5 Fall Diffuser Blends that are Even Better Than Candles!

5 Fall Diffuser Blends That Are Even Better Than Candles!

Happy fall! Years ago, I decided to stop burning candles regularly and instead diffuse essential oils to scent my home. Not only do these blends smell AMAZING, so similar to the candles I used to love, but I rest easier knowing that I am breathing in oils that are actually good for my family’s health (rather than the potentially harmful effects. burning scented candles!).

I stream year round but there is something more heartwarming and cozy to stream in the fall! Take advantage of these blends! You can get the oils I recommend below.

5 Fall Diffuser Blends That Are Even Better Than Candles!

Sweet Vanilla Cinnamon:
4 drops of vanilla
2 drops of cinnamon bark
1 drop of nutmeg

Anthro autumn:
3 drops of Christmas Spirit
3 drops of grapefruit
3 drops of cloves
3 drops of bergamot

4 drops of orange
2 drops of cloves
2 drops of cinnamon bark

Spicy chai:
4 drops of Cardamom
2 drops of cinnamon bark
2 drops of cloves
1 drop of ginger

Fall spice:
4 thieves drops
3 drops of orange


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5 Fall Diffuser Blends That Are Even Better Than Candles!

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