3 reasons why you should put your Amazon Echo in your bedroom


Place Amazon Echo on your bedside table.

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Your Amazon Echo generally lives in the kitchen or the living room. You use it to turn on your TV, play music and call or message friends hands-free. But there are also several benefits to placing it in your bedroom, and the best part is anyone with an Echo speaker can enjoy these features.

For example, it can help put you to sleep with rain sounds or by watching a movie on your Echo Show. Also, it’s great for reminders when you don’t have paper and pen on hand.

If you’re concerned about Alexa privacy, you can always turn off the microphone on your Echo device, or the camera if you have an Echo Show. Here are the best uses for an Echo speaker in your bedroom.

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Alexa can help you fall asleep

If you have trouble falling asleep at night, you can use your Echo speaker to play rain sounds or gentle music until you fall asleep. You can set a timer so that it turns off after a few hours of playing. You can also follow along with a guided meditation that can help ease the day’s stresses.

Or if you prefer to watch movies until you fall asleep, you can place your Echo Show on your bedside table.

Listen to music while getting ready

Music can help wake you up and get you ready to take on the day. So if you usually get ready in your bedroom, having an Alexa device in the room with you so you can sing along. Here are a few music tricks to try out.

If you’re more of a wake up to the news type of person, you can also request to hear the daily briefing from your favorite news station.

Setting alarms and reminders

Rather than using an alarm clock or your phone for setting alarms, use your Amazon Echo speaker to wake you up. You can wake up to your favorite song each morning. Just say “Alexa, set an alarm for 7 a.m. to [song].”

Plus, if you set an alarm on your Echo device and mute the speaker, you can’t tell Alexa to turn it off. Instead, you’ll have to physically turn it off, which will make you more likely to get out of bed on time. 

Also, if you remember you need to do something as soon as you get up, you can ask Alexa to remind you at a specified time. For example, Alexa, remind me to pick up my grocery order at 11 a.m.”

For more ideas, here are the best places in your house to put Amazon Echo, as well as the worst areas. Also, here are 10 Alexa features to try with your Echo device.

3 reasons why you should put your Amazon Echo in your bedroom

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