5 Cheapest Places to Live in New Jersey


New Jersey is on the eastern edge of the United States and borders New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. It is a coastal state that offers access to the Atlantic Ocean with miles of shoreline. By area, New Jersey is the fourth smallest state in the country, but the most densely populated with nearly 9 million people. The largest city is Newark and the capital is Trenton. Its largest metropolitan area is part of the Greater New York City area, with over 20 million people. The state served as the site of multiple battles during the American Revolutionary War. Explore some of the cheapest places to live in New Jersey before you move.

Median income in New Jersey

New Jersey is the second richest state in the country, with a median household income of $ 82,545. This figure is well above the national median income of $ 68,703. Almost 10% of American millionaires reside in New Jersey, making the state the # 1 millionaire per capita in the country. The cost of living in New Jersey is 120% of the national average, with the highest costs attributable to accommodation and transportation.

Residents of New Jersey have access to the top-ranked public education system in the country. They can also easily travel to and from New York City, especially those who live in the upstate part of the state. Trains and ferries connect New Jersey residents to surrounding states, making it easy for residents to get to and explore nearby areas.

Cheapest places to live in New Jersey

Although New Jersey has a higher cost of living than the national average, you can find a few inexpensive places to live in New Jersey. Here are our top 5 picks.


Clifton is west of Passaic City and less than 20 miles from New York City, making it an attractive and one of the cheapest places in New Jersey for those traveling to town for work. The 192 NJ Transit bus line provides direct access to New York City, or you can travel to nearby Montclair and catch one of the trains into the city from the seven different stations. Clifton also offers a lower crime rate than other parts of the state, along with highly rated schools and ease of walking. With approximately 85,000 residents, this township is one of the state’s largest affordable options.


About 13,000 people live in Oakland, although this should not be confused with the urban city of the same name in California. Oakland, New Jersey has affordable real estate prices and a great school system, plus a country vibe that people love. The crime rate is also significantly lower than the state average, which helps residents feel safe. The small town is about 40 miles from New York.


Located on the Pennsylvania border along the Delaware River, Phillipsburg is one of the cheapest cities in New Jersey. Outdoor recreation opportunities abound in Phillipsburg, thanks to its proximity to the Pocono River and the Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. It is the largest town in Warren County and offers attractive shops and restaurants for its over 14,000 residents.


Somerdale is in one of the cheapest areas in New Jersey, thanks to its lower real estate prices and highly paid residents. The city’s median household income is nearly $ 73,000. If you want to get outside, the hike around Kirkwood Lake is free and easily accessible. You can enjoy some adventures without having to spend a lot of money. Somerdale is in Camden County and is approximately 15 miles from Philadelphia.


Stratford also offers lower housing costs and is located in Camden County. Residents of this city earn a median household income of $ 79,677. It also has a smaller population with less than 7,000 residents to maintain a close community feel. Residents often enjoy spending the day exploring Philadelphia, approximately 19 miles away, and enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings.

If you compare by county, Camden County and Mercer County have several cities that consistently rank among the cheapest counties in New Jersey. Other options for the cheapest town in New Jersey include Crestwood Village in Ocean County, Browns Mills in Burlington County, Ramtown in Monmouth County, and Dayton in Middlesex County.

The most affordable rent in New Jersey

The median monthly rent for residents of Phillipsburg is $ 975. People who live in this city enjoy the feel of a tight-knit community and the vibe of small towns. If you have kids, Phillipsburg is a great place to live as it provides access to a range of family activities both within the state and across the border in Pennsylvania. Renters in Somerdale pay an average of $ 940 per month for a one-bedroom apartment.

Stratford is slightly more affordable than other New Jersey cities, with renters reporting an average monthly cost of $ 885. The average rental price in Oakland is $ 1,350 for a one-bedroom unit, and prices in this city have remained fairly constant over the past year. In Clifton, people pay an average of $ 1,600 per month for a one-bedroom apartment, which is a 20% increase from the previous year.

If rental prices in these more affordable New Jersey neighborhoods are still too expensive for your budget, consider sharing an apartment with one or more roommates to keep costs under control. You may also want to research alternative housing options, such as studios and smaller units, to find more affordable living space.

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