5 Soothing Design Details That’ll Keep Your College Student Calm

Soothing Design: Preparing to prepare teens for college is packed with lists: what to bring (and what do not if they live on campus, which courses to choose, which books to buy. But being emotionally ready for change is a difficult box to check in advance. How do you help new students feel comfortable and satisfied from the start of this new chapter in their lives?

Cue IKEA, the perfect place to find decor and furniture that can have a big impact on any student’s room. We have put together some of the most meaningful ways to make their little space more welcoming, even if their new start takes place while living at home. Because when it comes to helping them settle in and maintain a calm and relaxing atmosphere, the details make all the difference.

Personalize their space with illustrations and photos



A quick and easy way to bring a little home into any space is through art, wall hangings, and photos of family and friends. Familiar faces won’t replace the real thing, of course, but hang inspiring images and memories of happy times in a set of LERBODA frames is guaranteed to elevate anyone’s mind – and look great on any wall.

If hanging objects on the walls using tacks or nails is not an option, you can use special removable adhesive tapes as an alternative and save space on a desk or dresser for a special photo. or two.

If they go away, surround them with familiar colors, textiles and scents

a bed frame with sheets and side table


Sometimes touch and smell give a feeling of relaxation more than anything else. Simple things like new towels in their favorite color, a comfortable pillow with the right amount to give, or even using the same cloth sheets as their bed at home can be the most comforting.

IKEA’s VÅRVIAL sheet set comes extra-long for twin beds, making it the perfect option for dorms, and the jersey fabric is soft and forgiving – so the four corners of the fitted sheets stay in place (always a challenge, no matter what age) !). Bonus points: make sure your student is supplied with the same detergent you use at home, so their clothes and sheets smell the same.

If they are studying at home, help them compose their style





Whether in minimalism, vintage-inspired design or light patterns, there’s nothing like a space that expresses who you are (whether it’s a dorm or their childhood bedroom). You would be surprised at what kind of impact a fresh laundry basket can have on a space, or a pillow like black and white KENNEN or the graphic KROKUSLILJA. (And one matching duvet cover could be the perfect daring couple!).

Make their bed a place of respite and escape

University life can be cramped, even more so if a student shares space with roommates. Give your child the mental space they will need by turning their bed and bed skirt into a place to sleep and take a break or zone. Details like a soft and comfortable knit throw blanket (like the EMMAFRIDA blanket) and a soft pillow, as well as a set of ear muffs, can help create that escape corner, even if they’re escaping from you and the rest of the family.

pillows and blankets


Fill a care package with additional decor

Even if your student only lives in the hallway, a care program is a great way to show them that you care about what can be a difficult transition to college. Having trouble deciding what to include? Beyond the usual suspects, think of the items they can use to add even more personal and relaxing touch to their room. Include star-shaped string lights that they can hang over their beds like a pickup or frame in a fun color to house their favorite photo of family or friends.

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