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Tool: Precision router table configuration bars

Producer: Kreg

MSRP: $ 69.99

Accurate instrument setup it’s half the battle to do a good job. Kreg’s precision router table configuration bars make the battle a little easier. This kit includes seven bars in 1/16 “increments from 1/8” to 1/2 “. They are precision milled: I checked the end tabs with a micrometer and they were within .001”.

These bars are made of aluminum, so they are not affected by humidity or humidity changes. And because the aluminum is soft, they won’t damage the router tips.

Although they are called router table configuration bars, you will find uses far beyond the router table. Kreg guys obviously thought about these guys, because you can use them to measure height, depth and width. You have to love an instrument other than a pony with just one trick.

However, I have a short wish list that would make these bars even more useful.

First, I wish the corners were square, especially on the depth gauge tabs. Note in the middle photo that the bar needs to be angled to make the tab fall completely into the nut, which is 3/4 “wide, a common width. The angled tab makes the depth more difficult to measure. But if the bar were placed straight, the corners rounded of the tab would cause inaccurate reading.

Second, I would like the bars to be completely flat, so that I can stack them to measure in perfect 1/4 “increments. That’s not possible with these bars – when stacked, the lights show each other.

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