5 Tips on Moving During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As more information about the coronavirus pandemic develops, some of the information in this story may have changed since its last update. For the most current information on COVID-19, please consult the online resources provided by the CDC, WHO and your local public health unit.

Moving is complicated whether you choose to manage it yourself or hire professionals to help relieve some of the stress associated with packing and unpacking for hours. But if you have no choice but to hire a company to help you move into a new home during the coronavirus pandemic, you may feel even more anxious when you find out how to stay as safe and healthy as possible. throughout the intense process.

Since we know you are not alone, we have contacted Kevin Murphy, Vice President and General Manager of Moving Services in North America, who is always careful in carrying out the moving work for both homeowners and clients. company, for advice to help you if you are absolutely must move during COVID-19.


Proceed with caution

The first thing you need to keep in mind is the reality that we are in the midst of a global pandemic, which means that it is crucial to be extremely careful at this time. “Continue your move, but be cautious, as you would with anything else these days,” said Murphy. If you’ve been to the grocery store, you’ve probably noticed that shoppers are more aware of their surroundings and their interactions with others. Apply the same level of attention to your move.

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Manage your expectations

Before the new coronavirus, it would not have been problematic to have several movers, family members and perhaps even a friend or two at your home so that your move went smoothly. However, now Murphy advises movers to rethink that, because social distance – avoiding crowds and staying at least six feet from others – is important to follow now.

“The best way is to limit exposure,” says Murphy. “If we had a team of three who were going to interact with the people in the house, we could have two people coming in and asking the other person to stay in the truck all the time. The person we would be moving could have had their spouse, children and maybe a nanny, but now we ask customers to limit the number of people at home who interact with us. ”

Try to stay as far away from your movers as possible and avoid handshakes. It is also best to make sure that crew members can easily wash their hands if requested. And if they are prepared, they should also have their own supply of face masks, gloves (if they choose to wear them) and hand sanitizers.

Inquire about tips via a credit card when paying for full service in advance, or see if Venmo is an option.

To ask questions

Before you even consider hiring a moving company, find out how the coronavirus pandemic has changed their protocol. How often do they monitor the health of their crew members? What types of supplies, including face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers, are made available to movers daily?

Murphy has revealed that North American Moving Services closely monitors its employees to ensure their safety and that of their customers. “If someone has symptoms, like a cough or a temperature, we don’t allow them to enter the house,” he said. “We also communicate with customers three days in advance to find out if they or a family member has been exposed to someone who is infected with the virus, pending testing for the virus or with symptoms. ” It is essential to communicate openly with your moving company of choice and to request transparency regarding their workplace practices during this period.

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Avoid red tape

If you’ve ever hired a moving company in the past, you know full well how much paperwork can be involved. Murphy suggests asking to finish everything virtually now. “There were a lot of documents and workarounds (before the coronavirus epidemic), so we avoid that kind of thing and offer virtual surveys now,” says Murphy.

Adjust your unpacking process

Of course, when you hire a moving company, they usually unpack all of your personal belongings for you. Now, you may want to take care of it yourself, which Murphy says has been a preference for some customers. Before unpacking a box, simply wipe the top and then open it. On the other hand, some have opted for total quarantine of their shipments. “We deliver it all to the garage, then the customer will move around and unpack things themselves after letting it sit for a few days, when they might be less likely to be exposed to the virus,” says Murphy.

At the end of the line: As long as you take the CDC’s guidelines for coronavirus seriously, including the practice of social distancing, and carefully consider any moving company you wish to hire, you can experience a fairly stress-free move. It is okay to feel a little anxious as a lot of things are uncertain now, but it’s not impossible to enjoy a successful moving day.

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