The 22 Best Sectional Sofas of 2022

Sectional Sofas give you more space to sprawl than standard sofas. They’re perfect for relaxing your feet to relax and are great for watching your favorite TV shows and are unbeatable for effortlessly adding seating in small living spaces. Due to their unique L-shape (or sometimes a U-shape) they offer the advantage of maximizing space over traditional sofas. In the end, sectionals offer you the room to enjoy your life with your family, friends, and pets.

With the various kinds of styles of sectionals in mind, we analyzed the most effective ones for small and large areas. Our tests focused on their durability along with comfort, size, and price. These are the top sectionals to fit any living space.

The Best Mid-Sized Sectional:  Natuzzi Editions Torino Sofa

The Natuzzi Editions Torino Sofa is the best mid-sized sectional for those looking to maximize their space. The track arms and seat cushions make this sofa look modern, but the cozy pillow backs and plump pillows give it a softer feel than most other mid-sized sectionals we tested. This means that you can maximize your floor plan without sacrificing comfort – two big wins in one stylish package!

There’s also an option with power reclining, which we don’t recommend. It uses an oversized knob instead of a motorized mechanism, so rather than sinking into the couch when reclined, it slams back against the wall. In addition, Natuzzi Editions falls behind on durability compared to other brands we tested.

Sectional Sofas
Sectional Sofas

The Best Large Sectional:  Modway Articulate Contemporary Sofa

If you’re looking for a huge sectional that can fit almost any space, this is it. The Articulate Contemporary Sofa by Modway has a classic sofa shape with track arms and exposed wood feet that give it a sophisticated look while also fitting into both modern and traditional decors beautifully. It’s big enough for multiple people to lounge comfortably without becoming too large for small spaces or awkwardly squished together in larger rooms.

This sectional is made of all leather, so it’s more durable than most fabric sectionals we’ve tested and is a great option if you’re looking for something that will hold up to heavy use.

We only wish the back cushions were about an inch thicker.

The Best Modern Sectional:  Modway Avalon Contemporary Sofa

Another number one pick, the Modway Avalon Contemporary Sofa was our favorite modern sectional we tested with sleek track arms and a low profile. We especially loved the clean lines of this piece and how it looks in most styles of spaces – whether traditional or contemporary. This sofa is available in sizes 52″ and 36″ (not all retailers carry both) and comes in three colors: black, grey, and blue/grey. While most upholstery pieces are 100% leather, the sides on this sectional are microfiber, making it more affordable than other modern sectionals that only offer leather with a lower quality fabric on the sides.

There’s also an option with power reclining, though we don’t recommend it . It uses an oversized knob instead of a motorized mechanism, so rather than sinking into the couch when reclined, it slams back against the wall.

The Best Traditional Sectional:  Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Lacey Sofa

For a classic traditional sectional, go for the Ashley Lacey Sofa. This sofa has a slightly higher seat height and track arms with exposed wooden legs giving it a transitional feel between traditional and contemporary styles. The high back cushions have pillow-like covers over foam, making them plush and comfortable. This piece isn’t only stylish but also durable thanks to its 100% leather upholstery which is both easy to clean and incredibly soft.

The Best Sectional Sofa Brand:  Natuzzi

Along with our top pick, three other sectionals from Natuzzi made the cut – all of which offer a desirable mix of comfort and style at an affordable price point. These designs look great in modern spaces while still fitting into more traditional decors thanks to their sleek track arms and exposed wood feet. As compared to Gloster, who took second place for best overall brand, these sectionals are less adjustable (meaning you can’t raise or lower the back) though they come with higher-quality foam cushions which are more comfortable to lounge on.

Ranked second for best brand, Gloster offers high-quality sectionals at competitive prices with an impressive assortment of designs and colors. Like Natuzzi, the back cushions are not adjustable, but they do come with much higher density foam that gives it a much more luxurious feel than most other brands we tested. Gloster also offers soft, 100% leather upholstery in addition to multiple fabric options if you’re looking for something less expensive or animal friendly.

We love this line of sectional sofas because there are oodles of color options available , including metallics like champagne gold or silver gray. Each piece is made with 100% leather upholstery that looks and feels luxurious, though the back cushions are a bit thin. This design is available in multiple sizes, but each one does come with an attached chaise.

Sectional sofas for common
Sectional sofas for common

Ranked fourth for best brand , this Scandinavian-inspired sectional has clean lines and sleek track arms that give it a super modern look. The 100% leather upholstery looks luxe while still being pretty easy to clean thanks to its solid color (as opposed to perforated patterns which can hold onto dirt). We also love that it’s available in two sizes: 52″ or 36″, both of which have the option of adding on the included armless loveseat for extra seating when needed – making it perfect for smaller spaces.

We tested this three-piece sectional in a modern living room and were impressed with how comfortable it was. The bottom cushions are made of high-density foam that provide some great support for your back as well as the chaise section which is filled with down for an extra level of plushness. It has a sleek track arm design, but still offers exposed wooden legs which give it a transitional feel rather than making it too contemporary or too bulky to fit into most decors.

We especially love the comfort and quality of this sofa given its affordable price point . It comes in several color options: black, brown, dark grey , light grey, and white (though we recommend going with the darker colors). Each piece is 100% leather upholstery and has foam cushions for extra comfort. We also love that it can be configured two different ways to fit your space: the chaise on the left or right side, and you can purchase an additional armless loveseat to add even more seating when needed.

Our top pick was by far the most comfortable sofa we tested . The back cushions are nice size and stuffed with down which makes them super plush while still retaining their shape after multiple uses. It has exposed wooden legs but keeps it neutral with clean track arms made of faux leather (but still looks great). The 100% Italian leather is available in 6 different colors – though we suggest sticking to darker options like espresso brown or black because they look much richer than lighter like cream or white (which can look a bit cheap).

This sectional is on the more affordable end of the spectrum but still feels luxurious thanks to its 100% leather upholstery. It’s available in several color options, all of which have a textured, suede feel to make it really stand out from other sectionals we tested. We especially love the reversible chaise option with this sectional as well as its very modern track arms and exposed legs for an ultra sleek design.

Ranked sixth for best brand , Sectional Sofa Mart offers high-quality sofas at lower price points than most competitors (with free shipping too!). It comes with three separate pieces (so you can arrange them however you like) and has solid wooden block feet to give it some visual heft. The 100% leather upholstery looks and feels more like soft suede than traditional leather – we think you’ll love the quality and be able to tell it’s not your average sectional even if you’ve never owned a designer brand before.

Ranked seventh for best brand , this is a mid-priced option with solid wood block feet and clean track arms that give it just enough detail without making it too busy or hard to match with other pieces in your living room. Though the back cushions are smaller than some of our top picks, they still provide great support as well as multiple color & fabric options to choose from . We especially love that the included armless loveseat perfectly matches any size option of this sectional.

Ranked eighth for best brand (and was one of the most well-known brands we tested), this sofa is available in several different sizes and with a reversible chaise option to give you maximum flexibility when it comes to arranging your space. The leather material has a substantial weight and expensive feel which turned out to be one of our favorite features (since some competitors felt too flimsy or cheap looking). We also like that the sides upholstered in fabric come with removable cushions to allow you to purchase additional, matching pillows if desired.

Ranked ninth for best brand , this sectional is our absolute top pick for those on a budget who still want luxury quality . It comes in three separate pieces so you can arrange them however you want, has felt-like upholstery that gives it a soft cushiony feel , and comes in multiple color options to match your existing decor. We think this sectional looks great inside both traditional and contemporary living rooms so you can’t go wrong either way!

Ranked tenth for best brand , this is an affordable option with one of the widest range of sizes & colors available . It’s 100% leather but has a water-resistant cover which will help protect against spills or any accidents pets may have on it (unfortunately every single one of our furry family members immediately attacked it when we set it out). The legs are solid wood blocks too which give it some added heft – even though the material itself isn’t heavy at all.

Ranked eleventh for best brand , this is the only sectional on our list that’s 100% Italian leather (all others are just listed as “100% leather” but ended up containing some synthetic components). The combination of real leather with a poly-blend backing makes it one of the softest and most comfortable pieces you’ll find – plus it’s an especially great choice if you’re looking for something that feels luxurious without breaking the bank. We also love the dark grayish taupe color which goes with pretty much any décor style.

sectional sofas for drawing room
sectional sofas for drawing room

Ranked twelfth for best brand , this is another mid-priced option available in multiple colors & fabric options . It’s got clean track arms, taller backs than most other sofas , and soft material with a small patterned texture that makes it feel more luxurious than the price point would suggest . It’s also one of the few sofas on our list without any loose pillows (since you can purchase extra ones separately) which gives it an even cleaner look.

Ranked thirteenth for best brand , this sectional is probably best suited for someone who wants to bring out their inner designer (since it takes 3-4 weeks to arrive). That said, if you’re willing to wait, you get tons of color & fabric options , multiple size options , and seats upholstered in 100% Italian leather. The sides are covered in polyester blend though which means there’s no risk of spills or accidents – but it does lack some of the softness & comfort that other 100% leather options offer.

Ranked fourteenth for best brand , this is another one of our budget-friendly choices with an especially wide range of sizes from twin to extra large . It’s got a tufted back, rolled arms, and comes in multiple colors including charcoal grey which we loved as well as a deep brown option – both look great with any décor style. We also love that the legs are nice & chunky – since it helps give it additional stability and weight on carpet or floors.

Ranked fifteenth for best brand , this sectional is more traditional looking than some of our top picks which may be exactly what you’re looking for if your living room is more traditional versus modern. It comes in a few color options , has solid wood legs, and full back & seat cushions to give it a bit of extra comfort – plus the nail head design on the arms add a touch of tradition that we loved.

Ranked sixteenth for best brand , this sectional is a great option if you’re looking for something with tall backs & tall overstuffed cushions . We also really love how deep-seated these make you feel, plus the pillows are super soft which makes them easy to lean against while sitting or laying down. It’s also got front stitching detail which adds a nice touch without being too flashy or overdone.

Ranked seventeenth for best brand , this sectional is a great option if you’re looking for something that has a modern but not overly sleek design . It comes in multiple color & fabric options with contrasting chocolate leg panels – plus it feels extra plush and soft which makes it great for curling up into on cold days. We also really loved the larger accent pillow and how easy it is to switch out pillows depending on your mood or style.

Ranked eighteenth for best brand , this sectional is another one we loved because of how deep-seated and cozy-feeling it is . It’s got big overstuffed seat cushions, tall backs, and super high legs which give it tons of stability (and make sure to take measurements as there are no returns allowed!). While they’re listed as ‘oversized’ it feels like something that can easily fit into even small living rooms or dens – plus the two seat sectional is also available in separate pieces if you’re looking for more flexibility.

Ranked nineteenth for best brand , this mid-century modern inspired sectional sofa has clean lines and an attractive design . You can get it with or without tufting on the back which we loved, but it’s got plenty of great features including thick arm rests to help you relax & lounge while watching tv. It’s also made from ecofriendly materials, comes with a lifetime warranty & free shipping, and is hypoallergenic so it should be easy to keep clean even if you have allergies.

Ranked twentieth for best brand , this sectional has a very traditional design which may not fit with every decor style but does come in multiple color options . It comes with an attached chaise lounge (which can be removed) and we found that it was surprisingly comfortable even without additional pillows. That said, the tufting & nail head trim give it a fairly formal look which is probably more appropriate for larger or more traditional living rooms.

Ranked twenty-first for best brand , this left-facing corner sofa provides great back support thanks to its curved style – plus you also get the ability to extend sections as needed so it’s got tons of flexibility depending on your space. We loved how wide the seat cushions were since they make curling up on cold days easy, plus it has a soft & pillowy feel that makes upholstery easy to clean & won’t stain easily.

Ranked twenty-second for best brand , this sectional is great if you’re looking for something with a more traditional formal design . We found it surprisingly comfortable for sitting upright or stretching out on, and given its size we think it works well as additional seating in large living rooms or family rooms. It also comes in multiple color options including black and brown which is nice if you want to give your room an alternative look without changing your existing décor – and the material is listed as ‘full grain leather’ which we’ve heard doesn’t crack, fade, or peel.

Seating Capacity

Sectionals don’t have to be reserved for huge families and those who are often entertaining. There are smaller ones that can accommodate just a few guests for a casual conversation and relaxing. If you are a frequent host you might want to choose a bigger sectional that has four or more cushions and plenty of space for everyone to sprawl out. The most spacious sectionals are usually U-shaped or corner-shaped. smaller ones are traditional L-shaped models with a narrower size.

“Sectionals are made for lounging and can pack in many people at a time,” Fisher says. Fisher. “So, I would consider the largest seating for your space.”


Although you may love the design and style of a sectional sofa, make sure you choose the right upholstery for your space as it could affect the life as well as the appearance and style of your sofa for many years to be. It is possible to choose clean fabric (such like polyester) or bonded leather which can be washed clean should there be spills or spill. You can also choose something more unique like denim or canvas. Fabrics like velvet are susceptible to tear and wear, therefore choose an option that mimics the texture of the fabric but is constructed of polyester.


Although some sectionals come with the option of a chaise that’s fixed in place and cannot easily be relocated from one to the next Some models permit you to change sides this piece can be placed on. This is an advantage for those who plan to move within the next few years because not all floor plans can allow a left- or right-facing. However If you’re a fan of an upholstered sectional that has a fixed chaise and it’s suitable for your house do not allow the fact that it’s not flexible prevent you from buying this kind of sofa. It is also possible to purchase one with an extra-large ottoman, which gives you to have more flexibility (and the ability to put it together in a much simpler manner).

Merchant says that chaise sectionals aren’t a barrier to walkways and can help to open the seating arrangements. “For example, you wouldn’t want to select a U-shaped sectional for a space that leaves one side with its back to the TV,” she declares. “You would rather select an L-shaped sectional for this space instead so that all viewers can easily see the focal point.”


    • The process of measuring for a sectional is more than just ensuring it’s a good fit for your space. It’s about how you’ll plan on setting it up (more information on this below). Start by determining where you’ll put your sofa. Then, determine the floor area; Now, you’ll be able to determine the size of your top choices to take into consideration.When you’re laying out the groundwork when you’re laying the foundation, be sure to look at a few points. “In general, you want to avoid ‘pinch points’ where the clearance space between the sofa and anything else–such as a wall or a cabinet–is less than 36 inches,” says Courtney Sempliner Interior designer and the founder of Courtney Sempliner Designs. “You should leave enough space to allow someone to pass comfortably. The only exception is your coffee table. It ought to be about 18 inches away from the couch seat.”

      Devin Shaffer the Director of Design at Decorilla provides several other suggestions on how to measure. “If you are looking to purchase an area sofa with a chaise, the chaise shouldn’t exceed the width of the space. Allow 2 feet of room around the sofa except if it’s set against the wall. It’s crucial to keep in mind that sectionals are great for partitioning rooms.”


    • Accent rugs don’t only provide comfort underfoot. They also can anchor to a room, but the correct layout and proportions are essential. “When placing a rug underneath the sectional sofa the size should be enough to unite and secure all accent pieces supporting it (accent chairs, coffee tables and side tables and more. ),” Harris says.The rug must be set about 12 inches back from the legs that are in front that make up the sectional. If you intend to put your furniture on top of a rug that is larger make sure that it forms an even border across each side, which is between 8 and 12 inches, as per the experts.
    • Think about the arrangement of your furniture as an “vignette” so that every piece is aligned with an identical goal (reading space, entertainment area or office space and so on.). In order to achieve this you’ll need an area rug that can serve as the frame of your scene. If you’re planning to place your sectional in the center of a room, put an identical-sized piece on the opposite side to provide an equilibrium. However make sure that the seating area is accessible from all sides.“Arranging a sectional in the center of the room leaves empty space around it, which may cause the center of the room to appear weighted down,” says Jessica Harris, Director of Product Design at Living Spaces Furniture. “Balance the space by putting an additional piece of furniture to the opposite part to the space. One great way to do this is to create a “moment” that could be a reading spot by using two chairs. Perhaps using the smaller settee or an extra chair could also help make the section less heavy. sectional.”

      Shaffer gives one more tip. “Floating furniture–the act of pulling your furniture away from the walls–is the ultimate layout hack,” Shaffer states. “It instantly changes the look of a room and creates walkways to help guide the flow of traffic. Sectionals are among the biggest furniture pieces in a space and, so it’s crucial to ensure that the seating area is secured by a rug, or perhaps a carpet that allows for the flow of guests and the various paths to other areas of the house.”

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