25 Best Kitchen Paint and Wall Colors

kitchen paint colors

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The kitchen is the heart of the house. This is where your family meets to cook dinner, the main place for entertainment, and recently might even be where you help your kids with their homework. Considering that this is a multi-functional, high traffic space, there is no reason why it should not stand out. One of the best ways to elevate your space is to use the right color scheme.

Whether you like classic neutrals or energetic, there is the perfect shade of paint for you. Click on 25 of our favorite kitchen paint colors to add style to your cooking space once and for all.

2 out of 25

Pale green

In this light-flooded kitchen, soft green serves as the perfect backdrop to the striking black cabinetry and window frames.

3 out of 25

Black and white

The ceiling, which designers often call the fifth wall, is often overlooked. This kitchen’s bold black ceiling proves it deserves attention.

4 out of 25

Shades of green

The kitchen is one of the best places to experiment with color weights, like this design’s trendy mint green and turquoise color scheme.

5 out of 25

Pastel blue

In this welcoming East Hampton cottage, a shiny blue kitchen ceiling makes one look up.

6 out of 25

Deep blue

Thanks to a rich shade of blue, an oversized cabinet becomes the main focal point of a white kitchen design scheme.

seven out of 25

Sage green

This kitchen, with pretty sage green cabinetry against white walls, is a lesson in juxtaposition.

8 out of 25


This soft Midwestern shade looks a lot of fun when incorporated into a patterned tile. Install the tile all the way up for a fun backsplash that just won’t stop.

ten out of 25

Hunter Green

Take inspiration from the Studio McGee design team: this on-trend shade gives any kitchen a fresh, modern look. Keep things bright by pairing color with a white backsplash and funky tiled floor.

11 out of 25

Sunny lacquer

This stylish material is available in many bright colors, is super durable, and can transform a traditional kitchen into a contemporary spectacle.

12 out of 25

Opposite shades

The colors facing each other on the color wheel (like blue and orange or yellow) quickly become friends in this cheerful kitchen.

13 out of 25

Dark plum

This dramatic purple is the color to watch, according to designer Francesco Bilotto. “You’ll see this tone emphasized everywhere from kitchen cabinets to fireplaces,” he says. We love the dramatic backsplash of this modern space.

14 out of 25

Neutral sandstone

Look for a new version of “greige” – aka gray and beige. “Sandstone is brighter and more modern than this neutral from our past and will pair incredibly well with some of the other trendy colors of the moment, such as shades of teal, dark blue and millennial pink,” says designer Jeffrey Phillip.

15 out of 25

Rustic green

A farmhouse kitchen in rural Connecticut has copied the greenery outside for a laid-back retreat. Skipping the block island instead of a warm wood table makes the room look a lot bigger.

16 out of 25

Poppy Mint

To get the retro look, look for old-school style devices (recreational or quirky) in pastel tones and keep everything else simple.

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17 out of 25

Light blue

Serenity may not be the color of the year anymore, but the cool hue perfectly showcases open white shelves and black counters. Zen status, achieved.

18 out of 25

Dark gray

It’s not just any neutral ho-hum. The owners of this little Brooklyn house pumped up the trendy choice with hints of rich brown.

19 out of 25

Red burgundy

Pair your Merlot with your cabinets for a kitchen that’s ready to have a good time. An emerald chair adds the finishing touch, without veering into Christmas color territory.

20 out of 25

Pink things

It doesn’t have to look like Barbie’s dream house. A darker magenta feels right at home in an adult space.

21 out of 25

Kelly green

What could have been a fairly traditional black and cream kitchen gets a welcome burst of brightness with a backsplash in a cheery shade called ‘kelp’.

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22 out of 25

Green country

Be bold and paint the cabinets in your favorite color. Here, a rustic treatment ensures that the green doesn’t overwhelm the space.

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23 out of 25

Bright yellow

If you prefer classic cabinetry and tiles, add a colorful element of surprise by painting the ceiling or adding a fun accessory like a tray. Here, a lemon yellow livens up a room with dramatic teal cabinetry.

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25 out of 25

Shiny blue

If you don’t want to cover your entire kitchen in a punchy hue, choose a neutral color for the lower cabinets and add a powerful punch with the tops.

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