6 Things to Consider When Designing Your First Kitchen

A custom kitchen remodel is a big deal. This is the opportunity to create a flow that matches your working style, add a personal touch and install state-of-the-art appliances that make cooking and cleaning easier. But where to start ? There are so many options, and it may take some craftsmanship and a designer eye to bring the space you’ve only dreamed of to life. Here are six tips from the pros to help you realize your kitchen’s potential.

How to maximize the layout

How you set up the space is key to the workflow, and it’s not one size fits all. “Make sure you have a layout that makes sense for how you use your kitchen, ”says Kirsten Blazek of A 1000x Better design. Think about the possibilities of knocking down walls or opening up the space to your advantage, and think about where you place appliances and other functional items.

“Start with the stove, refrigerator and sink, and place them close to each other,” says Rob Diaz of Rob Diaz Design. “It’s the best way to maximize functionality, space and design while reducing clutter and eliminating bottlenecks in the kitchen,” he says. And, if there is an island, it can be a great place to hide a trash can or microwave, so they don’t take up space elsewhere.

Which devices are worth the extra investment

A dishwasher is without a doubt one of the appliances you will use the most. Just think about how long it would take to clean all those pots and pans and plates if yours wasn’t doing its job right or, damn it, you didn’t have one at all (we went). A good model not only saves you valuable time, but it can also reduce the amount of energy you use, thus lowering your monthly electric bill. And since you can expect a unit to last around 10 years, although Miele dishwashers can last up to 20 years, the investment is well worth it.

Concrete example: the Miele G 5000 Series Dishwasher. It cleans and dries in under an hour, thanks to the QuickIntenseWash setting, features a flexible cutlery tray with adjustable racks and a Pots & Pans setting for the most stubborn grease. In addition, it is powered by special EcoPower technology which not only reduces the amount of water it uses, but also the energy required to heat that water.


Miele Appliances

Carolyn Forte, Good HousekeepingThe Director of Home Appliances and Cleaning Products, says the G 5000 “delivers the key attributes that consumers are looking for: fast but thorough cleaning, easy charging and energy efficiency. But it does not stop there. Other details that earned it our Good Housekeeping label include its simple controls, sleek design, and stain resistant finish.

How to blend in with the rest of the style of your home

Your kitchen is going to be brand new, but if you’re not building from scratch or renovating the rest of the space, you’ll want to think about how it all works together. “Look at the adjacent spaces and what’s going on with the color in those rooms,” says Blazek. If you’re drawn to bright colors and your home is rendered in subtle neutral tones, the kitchen may stand out in a way you wouldn’t expect.

Also beware of anything that is super trendy and hard to change. Diaz prefers a neutral palette in kitchens paired with a dramatic paint color like deep green. “For a smaller kitchen, soft, subtle whites also work well and showcase the kitchen’s natural materials and beautiful appliances,” he says.


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Where to find additional storage possibilities

You can never have enough cabinets because, hello, cluttered counters. Even if you think you are running out of space, there are some unexpected places to store things you might not have considered.

Floating shelves are ideal for storing glassware, dishes and knick-knacks, says Blazek. She also likes an island big enough to have cabinets in the front and back. “It’s such an easy way to increase storage space and avoid having too many top cabinets, which can feel heavy and dated. ”

How to appropriate the space

Adding a personal touch can take a space from standard to exceptional. “Playing around with cabinet color, selecting unique hardware, and incorporating an interesting backsplash tile can make the kitchen unique,” ​​says Blazek.

The lighting also creates a statement in the space – sconces on either side of a window or above, or pendant lights above your island. “Just make sure the heights and shapes work together. If one light is a real centerpiece, then minimize the other lighting so that they complement each other but don’t clash with each other, ”says Blazek.

kitchen worktop and sink

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How the countertop material will hold

Since countertops double as a workspace and focal point, choose a material that looks great and stands the test of time.

“We like to use quartzite for our customers who have busy lives and need something that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance,” says Blazek. “It’s both durable and beautiful, and there are so many different options to choose from.”

Granite is another durable material to consider. “If our customers are looking for something more unique and don’t mind more maintenance, we will visit a local stone yard in search of a unique natural slab,” said Blazek.

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