3 High-Quality Laminate Countertops

3 High-Quality Laminate Countertops

Laminate Countertops are the most stylish options in the present market. These are an attractive and affordable option that people love to use to make their kitchen attractive.

Do you know, back in the old times, laminate countertops have another impression? Back then, having laminate countertops meant that we’re having a cheap and ugly countertop. However, at those times, they might look in that way.

Those times are changed; in the present market, laminate countertops are attractive to look and affordable to install for any kitchen. You can choose laminate countertops from a wide range of styles, patterns, finishes, so people love to install laminate countertops. 

Laminate Countertops

Not only for its style, but people also pick these laminate counterparts because they offer low-maintenance and highly durable. The other main attraction is that it’s easy to clean with mild soap and water and water resistance. So, who doesn’t like to choose these beautiful laminate countertops options for their kitchens?

The high-quality & Most luxury laminate counterparts fall into the category of HPLs (high-pressure laminates). These are the new version laminates that are descendants of original plastic laminates, and these are having excellent properties such as high resistance to fire, chemicals, and water.

As you are searching for 3 High-Quality Laminate Countertops, let’s look into them in this particular post.

3 High-Quality laminate countertops

I have listed these three options based on different factors like style, variants, high quality, and more. 

Wilsonart High Definition Laminates

 Wilsonart is one of the famous brands in laminate countertops. This brand always produces HD products with lots of benefits. If you are striving to get a tremendous visual appeal for your kitchen? Then Wilsonart HD laminates can make it happen. You can find out hundreds of HD variants in Wilsonart with lots of patterns. Wilsonart has five times the wearability of standard laminates so that it can be trusted. 

The best part about this Wilsonart HD Laminate Countertops is its Anti-Microbial Protection. To choose these products, you have to look for Wilsonart products or “AEON Technology.” This brand HD line includes 36 different options in a wide range of Stone and wood patterns. With distinctive design patterns of 60 inches, it is reasonably easy to create countertops with minimal wood and stone.

Formica 180fx

Formica is another popular and most recognizable brand in laminate countertops. This exclusive brand has shaken off its competitors with its brand new 180fx series counters. 

In these counterparts, there are 32 different design patterns. These patterns include large images of real, natural stone mainly because of the demand. Along with that, it has woodgrain walnut patterns as well. These allow full countertops to look classy and trendy. If you are striving to get the best laminates, opt for this brand.

Pionite HPL (High-Pressure Laminate)

Pionite is an exclusive brand for high-pressure laminate counterparts. It’s a brand from Panolam Surface Systems, the parent company of “Nevamar” – the giant names in laminates.

This laminate performs well in all commercial applications and residential applications because of its features. In general, this brand does offer natural solid colours and other wood grain type elements. Apart from that, it even provides an enticing abstracts series that mimics natural stone patterns.

Get all kinds of patterns, colours, variety of finishes varying from textured matt to shiny glosses you will get all of them in this brand. With all these aspects, you can call this brand the most excellent brand for luxury laminate counterparts. 

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