28 Products to Channel Practical Magic in Your Home

“There’s a little witch in all of us,” says Aunt Jet (Dianne Wiest) in the popular 1998 romantic comedy “Practical Magic.” The movie centers on a pair of sisters who grew up in their aunts’ spectacular seaside home, with magic just part of their upbringing. The home’s decor aligns perfectly with the current home trend of “cottagecore,” and people cannot get enough! If you want to sprinkle a little magic around your rooms, check out some of these products that mimic the look.

Tree of Life spell book


Keep track of all your family’s magical secrets in this leather-bound, blank journal embossed with a representation of the tree of life. It’s also perfect for taking notes, doodling, or recording daily events. This book is 7 inches wide and 10 inches tall with 240 pages waiting for your special incantations.

Porcelain jar


Even witches need a place to stash a few snacks, or maybe some eye of newt. This white jar sports a historical style and fits in perfectly with just about any period decor. Add a few to a counter or kitchen island to add a homey feel.

Picture frame


This wooden picture frame has a distressed bronze finish and a raised ornate design that evokes a vintage vibe. It makes the perfect heirloom-quality frame to hold family portraits or favorite scenes. Add a few of these pieces along a staircase wall to create a personal gallery similar to the aunts’ collection in the movie.

Schoolhouse pendant light

Home Depot

The vintage globe shape for this statement hanging light teaches a lesson in nostalgic charm. Re-create the lighting look from above the “Practical Magic” kitchen island with two or three of these perfect pendants.

wall clock


Tick-tock, tick-tock, every witchy kitchen needs a vintage clock. This battery-powered timepiece features a rustic brown ring and weathered-look background with Roman numerals. The 20-inch-wide analog clock keeps (silent) perfect time in any time period.

Spectrum Diversified Wood Hook Rack

Courtesy of Amazon

Seven-peg greige rack mounts to the wall and gives you a place to hang your coat and hat or herbs to dry for all your favorite spells. The shape of the pegs on the rack keeps whatever you are hanging up firmly in place.

Lavender bundles


Lavender has long been associated with love (love potions, maybe?). Hang a few bundles of natural dried lavender in the house like the Owens sisters did, and you will always have this magic herb at hand. Plus, it can also be aesthetic home decor.

Fake garlic strands


Speaking of fragrant ingredients—garlic is potent in many ways, including as a decorative kitchen item. However, the pungent of this bulb might be a little much for your space. Enter this realistic-looking foam and plastic two-pack for all of the styles with none of the smell.

Chunky knit throw


Chenille practically screams “cozy,” and this large throw blanket is no different. Keep one or more draped over the couch or a chair for a lived-in look that can go from ornamental to snug when the temperatures drop. Choose from eight colors.

Pillow cases with tassels


Pop any 19” x 19” or 23” x 23” form inside one of these jacquard covers and instantly create a throwback throw pillow. The pillowcases come in two sizes and a bevy of colors to mix and match, and create your own magical cottagecore look in the living room or the bedroom.

Lace curtains


Adorn your windows with a look that is both feminine and fancy. Drape these draperies in any room where you want a softer look. These curtains come in white, ivory, and black—they’re available in a wide variety of sizes to fit any casement with care.

Rolling cart


A butcher block kitchen island is at the center of the heart of the Owens home, a place where family secrets are handed down and all sorts of interesting things are created. This cart can move wherever you need it—it comes in espresso, black, white, and wirebrush dark gray.

Bar stool

Home Depot

A kitchen island calls for a place to take a seat. These rush-topped rustic stools come in both counter and bar heights—they’re the perfect blend of contemporary and classic.

Acacia bowl


Corral your fruit or summon a salad with this beautiful wooden bowl that mirrors the one used by Gilly, Sally, Jet, and Frances. It is generously sized at 12 inches in diameter and 4.5 inches in height. Keep in mind that it’s hand wash only.

Ceramic pitcher


Ceramic farmhouse-style pitcher pours the perfect measure of vintage country style into your kitchen’s decor.

Glass bowls


Scalloped-edge bowls serve up cereal, soup, salad, and whatever else your heart desires—all with a nod to nostalgia. Fill your china hutch with dishes like the ones grandma used to bring your transformational style to the everyday. The 21-ounce bowls come in a set of two.

Gotham Steel Copper Pots and Pans


Well-loved copper pots dot the stove burners and kitchen walls of the witches’  home and for good reason. Copper heats quickly and evenly. This 12-piece set comes with two sizes of fry pans, 2 covered saucepans, a covered stockpot, a steamer, and a silicone spatula/spoon. All the pans have a stainless steel base to keep them from warping.

Copper tea kettle


Every witch needs their brew. This copper Old Dutch tea kettle holds 2.5 quarts and gets the job done in style. The copper makes for an efficient transfer of heat and gets water boiling faster. This kettle is linked with nickel plating, which makes cleaning easy—you can use this brass-handled kettle on either a gas or electric stove.

Tiffany light


Metal and glass meld in an illuminating work of art with this Tiffany-style hanging LED light. Like the one that shines in the Owens’ indoor greenhouse—this light makes a statement that demands attention.

Botanical wallpaper


A “Practical Magic” aesthetic brings the outdoors in, literally in the case of the greenhouse and figuratively with wallpaper and wall prints inspired by nature. This peel-and-stick wallpaper adds flowers, birds, and butterflies to any room for organic ornamentation that can be changed out on a whim. Choose from a beige or white background and in any size package that best fits your wall space.

black mortar and pestle


It almost goes without saying that cultivating a witchy vibe requires certain equipment, like a mortar and pestle for grinding spell ingredients into a powder. This set is a close match to the one that the Owens use for their spells and incantations in the movie. Plus, it can also be used as regular Halloween decor.

Gold candle holders


Candles create a mood no matter what type of decor you are going for and candles need a place to rest. Group this variable-height set of 10 candleholders together to make a bold statement or set them around the room for an entirely different mood.

Glass cloche jar


Use this glass bell to protect a plant or cover up a pile of freshly baked cookies. The dramatic shape adds interest to your countertop or table, providing decoration as well as having practical uses.

Trinket box


Sure, technically this is a bento box, meant to tote a lunch or other meal from home to work or school. However, it makes a beautiful wood trinket box, too. A perfect place to hide your little treasures.

Wooden candlesticks


Remember how we said candles create ambiance? If gold isn’t your thing or if you want to spread even more tapers around your space, try this gorgeous set of distressed wooden candlesticks for contrast or to add warmth to a room.

glass candle holders

West Elm

One more option for candle lovers! These glass candle holders are simple yet elegant and reflect the light from the flame of the tapers they hold.

Glass bottles


This six-pack of ornate glass bottles will look like they hold a witch’s secret potions when filled with different colored liquids and lined up on a shelf.

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