30 Chic Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Minimalism is one of those design styles that quickly becomes confusing. Often mixed with modernism per se, it’s actually much more than that: a minimalist space can be sleek and contemporary or even entirely traditional, in the hands of the right designer. What matters most is how the furniture in the space is used – sparingly, very intentionally and with a full emphasis on how the pieces interact with each other.

Minimalism also doesn’t have to be austere and colorless or cold and dark – on the contrary, minimalist spaces can use a variety of colors, from bright whites to bold blacks, to make the perfect design statement. As you will see in the images below, these rooms can span the gamut from light and airy Hamptons beach houses to sky-high penthouses and cozy cottage-style apartments.

The bedrooms are perhaps the most difficult room to rationalize, as they are the most personal and intimate space in the house. These are often rooms that can get cluttered with knick-knacks and tchotchkes (not to mention actual clothing), but with the guidance of a creative design professional, minimalist bedrooms can be the centerpiece of any home.

To get a better idea of ​​style and how minimalist bedrooms can work for many types of homes, we’ve looked at some of our favorite spaces from top designers. See how they’ve made the style work in a wide variety of client homes, and embrace the aesthetic the next time you’re in the mood for a makeover.

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