7 Things People Who Like Doing Laundry Have in Common

7 Things People Who Like Doing Laundry Have in Common

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No one likes to clean the bathroom. Or take out the trash. But do the laundry? It’s a type of ritualistic task that for some of us is so calming or rewarding that it’s almost a form of self-care. “The smell of freshly washed clothes can be very comforting,” says Carolyn Forte, director of the home appliances and cleaning products laboratory at Institute of good housekeeping. “Not to mention how satisfying it is to successfully remove stains. Laundry is one of those chores with very clear rewards.

Are you wondering what, exactly, makes these humans tick, and if you are one of them? We asked Forte, as well as experts to Parsley (the European maker of several top-notch laundry detergents, including Persil ProClean Stain Fighter Discs and Persil ProClean Odor Fighter Liquid Laundry Detergent), to give us the dirt on features that laundry enthusiasts share.

They use a detergent with a pleasant (and long-lasting) scent.

Smell is considered the most powerful of the senses, given its intense connection with emotions and memories. So it’s no surprise that a favorite scented detergent might be the reason you can’t wait to throw in a load or two. Some formulas even offer a scent that lasts longer than those of standard detergents; Parsley ProClean + Active Scent Boost, for example, has an aroma with hints of green citrus that stays active for up to 100 days, according to the company.

they master all laundry stuff

Do you know what the permanent pressing cycle is for? Laundry enthusiasts do, and they actually run this slower spin cycle for their wrinkle-prone clothes. The best way to fight blood stains? Easy: Rinse off with cold (not lukewarm!) Water, then pre-treat with a superior liquid detergent, like Persil ProClean Original, and let sit for five minutes before washing. Most “normal” people throw their laundry in the machine (may be separating it light and dark), add any old detergent, throw and get on with their lives, but laundry enthusiasts pride themselves on their wisdom when it comes to machine washing.

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They associate washing and folding with a reward

In the business world, rewards are regularly used to improve employee motivation and productivity. It turns out that what’s good for the meeting room also works in the laundry room. That could mean watching a guilty pleasure Netflix series while you fold or your takeout arrives while you put away the last few clothes. What to turn on a small bonus for your efforts.

Their laundry room is an organized oasis

Anyone who has ever described laundry as a “peaceful” activity doesn’t have a messy laundry room. Instead, it’s a thoughtfully laid out ordering spot: easily transportable baskets, a clear area for folding, a wall-mounted dryer that stows away when not in use, and maybe even a pull-out shelf for quick access to detergent, dryer sheets and stains. strippers.

laundry room with sliding shelves

Julie soefer

They get the most out of their machines

If you are a true laundry lover, you know the value of a top-notch washer and dryer, and you are diligent in maintenance. That means wiping down the washer after each use to remove mold-inducing moisture (an absolute must with front loaders!) And running the self-clean cycle at least once a month. You probably also clean the dryer’s lint filter every time and remove lint and other debris from the duct at least once a year, to maintain hot air circulation and reduce the risk of fire.

They set laundry hours

Whether it’s Saturday morning or some weekday evenings after dinner, laundry is part of the routine of the house. When you tackle this task as part of a regular routine, it becomes second nature (almost like brushing your teeth), instead of feeling like a chore that always takes over you.

laundry basket


They eliminate blockers

Laundry enthusiasts know how to get rid of things that can make washing, folding, and storing clothes tedious. For example, skip large detergent cans and bottles in favor of more manageable containers or even single-use pouches, like Persil ProClean discs, or replace a dresser with shallow drawers that make it difficult to insert. whatever it is. It’s about working smarter, not harder.

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