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gardening subscription box

Leaf box

It’s 2021 and gardening is going virtual – sort of. In the past, you had to go to the nearest nursery or garden center to get all the supplies needed to grow your garden. But now you can simply sign up for a gardening subscription box to receive a seasonal assortment of plants, succulents, and seeds right at your doorstep. Most subscription boxes ship on a monthly basis, but a few follow a quarterly model, shipped at the start of each season.

We’ve rounded up the best gardening subscription boxes, keeping different budgets, skill levels, and garden types in mind. You’ll find subscription boxes suitable for outdoor vegetables, flower and herb gardens, as well as indoor plant-only options for apartment dwellers without proper patio or lawn space. You have two main options: grow plants from seed or let online plant services like The Sill, Leaf & Clay, and Horti ship pre-potted greenery, so you can enjoy their beauty the first time. day. Lucky for you, all of the subscription boxes on this list come with care instructions and helpful tips to guide you on the exciting new gardening journey ahead. (All of these ideas also make a great gift for the gardener in your life, suffice to say.)

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Grow plants from seeds

Seed Club

Urban organic gardener

$ 5 per month for the monthly mystery box; $ 14.97 for a Pro subscription

During the registration process, Urban Organic Gardener will ask you where you plan to plant your seeds, as well as how much sun that area typically receives. From there, they’ll come up with a selection of seeds that suit your needs. Choose between two monthly subscription options: The Monthly Mystery Box comes with up to two packets of seeds, plus starter soil pods, planting labels, and instructions. The Pro membership includes five seed packs, soil pods, plant labels, fertilizers, instructions, and bonus offers.


Indoor plants suitable for any space

Classic plants subscription

Keep a better eye on your plants by leaving them indoors. Each month, The Sill will send a houseplant in a black or cream pot, along with instructions to make sure you’re treating your new green friend with the proper care. If you’re new to houseplants, don’t worry – they only derive from their selection of low-maintenance, hard-to-kill plants.


Get a mix of plants and succulents

Monthly subscription

My garden box

$ 35.50

My Garden Box gives you everything you need to grow your garden, from live plants to potting soil. Plant selection varies from month to month, so you can build your indoor and outdoor garden with herbs, flowers, and vegetables throughout the year.


Plants arrive pre-potted

Bulb of the month

Harry and david

$ 99 for 3 months; $ 199.99 for 6 months; $ 379.99 for 12 months

Each month Harry & David will wow you with a colorful assortment of freshly planted bulbs. They tailor their monthly shipment to the season, shipping tulips in May, amaryllis in November, etc. While the flowers look great in the decorative wooden planter, you can plant them in the ground as well, depending on the weather.


For a constant supply of herbs

Herb Garden Season Pass

Leaf box

$ 44.99 per quarter

Monthly memberships are great and all, but sometimes they can be too long to keep up. Leaf’d Box follows a quarterly schedule, so you only get one box at the start of each season. Each box contains 10 varieties of classic herbs, from cilantro to basil, which you can then plant in a pot or in the ground. Grow your whole meal by signing up to their vegetable patch subscription box while you’re at it.


Build the ultimate outdoor garden

Monthly subscription

Bloomin ‘Bin

$ 7.75 per month for Just the Seeds of the Month; $ 22 per month for Basic Bloomin ‘Bin; $ 35 per month for Premium Bloomin ‘Bin

Whether you’re new to gardening or a true pro, you’ll find something to love in every Bloomin ‘Bin subscription box. Shipments are packed with the most in-season seeds (eggplant and cosmos seeds in June, for example), so you can always stay on top of your garden. Choose between a seed-only subscription, a basic box with seeds and soil, or a premium box with seeds, soil, and some tool.


Send succulents only

The mystery box

Leaf and clay

$ 19.95 for 1 month; $ 53.85 for 3 months; $ 95.70 for 6 months

You fully delve into the surprise element of gardening subscription boxes with Leaf & Clay. Choose The Mystery Box subscription to receive three handpicked succulents each month. It is not clear what they will look like – you will just have to wait and see. FYI: If you live in a colder climate, pay an additional $ 5 for a heat pack to keep the plants from freezing.


Versatile enough for new plant parents

Monthly factory subscription


$ 25 for two bare plants; $ 20 for a plant in an earthenware pot; $ 20 for a plant in a painted terracotta pot

Horti’s subscription service has something for everyone, even those who don’t have a green thumb. Select the New to Planting plan for easy to care for plants, the Pet-Friendly plan for receiving non-toxic plants that you can keep around your cat or dog, or the Horti’s Pick plan for a carefully selected mix of the two. You can decide whether you want your new plant to arrive on its own or in a terracotta, plain, or hand painted pot.

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