27 Striking Black and White Bedrooms

Few color palettes combine as easily as black and white. That’s not to say the suit is dull – far from it. In fact, a black and white room can be just as vibrant as a room full of color, especially when an abundance of texture and shape comes into play. As a bonus, black and white are remarkably serene when they are. are used together, making this opposites-attracting palette a natural choice for bedrooms.

The mood of a black and white bedroom depends on your style. Going for walls painted black can set an ultra-dramatic tone, while white walls paired with white bedding can dictate an airy feel. It’s also common to come across black-and-white rooms that take other classic colors into account, such as calming gray, silver, or beige. Complementary hues can accentuate the sophistication factor, giving an unexpected touch.

Those who consider a black and white bedroom overly worded might also consider using a dramatic statement piece, such as a high powered headboard or maximalist wallpaper to add vim. While such a risk might send a bedroom with a less refined palette into a spiral, a bedroom with a limited black-and-white palette can handle a remarkable item with aplomb.

If you want to create your own black and white bedroom, but need a little inspiration to get started, we have put together a great collection of black and white retreats. Whether you are looking to create a glamorous sanctuary or a dreamy escape, these black and white bedroom ideas are sure to inspire you endlessly.

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