20 Best Craft Kits for Kids in 2020

20 Best Craft Kits for Kids in 2020


20 Best Craft Kits for Kids in 2020


Sometimes all children need a blank sheet of paper and some art materials to get their creativity flowing. Other times, they need a little inspiration to get started. When you need your next fridge masterpiece, it’s time to take out some cool craft kits for kids – one of our favorite kids’ activities to keep them occupied for hours.

These children’s art kits can be delivered in a box, but they don’t stifle their artistic intuitions – it’s not about coloring in the lines. Boys and girls, toddlers and teens can all find something that will spark their imaginations. The kits will give them the materials to start with, of course, but the rest depends on the artists themselves: some give you 2D artwork ready to hang (or even framed), while others will help them create something that is intended to decorate their rooms. because children love to personalize their own spaces.

Prepare to break the markers, glue, twine, stickers, tissue paper, pads and even stones and start creating. (And, parents, we are feeling your difficulties, so we tried to find kits that weren’t too complicated either.) When all is done, you can have your own studio day open at home and have art exhibition of incredible new works.

Cute craft kit for toddlers

Damage Free Shark Baby Coloring Set

walmart.com$ 6.93

Draw your own comic book

Christopher Hart
target.com$ 7.49

The pages of this book are blank comics, so artists can create their own superheroes and tell their own stories. There are also section divisions, in case they want to start several sagas at the same time.

Glitter Dots keychain

There is something soothing about using Crayola’s glitter dots – they are rolled up as glitter balls, and you apply them to your work wherever you want. (Bonus for parents: no mess! The glitter is self-contained in its own sphere of glue.) With this Glitter Dots set, kids can stick the dots on three different adorable key chains.

Enchanting Nature Scratch Art Kit

Rare goods
uncommongoods.com$ 10.00

Paint and decorate wooden vehicles

Melissa & Doug
walmart.com$ 9.99

This kit is partly handcrafted and partly artistic, because children must assemble the wooden train and the monster truck before they can paint them. And if children really like to paint on wood, there are also DIY butterfly magnets.

Image mosaic

Alex Toys
walmart.com$ 10.93

You do not need to color or glue these mosaics – instead, everything is done with self-adhesive stickers. The stickers are even small pictures, so the mosaic cereal bowl, for example, really looks like pieces of cereal.

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Cave painting kit

Kid Made Modern
maisonette.com$ 14.99

Go on a nature walk and collect treasures – so what? This kit helps children transform interesting rocks they have found into ladybugs, butterflies, bees and other fun shapes. And if you can’t find good specimens near you, it also comes with nine rocks that you can use.

My tissue art

Alex Toys
walmart.com$ 12.00

Small artists will be impressed with their own abilities after tackling these artistic projects. They don’t even need to master a stick of glue – the cardboard shapes are already sticky, and kids just need to inflate the tissue paper and put them in the right sections. This set makes six trades.

String art images

Light stripes
maisonette.com$ 15.99

It’s like connecting the dots, only with acrylic thread instead of a pencil. After lacing up animal shapes, kids can add foam stickers and glitter to finish off their creatures.

Paper Chewed T-Rex

Kid Made Modern
maisonette.com$ 16.99

What child wouldn’t want this dino looking at them from a shelf? This kit comes with the T-Rex, and all the paint, glitter, pipe cleaners and glitter necessary to make it unique.

Paper mache unicorn

Kid Made Modern
maisonette.com$ 16.99

Or, if your kids are not dinosaurs, there is also a unicorn kit that will add a dose of enchantment to any room. (You can also choose to paint a wooden unicorn instead of a papier mache unicorn.)

Crayola Sprinkle Art Shaker

walmart.comUS $ 15.87

Named one of Good HousekeepingHot Toys of 2019, this Crayola set allows kids to make art with glitter and sparkles – without doing any mess. The loose flakes are collected in tubes so that they can be reused.

Emoji Window Art

Creativity for children
walmart.com$ 16.00

Children can create a work of art that also sets the scene for the room. The set comes with markers and a color explanation by number if they need some advice on how to get the right emojis.

Stamp-a-Scene farm stamp set

Melissa & Doug
walmart.com$ 16.42

Capturing a day on the farm is easy with this 20-piece stamp set, which comes with its own ink. It also comes with five colored pencils so kids can add all the other details they need.

Stained glass made simple

Melissa & Doug
walmart.com$ 16.97

Hush – it’s not really stained glass, just translucent stickers! However, when you hang it in a window (the suction cup is included), you will not be able to tell the difference.

Inspiration Art Case

walmart.com$ 19.97

If you just want to load them up with supplies and let their imaginations run wild, the Crayola Inspiration art set is all they need. It comes with 140 pieces, including markers, colored pencils and colored pencils.

Create your own story books

Creativity for children
walmart.com$ 19.99

This project turns children into authors and illustrators. The hardcover book comes with blank and lined pages, so your kids can trace their stories. Stickers, crayons, and alphabet and number sheets provide the perfect finishing touch to the images.

Tots Collage by color

Alex Toys
walmart.com$ 30.12

If you have a small child on your hands, this is a very easy collage project for children 18 months and older. It comes with three sticky panels in the primary colors, as well as buttons, feathers, shapes, stickers and other assorted doo-dads. All your daughter has to do is support them where she wants them.

Arts and Crafts Supply Library

Kid Made Modern
maisonette.com$ 39.99

Sometimes it’s better to just hand over craft supplies and let them do it … whatever, and this case comes with enough to keep you going for a while, including pipe cleaners, sticks, felt, beads, wide eyes, glitter and jewelry, among others. For the youngest, there is also the My First Arts and Crafts supply library.

Bright wire art

Kiwi Co.
kiwico.com$ 34.95

For older children, this project uses EL thread to create a light work of art. They can use the five models included or come up with their own designs. It’s Kiwi Co, which also offers art subscription boxes and DIY projects.

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