5 Tricks for a Silky-smooth Finish

5 Tricks for a Silky-smooth Finish

We may receive a commission when you use our affiliate links. However, this does not affect our recommendations. Empty. The best method of removing sanding dust is with a vacuum cleaner. Brushing spreads the dust into the air and you’ll have to wait for it to settle before you start finishing. Adhesive cloths do not … Read more

How to Harvest Sunflower Seeds

Tall, shiny, and elegant sunflowers are a staple plant in many home gardens and gardens. Everyone from young children to experienced gardeners love to grow these majestic flowers during the summer months. However, what many people don’t realize is that the attraction doesn’t have to end when the flowers wither. As the flowers wither, the … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Growing Cabbage

For many a crop of growing cabbage plants are a cornerstone of the vegetable plot. A versatile vegetable, cabbages have a variety of different uses. A brassica, or cruciferous vegetable you can grow cabbage plants throughout the year, meaning that with some successional sowing these resilient crops can play a vital role in your quest … Read more

A Guide to Repotting Orchids

Sleek and exotic, the orchid is an attractive addition to the indoor plant collection. An array of orchid plants in different colors can add a touch of luxury to a home. Increasingly easy to find, orchid plants are sold in many grocery and gift shops as well as florists and garden centers. The best-selling orchids … Read more

Why is My Succulent Dying?

A popular choice for a low maintenance houseplant, it is widely believed that anyone can grow and care for a succulent successfully. Although they are easy to care for, some people, especially nervous or inexperienced growers, may panic and start to worry if their plant starts to look sick. A dying or diseased-looking succulent can … Read more

Lululemon Launches Mushroom Yoga Mats, Bags for the Eco-Conscious

Lululemon launches mushroom yoga mats and bags

Lululemon launches mushroom yoga mats and bags for the eco-conscious Lululemon, an international sportswear company well-known for producing technical sportswear, created the first-ever yoga mat made from material to combat animal abuse and slaughter. Mylo is a skin-like material made of mycelium. Lululemon’s creative team created the world’s first mushroom-based yoga mat. Bolt Threads, a California-based biomaterials startup, … Read more