27 Stunning White Kitchen Cabinets

white kitchen cabinets

Francois Gagné

Cabinets painted in exuberant hues may be all the rage right now, but the popularity of white kitchen cabinets continues. Whether it’s Shaker-style white cabinetry paired with classic white subway tiles or white lacquered handleless cabinetry paired with sleek white quartz countertops, white cabinets have won over legions of homeowners and designers. .

White cabinetry has played a particularly prominent role in the signature “pallet cleaner” kitchen of the past decade. Defined by pigment-free countertops, backsplashes, and cabinetry, white-on-white kitchens are loved by homeowners who dream of white sofas and white rugs, but not necessarily the crisp families needed to make them practical. They are also heralded by designers seeking to create tranquil kitchens that counteract the hectic and stimuli-rich lifestyles of their customers. Whatever your personal style inclinations, white-on-white kitchens – and by association, white cabinetry – are a sure-fire way to achieve sophistication in a space.

Increasingly, however, designers and DIY enthusiasts are pulling white cabinets out of their colorless comfort zone. Rather than pairing them with achromatic finishes, they accentuate white cabinetry with dark butcher block counters, tropical-colored appliances, and armored kitchen islands in cabinet doors painted in high contrast hues. While it’s true that white cabinets attract less attention than colored cabinets, opting for white cabinets doesn’t necessarily mean a stark or boring kitchen, by far. To show you exactly how white kitchen cabinets can invigorate a room, we’ve rounded up 27 stunning kitchens that make white cabinetry look perfect.

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Orange crush

For a bespoke kitchen that exudes sophistication, designer Matthew Quinn incorporated touches of Hermès orange, including a custom gas range in the taste-makers coveted hue.


Black and white

Black and white kitchen cabinets echo the black and white tiling of this striking kitchen designed by Chicago-based company KitchenLab Interiors.


Something blue

A cornflower-coated kitchen island offsets the bright white cabinetry set around the perimeter of this Mill Valley, Calif., Kitchen designed by Elena Calabrese Design & Decor.


White stuff

White cabinetry provides a neutral backdrop for an eclectic range of decor in this breathtaking kitchen and dining area designed by designer Chauncey Boothby.


Graphic material

White Shaker cabinets are the perfect accomplice for an adventurous geometric backsplash in this elegantly modern kitchen designed by New Orleans designer Maureen Stevens.


Black and white and chic everywhere

Rebel House Interior Design gives a neoteric touch to a classic black and white kitchen with a full height quartzite backsplash, a spectacular waterfall island and white flat front cabinetry.


In the woods

White cabinetry paired with a multitude of dark wood tones make this Lake Forest Showhouse kitchen by M + M Interior Design an enchanting getaway.


Teal Thunder

Designer Brian Watford paired white cabinetry with a teal island and Norman Cherner bar stools for a dreamy take on a classic, modern kitchen.


Bronze ambition

Showing how copper and white can be an equally chic combo as black and white, New York designer Allison Garcy chose to pair a bronze backsplash with white kitchen cabinets without handles in this alluring kitchen. sepia toned.


Victorian Beauty

For a small kitchen in a historic Victorian home, San Francisco-based company K Interiors installed white cabinetry with a miter detail that echoes the cornices of the home’s built-in arch.


Gray expectations

An exuberant vintage rug lends gravity to the two-tone gray and white cabinetry in this refined yet daring kitchen designed by San Francisco-based company Chroma.


New condition

Designer Chauncey Boothby paired white cabinetry with mint green painted twin islands, hanging pendants, marble counters, and rattan counter stools to create a fresh, bubbling kitchen.


Eclectic soul

To imbue a rustic kitchen with a modern soul, KitchenLab Interiors opted for classic white Shaker cabinets as the upper and flat panel cabinets, limed wood cabinets as the lower cabinets.


When in Chrome

To make industrial appliances infinitely more luxurious, designer Matthew Quinn chose to pair them with a striking marble backsplash and white and chrome lacquered cabinets.


Sail away

To enhance the coastal vibe of this airy kitchen, designer Lisa Tharp topped flat-front white cabinetry in bespoke countertops made from refurbished sailboat decks.


White beanie

This fade-worthy kitchen designed by Diane Burgoyne Interiors features white cabinetry as part of a crisp blue and white palette.


Rustic finishes

White cabinets fitted with black handles are the perfect complement to the worn finishes in this kitchen designed by Sean Anderson Design.


Whimsical in white

An underlying grid pattern set in motion by a square tile backsplash, square lantern-style pendants, and simple white cabinetry make the animal-footed counter stools in this kitchen designed by Chandos Interiors feel surprisingly adventurous.


Go wild

For a farmhouse kitchen, designer Patrick Ahearn complemented the white cabinetry with an accent wall clad in New England fieldstone and a pocket-style barn door.


Beauty of pearl planks

To showcase a predominantly black and white kitchen, designer Allison Garcy opted for white cabinets with paneled facades and adorned with chrome bin handles.


Large White

Elements from several eras, including leaded glass cabinet door fronts, Jean Prouve dining chairs, and contemporary brass dome pendants, blend seamlessly together thanks to the neutral backdrop provided. by the classic white cabinets in this kitchen designed by 2to5 Design.


Clean slate

A surplus of white, including white kitchen cabinets, makes this open concept space by Ayromloo Design a natural canvas for pops of bright color.


Let there be white

White cabinetry makes this cove-shaped kitchen designed by designer Paul Corrie feel much larger, while dated accents lend a touch of historic charm.


Classic black and white

Opposite sides of the spectrum collide in this beyond chic kitchen designed by designer Beth Webb.


Industrial beach chic

White cabinetry provides a classic backdrop for a rich interplay of beach and industrial accents in this striking kitchen designed by New York-based designer Jenny Wolf.

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