodware. We especially like the unique selection of textiles. The collection contains over 100,000 items. You can filter in the inventory based on price, size, colors, thicknesses and shape. Wayfair shares reviews of customers who leave reviews and rating stars in order to help you decide if you really like a rug. The company is known for its reasonable prices and its carpets fall in this camp.


Amazon owns many well-known carpet brands and offers them at discounted prices. Safavieh’s lavish rug collection or nuLoom’s top-tier offerings in colorful colours are among those we love. Buying rugs on Amazon gives customers a better insight in how customers use it. The free two-day shipping for Amazon’s rug is a large part of the collection.

Lulu and Georgia

Lulu and Georgia’s rug lean towards elevated side whether in their simplicity and their heavy details. You can also shop by house. This leads to bedrooms, living rooms and many more. Every photographed area will aid in envisioning the whole aesthetic one rug can create. The eye for style of the retailer is largely due to its eye for styling and photos of the rug in fashionable locations that will make you wish that they were yours. For more information see [link] for more information.


Zola has over 1000 rug options across various brands including NuLOOM and Safavieh. Rugs are generally not always the cheapest buy, so it helps Zola offers free shipping and free returns. They also offer a free price comparison if you see the same rug offered by Zola in a authorised retail store at a lower price they’ll match it with the same Rug. We love them all, including Persian rugs and marble-inspired rugs for playingrooms and entry room furniture.

World Market

The bohemian-style offering from World Market includes color geometric patterns, basket weave details and tasseled edges. Many rugs are handwoven with leather and jute. The best part is that the prices are reasonable and the World Market is known to run good deals or two. The rugs that World Market makes in the same way are eco friendly. The companies products are well-known for excellent results at the end of the year.

One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane has a variety of antique rugs assorted through the world. Rugs are designed with wool or silk New Zealand and are created in New Zealand and Brazil cowhide. Just ensure you buy fast or something that you want will be gone before you know it, or you just can’t wait to buy a new rug at Rugs Gallery New York City – The showroom has more than 2,000 handmade antique or vintage rugs. You can select your vintage rugs which are handmade antique rugs.

Best Place to Buy Rugs HDOT
Best Place to Buy Rugs HDOT

Serena & Lily

The Serena & Lily rug is of very high class. It brings the warm aesthetic in California into a classic American setting. Most choices go with basic patterns like diamond stripes. A few vintage options also offer more elaborate designs and subtle color palette to keep the minimalist look. To get the new rug, click on [link]. More detailed details can be found here. For more information, contact Lisa at


Macy’s offers a unique collection of unique oriental rugs. You’ll find incredibly affordable rugs designed specially for the highest traffic areas. The Oriental carpet will cost 750 to $1,000 or more. The company sells high-end options with natural materials such as wool and silk. The rug is an investment and will be a house piece you’ll always cherish for decades to come says Macy’s. More info. Visit Macy’s.

Pottery Barn

The brand catalogs their rug selection to help ease shopping by style. They also offer a special feature shop that sorts rug into the latest offerings, eco-friendly options, and different shade of blue. Just make sure to look at the design guide before buying a carpet before you buy a new rug in the U.S. You can’t go wrong choosing a rug from a classic like Pottery Barn. More information can be found here.

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Rugs USA offers thousands of choices in so many different formats and shapes. Amazon sells a lot these days including comfy rugs that are marketed at various levels of price. The store has around 50,000 rugs to buy with a range from brown floral patterns to colorful prints to add pop of chic to your room. Rugs are machine washable (with a mild detergent and dry low heat), lightweight, stains resistant water resistant and can fit conveniently in your washer and machine. Walmart has a number of outdoor and indoor rug items that are often also cheap.

Are Annie Selke rugs washable?

Small rugs may be gently washed with cold water and should be dried professionally. Use non-smooth detergent not bleached and dried out. HYGLAPHETIC FORMINGS. … Small rug can be gentlely washed with warm water, professional care is recommended for larger rug.

Who owns Annie Selke?

This week’s Q&A features WIRLC member Annie Selke owner and CEO of Annie Selke Companies. Annie and her team has developed bedding rugs, home furnishings decor and accessories which everyone loves.

Can you machine wash Dash and Albert rugs?

The rug is made of polypropylene and according to Dash and Albert’s website these carpets can be vacuumed, swept and washed. Evidently they don’t belong into laundry machinery.

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