7 Shows We Can’t Wait To Watch On The Magnolia Network

Home superstars Chip and Joanna Gaines’ TV cable network is officially launched, and it couldn’t be a better start to 2022. Magnolia Network went on air and online January 5 (and brought with it dozens of fabulous new shows), which means you have your binge watching cut out for you, at least for the foreseeable future.

In case you missed it, the Magnolia Network, which is a joint venture by Chip and Joanna Gaines and Discovery, Inc., is taking over DIY Network. In true Gaines form, the network features tons of design-forward shows that will keep your creative side occupied for hours on end.

With the merriment of the holiday season in the rearview mirror and plenty of chilly days ahead of us, we all could use a little something to look forward to this January. Just thrown on your favorite loungewear, grab a cozy blanket, and warm up a mug of tea and let the viewing marathon begin. Below, we’re sharing a glimpse at seven of the decor-related programs we’re most excited about.


If your cable subscription allowed you to watch DIY Network, you’re all set to watch Magnolia Network. If it didn’t, contact your cable company to find out how to add it to your package. Or, you can stream all shows online with a discovery+ subscription, via Magnolia Network’s website.

Fixer Upper: Welcome Home

courtesy of Magnolia Network

What’s better than seeing your favorite show get renewed again and again and again? Nothing, truthfully! We couldn’t begin this roundup without highlighting that Fixer Upper will indeed be making a return on Magnolia Network. Gear up for your next dose of Chip and Jo on Fixer Upper: Welcome Home. Can you believe it’s been nearly nine years since the first season dropped? Speaking of nine, Fixer Upper: Welcome Home is one of nine original programs slated to debut on Magnolia Network in January.

  • Fixer Upper: Welcome Home (Season 1) | Airing Wednesdays at 9 p.m. beginning Jan. 5

The Art of Vintage

courtesy of Magnolia Network

Are you a vintage lover? Truthfully, many of us are, given that shopping secondhand does wonders for the environment, allows us to discover one-of-a-kind pieces, and eliminates frustrating furniture wait times. Even if you’re just beginning to become a vintage shopper, you’ll fall hard for designer Katie Saro’s The Art of Vintage, which chronicles Saro’s own design process as well as her work with clients.

  • The Art of Vintage (Season 1) | First episode online; premiering on cable in 2022

Where We Call Home

courtesy of Magnolia Network

What if your house formerly was a church or a school building or even a car dealership? Where We Call Home explores homes that stemmed from unconventional spaces and examines what it’s like living in these locales now. (To be honest, we’re pretty curious what it would be like to live in a space that formerly operated as a firehouse—and yes, that’s discussed on one of the episodes!).

  • Where We Call Home (Season 1) | All season 1 episodes online; premiering on cable in 2022

The Established Home

You may know of designer Jean Stoffer from Instagram, where she boats over 370,000 followers, or just from admiring some of her gorgeous projects in homes throughout Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she is based. As the star of The Established Home, Stoffer provides viewers with a glimpse into her business, family life, and design inspo…what more could a fan want?

  • The Established Home (Season 1) | First two episodes online; premiering on cable in 2022

The Cabin Chronicles

courtesy of Magnolia Network

Ever wonder what it would be like to ditch your apartment and become a cabin-dweller instead? With so many cabin-inspired vacation rentals on the rise, you’re surely not alone. The Cabin Chronicles profiles cabin owners’ design processes and serves as the perfect escape for those who dream of leading a simpler, more minimalistic life.

  • The Cabin Chronicles (Season 1-2) | All season 1 episodes online; premiering on cable in 2022

For the Love of Kitchens

courtesy of Magnolia Network

We’ll set one misconception straight: By no means do you have to love cooking to appreciate good kitchen design. This isn’t a recipe-focused show; rather, it’s one for those who swoon over stunning kitchens and want to learn more about them, whether they’re prepping for a renovation of their own or just dreaming about one day. For the Love of Kitchens profiles the work of deVOL, a firm that specializes in kitchen makeovers of all styles.

  • For the Love of Kitchens (Season 1) | All season 1 episodes online; premiering on cable in 2022

Point of View: A Designer Profile

Ever wish you could sit down and just pick a designer’s brain? Well, now you kind of can thanks to Point of View: A Designer Profile. Each episode of the show features an interview with a different designer (guests include Sarah Sherman Samuel, Sean Anderson, and Kate Marker, to name a few). Whether you’re a big fan of one of the individuals featured or are just looking to expand your repertoire of top designers and learn more about what inspires them, you’ll enjoy making your way through this informative series.

  • Point of View: A Designer Profile (Season 1-2) | All season 1 and 2 episodes available online; premiering on cable in 2022

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