25 Summer Crafts That Keep Your Kids Busy (and Happy) All Summer Long

summer crafts

Club Crafted / Handmade Charlotte

You covered the patio with sidewalk chalk, made your own ice cream and played 50 games of cornhole in the backyard … and now what? One of the most difficult parts of the summer is finding ways to keep your kids active – and happy – without spending a fortune. You’re in luck: these summer crafts are easy enough for toddlers and kids, but still pretty enough for adults to display them all season. Think dye blankets, painted rock animals, mermaid-inspired hair accessories, and more fun crafts to keep them occupied at least in the afternoon. Some of these craft ideas are simple and straightforward for toddlers to tackle (paper plate animals, for example), while others require practical help from parents. Either way, they are a victory for everyone involved, especially because they don’t involve screens, sugar or anything sticky (except washable glue).


Scented rainbow bubbles


Ice cream cone keychain


Woven popsicle stick baskets

Tie craft sticks with layers of color-coordinated yarn to create versatile baskets for pencils, craft supplies and other small trinkets. Or stick a true or false plant (herbs work better!) Indoors for a touch of greenery.

Get the tutorial at Design Improvised »


Mod Podge water bottles


Sand art candles

Make the most of your child’s sand art kit by transforming basic white candles into these rainbow-inspired beauties. Talk about a return from the 90s.

Get the tutorial at Club Crafted »


Unicorn planter

The golden rule of this summer? If you can turn something into a unicorn, do it. Complete these Magic planters with succulents, so you don’t have to worry about regular maintenance.

Get the tutorial at Red Ted Art »


Ice cream cone garland


Fruit fans

The “I’m hot” complaints will end as soon as you create these fruity paper fans. Leave them scattered around your home, so everyone can cool off after the hot weather hits.

Get the tutorial at Girl and a Glue Gun »


Glitter Shell Frame

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