30 Dreamy White Bedroom Ideas

white bedroom ideas

Jacqueline Brand

Peaceful, serene, cathartic, there is no shortage of adjectives to describe a white room. Designers aiming to create restorative and rejuvenating bedrooms are no strangers to forgoing color in favor of a palette of white. When applied correctly, white and its many components – see: ivory, cream, ecru – are just as expressive as their more colorful counterparts. While some like white on white, others love to pair white with high contrast hues like black or blue. Yet others prefer to pair it with whispers of color to create a dreamy retreat that’s as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the soul.

Part of the beauty of white lies in its different tones which can evoke a multitude of atmospheres. Cream and almond shades (all white with a yellow undertone, really) are ideal for infusing bedrooms with a cozy, sunny feel. On the other end of the spectrum, whites backed by blue or green are cool and calming, making them ideal for enveloping a room in a billowy, vaguely coastal aura. For a wintery hue that strikes the right balance between warm and cold, go for a bold white – some even like to call it “decorator white” to show how perfect it is. Bright, pigment-free white is just the shade to cocoon a room in a cloudy feel. Mix it with texture to really bring it to life.

If you’ve been considering a white bedroom but need a little inspiration to get started, we’ve rounded up a set of beautiful white bedrooms to see. Scroll on to see why when it comes to bedrooms, designers enthusiastically stick to white.

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Clean slate

Black accents, including black and white photography, bring sharpness to this predominantly white lakefront bedroom designed by Andrew Brown Interiors.


Air Escape

A four-poster bed dressed in all white, paired with white walls and white curtains, makes an irresistible combination in this bedroom designed by Sherry Shirah Designs.


A touch of color

A monochrome palette is energized by a strategic touch of pink in this beautiful Hamptons bedroom designed by the firm Pappas Miron.


Hive Hour

White provides the perfect backdrop for a rich play of textures, including a dramatic gathered bed, as shown in this stunning bedroom made by the firm DJDS.


Appease the operator

White bedding, white carpets, a vaulted ceiling painted white take center stage in this heavenly retreat created by Michael Del Piero Good Design.


Dream Cream

To pump the drama into this serene cream-colored bedroom, designer Amanda Barnes incorporates dark and contrasting color interludes.


Tide & True

Custom hand-dyed curtains with an aquatic print and oversized beach photograph take center stage in this airy beach-inspired bedroom designed by Daun Curry.


Winter wonderland

A dramatic crystal chandelier is the perfect complement to an assemblage of white hues in this pampering bedroom designed by Denise McGaha Interiors.


Texture background

An all-white palette lets texture take center stage in this calming bedroom designed by K Interiors.


Pieces of blue

Shades of white, cream and blue make suitable bed companions in this transportable space created by the Pappas Miron design cabinet.


In the woods

A white decor associated with a multitude of gray wood makes this bedroom designed by the firm Michael Del Piero Good Design an enchanted escape.


Bright, white and airy

To make a white bedroom in a Napa Valley home even brighter, designer Benjamin Dhong installed a wall of mirrors to accentuate natural light.


A touch of gold

Gold and ocher colored accents make a striking statement in this bedroom designed by Sherry Shirah Designs.


Pretty bright things

To add personality to an all-white bedroom, New York-based company Pappas Miron incorporated a range of colorful accents, including ripe pop art, an opaline Murano lamp, and a vibrant pillow.


Canvas cleaner

For a bedroom in a Lake Tahoe home, designer Lauren Nelson opted for a romantic all-white bedroom that would showcase the lake side views.


Ivory power

High powered pops of color make this ivory bedroom designed by Ayromloo Design as alluring as it gets.


Connect the spots

A fascinating wallpaper with a dramatic inkblot pattern in shades of ivory and white creates a Zen vibe in this restorative bedroom designed by Redmond Aldrich Design.


Cloud 9

The Chris Barrett Design firm knows that few things compare to the serenity of all-white bedding – make this all-white bedding on a romantic canopy bed.


Large White

To highlight a one-of-a-kind platform bed, designer Stefani Stein cleverly opted for an all-white frame.


In the chamois

Camel colored accents lend an incredible chic factor to this modern-inspired organic bedroom designed by Summer Thornton Design Inc.


No place like Chrome

Designer Daun Curry pairs white walls and a white Murano petal chandelier with a chrome four-poster bed for a stunning effect in this East Hampton room.


Summer whites

It’s always a good day for white bedding, as designer Katie White shows in this soothing gray and white retreat.


In clumps we trust

A rich mix of white and cream, including an ivory tufted bed, makes this Stefani Stein, Inc. bedroom a restful sanctuary.


Everything is calm, everything is white

For a room with French windows opening onto a garden with an enchanted atmosphere, designer Young Huh opts for an elegant all-white room that makes the exterior view the star.

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