35 Best Fall Home Decorating Ideas 2020

veranda with crowns, ladder and planter with basket of bushels


Picking apples, foliage, and hay is fun and all, but sometimes the best part of fall is just warming up in the big interiors. This is where these fall decorations come in. When finished, you will give your porch, living room, bedroom or any other space in your home a taste of fall with pumpkins, plaids, blankets thicker and more seasonal staples. Some of these ideas require your DIY skills (no matter the novice level), while others simply provide inspiration for an autumn makeover (think: swap bright summer flowers for floral arrangements. autumn in shades of orange, burgundy and yellow). Even if you’re on a tight budget, there are affordable ways to showcase everything the season has to offer, whether it’s flowers freshly picked from your garden or soaked conical candles made from materials you already have at home. In the end, you will be amazed at how even the simplest decoration of the house, such as crowns, cushions and dining centerpieces, can turn your space into a comfortable fall retreat you have always dreamed of.

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DIY a centerpiece of wheat

Tie a colorful string around the packages of dried wheat and place them in glass bells for a high centerpiece. Then, once winter has arrived, you can replace the wheat with pine needles, red berries or pine cones.


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Make the outdoors more comfortable

Just because temperatures have plummeted doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the cool fall air. Just add string lights, plush blankets, plush cushions and lanterns to spruce up your space.

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Show mini pumpkins

Combine string lights with mini pumpkins in a shallow rustic dish for an instant (and really easy) centerpiece.

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Dress up a plaid table

Take out all the plaids you can find – the more fabrics and tones, the better – for a well-dressed table. To mimic this eye-catching look, layer a trio of checkered table runners for a dose of color and stripes.


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Display a pumpkin centerpiece

Any reason to get fresh flowers is good. Let the flowers shine in a vase turned into a gourd – you can even nail it with golden thumbtacks for extra shine.

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Throw a glow with Dip Dye candles

Trade plain tapered candles for these dip dye creations. Personalize yours by dipping the candles in a mixture of pencil shavings (any color will do!) And melted candle wax. Let them dry completely before lighting.

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Decorate with corn husks

Celebrate the start of the harvest season by going deep on corn husks. Dress the door with a garland and a wreath, made of multi-colored corn husks and ears of corn – all wrong, of course.


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Turn apples into candle holders

Fill your home with autumn images and fragrances by transforming fresh apples into candle holders. Simply, concentrate some of the best choices from your premium and stick a conical candle inside.


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Stack on large meshes

After the summer heat, you will be so ready to bring the big blankets. Mix your favorite flannel pajamas for optimal comfort.

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Place flowers in vintage boxes

To really bring out your fall flowers, place them in antique spices and baking pans. It’s a warmer aspect – not to mention, warmer – than a standard glass or ceramic vase.

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Light up your porch

Fall is not necessarily reserved for rich colors and bold prints. This porch leans heavily on neutrals and sweet treasures to make an easy transition from one season to another.

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Let the pears become place cards

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Mix apples and tiles

If you can’t choose a fall item, why not find a way to showcase everything you love in the season? In this case, combine the checkered table linen with an artificial apple centerpiece.

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Decorate your veranda

Put the guests in the right frame of mind before you even enter your home with lanterns, pumpkins and comfortable blankets thrown on your porch chairs.

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Opt for an unconventional table decoration

Instead of covering your table with a tablecloth, scatter hand cut leaves everywhere. If you make them out of cork or some other solid material, they also serve as a trivet to protect your table from any spill or hot plate.

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Filter in Moody colors

Add fall-inspired accent colors – dark reds, deep greens and gold splashes – to your table setting. Here, gold candle holders and burgundy conical candles set the tone.

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Diaper mat

A vibrant carpet brings depth to your kitchen at any time of the year; one that includes colors like dark pink and navy will bring a ready feeling in the fall.

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Add a little plaid

If there is a more perfect fall model, we don’t know. Whether on a cushion, blanket or lampshade, Scottish accents instantly make your space warm and comfortable.


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Put a garland of leaves on your coat

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Hang a floating mobile

Do not let all the leaves fly away. To make, wrap twine or ribbon around an 18 “embroidery hoop and secure the ends with hot glue. Tie eight waxed cords 3 feet long around the hoop, tying pine cones to the end of the chains to keep them pressed in. Tie the chain around each leaf rod, randomly spaced. Finally, attach the hoop to a ceiling hook using string.

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Light up your front door

Use a few packs of preserved dried oak leaves to make a seasonal wreath. Hang it on a thick yellow, red or orange ribbon to bring out the natural hues of the leaves.

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Put “Fireflies” in Mason jars

The LED lights evoke memories of how you could have spent the last hot summer nights when you were a child – except that you no longer have to run around the yard to catch insects.

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Decorate a blackboard

Welcome guests – and the new season – with this customizable DIY. Wrap a blackboard framed with leaves and red berries to make it clear that you’re here to celebrate fall.

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Create a book banner

We are sure you can spare an old book for this easy DIY. Cut a handful of pages into flags and attach a variety of sheets for a splash of color against black text.

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