6 Elements of a Kitchen That’ll Be Ready to Party When You Are

Dinners and brunches at the book club in person can be the stuff of daydreams right now, but consider this mandatory break on accommodation as the perfect opportunity to get your kitchen in shape for its post-quarantine beginnings. Bringing others together will be at the top of the to-do list when social distancing rules are relaxed, so it’s time to make sure you and your kitchen are ready to rock.

Friendliness – something that everyone craves right now – has always been IKEAThe core values ​​of the company, and the retailer strives to give owners and tenants the best tools to bring friends and family together in their own home. The kitchen is always the center of socialization, so here’s how IKEA can help you turn your kitchen into a party center.

good devices

To entertain even a small number of guests, or just your family, you need devices that are real workhorses. A wide French door refrigerator allows for easy storage of raw food trays, leaf cakes and extra party snacks. A double oven allows you to simultaneously roast and cook multiple dishes at different temperatures, while a five-burner stove ensures that you have enough space to boil, sauté and fry at the same time. (And IKEA appliances, such as dishwashers, ovens, cooktops, and refrigerators, come with a free limited warranty – handy when they’re used so much these days.)

clean the breeze

sink 2 bowls


There’s nothing worse than ending a fun evening with a mountain of dirty dishes in the sink. A high capacity and efficient dishwasher is the savior of any artist. If space allows, consider installing two dishwashers and two sinks, one for preparation and one for cleaning.

If real estate is limited, a wide sink with two bowls allows you to store dirty dishes while having space to rinse vegetables and prepare food. Add one extendable dish drainer for easy drying.

incorporate seats

Even if you have a formal dining room, it is likely that guests will gather in the kitchen, so incorporate seating for a designated gathering place. Prune a corner with a dining table, or add bar stools to a kitchen island or against.

black and wood kitchen with seats


IKEA offers dozens of tables, chairs and stools so you can mix and match to find the perfect combination to fit your space. In a small kitchen, choose a table with a falling leaf to create more space when the guests are finished, and opt for backless stools which can be pushed completely under the counter when not in use.

Keep in mind National Kitchen and Bath Association guidelines for spacing when tracing seats: in an area without a walkway behind a sit-down dinner, you need 32 inches from the edge of the table or counter. If there is a gangway behind a seat, you need 36 to 44 inches.

designate a party pantry

Fun items like the big ones serve dishes, punch bowls and cake stands can be boring to store. They take up a lot of space, often cannot be stacked and end up annoying when not in use. The solution? Designate a cabinet or shelf as a “party pantry”.

Use it to store drink dispensers, ice buckets, paper napkinsand birthday candles. Organize items by category – backyard barbecue, Mother’s Day brunch, Thanksgiving dinner, etc. – and store the small items grouped in boxes. That way, party supplies won’t block daily storage areas and everything will be easy to find at the next event.

special features

There are countless ways to customize the design of your kitchen to suit your entertainment style. If champagne or fresh seafood is still on the menu, consider adding an ice bin to your counter. If you are an oenophile who regularly organizes tastings, a wine fridge is a must.

Add one glass cabinet with Wine bottle holder and interior lights to also highlight your glassware. Cocktail connoisseurs will want a dedicated wet bar. Beer lovers: consider installing a tap (it’s simple and well worth it if you’re going to entertain more than a dozen people at a time). Amateur baristas can integrate a coffee area, with storage space for cups, beans and an espresso machine.

It’s your party: customize your kitchen As you wish. Whatever it means to you, IKEA Kitchen Services is here to help. Schedule an appointment to begin.

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