5 Best Online Interior Design Services

5 Best Online Interior Design Services


Whether you are moving to a new house or just need to spruce up a room, the help of an interior designer can help you create the perfect space for the picture. The problem: it takes time and can cost you thousands of dollars (in addition to everything you need to buy), so it’s not ideal for most people. Fortunately, online interior design services exist, so you can practically work with a designer. a lot lower cost.

The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab and editor-in-chief researched a variety of online interior design services and compared features and offerings. We tried some of them ourselves and interviewed the users of our panel of consumer testers for in-depth comments on their experiences. The choices to come are the top rated services from our panel, the ones we have used ourselves and loved, or other popular options with great value and unique offers.

Here are the best online interior design services to virtually decorate your home:

Best overall online interior design service: Havenly
Best V
alue Online interior design service: Spacejoy
Best online 3D interior design service: Modsy
Best Practical Online Interior Design Service: RoomLift
Best Free Online Interior Design Service: Pottery barn

How online interior design services work

Most online interior design services work in a similar fashion: you answer questions such as your budget and style preferences, and then an interior designer creates a virtual room with furniture and decor that you can buy. Beyond that, services vary depending on how closely you work with the designer, product offerings, technical features and prices. With most sites, you can decorate any room in your home, from your living room, dining room and bedroom to more unique spaces like home offices, nurseries and entryways. They are all ideal for starting from scratch or simply updating your space.

One thing to keep in mind: some online interior design services allow you to buy products directly through them. This can be handy if you buy many items from a variety of retailers, but you can certainly also buy products on your own. Some users in our panel found the process of ordering, configuring deliveries, and managing returns through the design service to be a bigger headache than buying directly from stores and retail websites. .

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Best overall online interior design service: Havenly


Havenly wins our first place because it is an affordable way to work directly with a designer and our panel has unanimously had great experiences using Havenly. Whether it’s the bedroom, the living room or the dining room, users told us that the interface was easy to use and worth the cost. They also said that the designers were professional and understood their style.

How it works: You fill out a series of questions ranging from your style preferences, your budget and all the pieces you want to fit. Havenly then recommends designers for your project, but you choose the designer you work with based on their portfolios (which was a huge plus for our panel!).

Then, you choose your package: Mini for $ 79 or Full for $ 129. The main difference is that the full package gives you layout visualizations and floor plans, and it is recommended for complete makeovers or if you are starting from scratch (as opposed to an update).

Your designer will communicate with you throughout the process, which could take days or weeks depending on the depth of your requests and the availability of the designer (of which you are informed before the start of the project). Communication is surprisingly practical here; there is even instant messaging directly on the site for easy chat access.

Initially, you receive design ideas to give feedback, then the designer sends a final concept and layout with items that can be purchased. If you don’t like it, Havenly says you can have multiple revisions until it’s perfect.


Online interior design service at the best price: Spacejoy

If you’re looking to spend as little as possible, Spacejoy plans start at just $ 49. But don’t be fooled by the price; you always get 1: 1 access to a designer and 3D renderings of your concept. And while some of the other online interior design services work better on a computer, it is designed as an application for iPhone and iPad.

It’s a newer service, so our panel had no experience with it, but the company says it will reimburse you if you don’t like it during the process.

How it works: After letting them know what you’re looking for, a designer creates a concept with products you can buy. You also get a 3D view of the room and can even move products in space.

There are three different packages: Delight ($ 49), Bliss ($ 99) and Euphoria ($ 149). With the $ 49 package, you get a design concept with two designer revisions, plus five 3D models of your existing furniture. It can take up to 12 days to get your design done with this package.

The more expensive packages include two design concepts with unlimited revisions, additional 3D furniture models, and faster turnaround times. They also come with window treatments and paint recommendations, and for the most expensive package, you can work on revisions with the designer in real time.


Best online 3D interior design service: Modsy


This technologically advanced option is ideal if you are looking to play with the layouts yourself. It gives you a realistic floor plan and you can swap items for yourself to see what works. Compared to Havenly, there is not as much direct communication with your designer and our panel did not think that the designs also matched their styles. We found their 3D renderings impressive.

How it works: You complete the style quiz, take action and upload photos to the site. Modsy’s designers then create two layouts, including floor plans and 3D renderings with purchasable products. You usually get the layouts within eight days and you can ask your designer to make changes from there. You can also make changes yourself based on products available from different brands.

Modsy’s packages include Classic ($ 89), Premium ($ 159) and Luxe ($ 499), the main difference being the designer’s experience. The Classic package allows two sets of designer updates, but with the Premium and Luxe packages, you get unlimited updates.

The Luxe package also includes wall painting and window treatment recommendations, and you can use it for up to eight pieces. You can also opt for the Multi-Room package, which gives you two Premium-level rooms for $ 259.


Best Practical Interior Design Service: RoomLift


The RoomLift process is less computerized for people who like to see things in person when they design their spaces. It’s more expensive than others, but it also seems more personal (that is, less automated), with a small team instead of a large network of designers.

How it works: First, you answer questions about yourself and what you are looking for. Unlike most of the others that look more like a quiz (that is, you select options from several choices), this one has open-ended questions to write. You also send dimensions and several photos of your space.

The price depends on the number of rooms you wish to receive. A room starts at $ 695 and includes a custom box sent to you with two design options, which you will receive in about two to three weeks. You receive a floor plan, paint or wallpaper samples and suggested items to buy. You also participate in a 15-minute call to discuss your creations.

All interesting items can be purchased directly from the retailer. This may seem like more work, but it is often easier to remove the middleman when planning the necessary deliveries and returns. It also means that recommendations are not based on a commission.


Best Free Online Interior Design Service: Pottery Barn


Pottery Barn Offers personalized design services that will help you create your space at no cost. You will only receive product recommendations from the company, but that includes sister brands like Pottery Barn Kids and Teen, West Elm, Williams Sonoma, Mark & ​​Graham and Rejuvenation.

How it works: Instead of submitting surveys, you set up an appointment to speak directly with a design consultant. Normally, you have a consultation with a designer in your local store or in your home, but the business is currently offers virtual design services.

After discussing what you are looking for, the designer creates a floor plan with product suggestions. You have access to its Room Planner technology, which has realistic images of furniture and accents. They are all shown to scale so you can see what everything looks like. There is no set timeframe for this process, but it usually takes about a week.

If you just have quick design questions and don’t want to go through the whole process, you can instantly chat with a designer via the Pottery Barn website (similar to how you would do with customer service).

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