5 Sweet Gluten-Free Recipes We Love to Make (Easter Ideas!)

5 Sweet Gluten-Free Recipes We Love To Make (Easter Ideas!)

Happy Easter, my friend! I wanted to share a few sweet recipes that we love to make for vacations or gatherings, a few of which we will be making this weekend. We eat healthy most of the time (ha!), But we love to make these treats into special traditions! If you are on a dairy or gluten free diet you are in luck because we were able to adapt these recipes for our family and they still taste delicious.

A few Easters ago, we made a Crispy Strawberry and Maple Sweet Rhubarb Recipe (Gluten Free and Vegan!). We served it with So Delicious Dairy Free Vanilla Ice Cream with Coconut Milk. Oh my gosh the crisp was so good! It’s definitely a new traditional favorite. We are doing it this weekend. In fact, I would eat it every day if it was okay to do so.

5 Sweet Gluten-Free Recipes We Love To Make (Easter Ideas!)

Click HERE for the crispy strawberry and sweet maple rhubarb recipe!

5 Sweet Gluten-Free Recipes We Love To Make (Easter Ideas!)

Of course, Courtney loves to bake pretty pies for special occasions. We have this great pie crust recipe (which you can make gluten free, like we do). We make this gluten free vegan crust recipe… (we just use gluten free flour to make it gluten free, this Bob’s Red Mill 1: 1 flour is what she uses!). She usually makes an apple pie, but for this Easter pie last year, she made a berry filling instead of apples. APPETIZING!

Click HERE for the pie recipe.

  • The adorable Easter Egg and Rabbit Pie Crust Cutters can be found HERE.

Check out more Easter Pie (and a preview of our family’s Easter 2 years ago) here, and for more pie inspiration, check out this cute woodland themed pie and fall leaf pie!

5 Sweet Gluten-Free Recipes We Love To Make (Easter Ideas!)

Dutch Babies has been a staple brunch in our house for years! We make it for most holidays or special occasions.

Click HERE for our Dutch Baby recipe (We make it gluten-free and usually serve them with a wedge of fresh lemon and powdered sugar, but you can also use baked berries or apples and cinnamon on top!).

5 Sweet Gluten-Free Recipes We Love To Make (Easter Ideas!)

These gluten free vegan chocolate chip cookies are the BEST cookies I have ever made! We’ve made them dozens and dozens of times over the past year, ha! They don’t even taste gluten-free! Of course, if you are not gluten free, of course you can just use regular flour.

Click HERE for the cookie recipe.

5 Sweet Gluten-Free Recipes We Love To Make (Easter Ideas!)

Banana bread has been one of my baking treats since my kids were little! I was worried it might not be as good with gluten free flour, but it’s just as delicious! We love to add chocolate chips and nuts.

Click HERE for the banana bread recipe!

Looking for kitchen canisters similar to mine above? I have a roundup here!

Hope you have a nice Easter, my friend!

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