33 Sophisticated Gray Kitchen Ideas

It’s official: Gray is here to stay. After several seasons of introducing furniture in all shades of gray, we are seeing more and more neat neutral shades throughout the home. And yes… this also applies to the kitchen.

Everything from counter surfaces to bar stools to tiles is presented in different shades of gray, from light heather to dark, rich and almost black charcoal hues. There are still shiny all-white kitchens – especially if you like that Miami penthouse look – but gray kitchens are one of our favorite current trends.

And if you’re looking to introduce a splash of color into your spaces, a gray kitchen is a great base for the look. Select minimalist gray pieces and juxtapose them with items in bright or lighter colors to let them really shine. You can even use gray as a background for a bold flash of neon, as you’ll see in our Gray Kitchens gallery.

These spaces can span the gamut from stately and traditional apartments to ultra-modern and stylish city apartments. Think shiny gray cabinetry for a contemporary home or lightly painted wood cabinetry for a more country-inspired space. A gray kitchen offers a canvas of creativity, whatever your personal style. Better yet, gray tones can highlight the materials you’re working with, much more visibly than a shade of white or black. If you choose rough cut gray granite or some other type of gray stone for your countertops, you will be able to see the richness of the materials much more visibly than with neutrals at either end of the color scale.

Browse a few of our favorite gray kitchens below and get inspired by top designers for the next time you decide to redo this essential space.

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