25 Stylish Fall Mantel Decor Ideas

fall coat decorating ideas

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In the fall, you might be inclined to decorate with layers of texture, switch your home’s color palette from energetic hues to earth tones, and even create a cozy nook that’s perfect for lounging. Fall is a time to make the most of your time indoors, which means finding ways to make your home more comfortable and welcoming. Believe it or not, that doesn’t mean you have to blow your budget. One of the best places to start? Your living room coat.

Decorating the fall fireplace is all about getting creative, whether you choose to bring the outdoors in by incorporating foliage or stick with classic accessories like pumpkins and vibrant candles. Browse some of our favorite fall coat decor ideas that showcase the beauty of the season.

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Colorful Halloween Coat

Put vibrant pumpkins in pink and orange in full screen and finish the look with a playful black pennant banner.

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Artichoke decor

Artichoke artichoke decor can add a playful touch to your fall fireplace display. Choose a white design to brighten up your space.

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Rustic wood decor

Keep it simple with decorative wooden pieces that add texture to a neutral room.

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Nature inspired art

Embrace your love of nature by framing your favorite landscape print or painting for the season.

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Rustic antiques

Antiques with a yesteryear feel are always perfect for the fall season. Take inspiration from this well-organized fireplace, including a wall horse, and incorporate a unique vintage find into your decor.

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Squash, squash and chestnuts

Look no further than a mix of dried squash, squash and a garland of chestnuts to fill your living room with fall ambiance.

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Halloween scary frames

Guests will freak out at this Halloween fireplace setup, with skulls and witch graphics in striking black frames.

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Berry branches

Celebrate the onset of fall by filling a chic vase with orange fruit branches.

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Collected look

For a collectable feel, add interest to an all-white space with jars of greenery along with an assortment of decorative trays and containers.

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Spooky Halloween Display

Kids would be in awe of this spooky Halloween fireplace display, including hanging ghosts, haunted house lanterns, pumpkins, and dark branches.

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Foliage and candles

Upgrade your fireplace in an instant by pairing candles with branches and dried oranges.

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Leaning mirrors

Make it easier for natural light to bounce around the room by leaning a pair of mirrors against the wall.

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Halloween arrangement

Celebrate Halloween with a display of pumpkins in a range of sizes. Dress them up in appropriate Halloween words (“Boo” is a no-brainer) to have more impact.

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Elegant candle holders

You can never go wrong with chandeliers on a fireplace, an easy way to bring warmth to your space.

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Autumn colors

Top pieces of checked fabric with yellow foliage and charming pumpkins in various sizes.

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Fall flowers

Decorate your mantle with lush foliage and complement it with a flower arrangement in a rich hue like purple.

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Wheat stalks

Outfit your coat with affordable bouquets of wheat stalks, one of the most popular decorations for fall.

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Eucalyptus branches

Fill a colorful vase with simple eucalyptus branches for a sophisticated fall look.

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Lamps for symmetry

Practice the principle of symmetry by opting for a pair of metal lamps above your fireplace. It’s a great way to bring more light into your space, which is needed during the fall months.

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Fall garland

When it comes to fall, it always pays to bring the outdoors in. Dressing up your mantle in dried leaves and mini pumpkins is an easy way to do it.

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Multipurpose woods

Decorative woods are typically used to spruce up a dull wall, but they also work well over a mantle for a rustic vibe.

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Plants and wood

Let a pair of tall plants frame decorative small woods for a casual fall look.

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Rustic charm

Elevate a wood mantel with complementary accessories, like a vintage-inspired lantern, to add character to your space.

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